Where did your username originate from?

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Welp, my name in RL.

About my previous username, TheNutritiousGuy... it's my old name as Let's Player on YouTube which was just a "random" name at this time. At all it became to a pun and weirdly (more) famous in the german community.
Naru - from the same word as the Ghost Hunt's MC's nickname, I chose it because it sounds fun.
20 - my real name if you write it in hiragana and read in katakana.
My username is made from Sakakibara in anime "Another".
I was totally stuck in setting nickname, so I chose this...
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drum drum

Friendan wrote:

Also you still haven't fought me at Town Center, Drum Drum.
But Town Center Park is boring ;u;

Besides, I'm stuck at home with a cold.
When I was something like 7 or 8 years old, my brother was playing World of Warcraft, he wanted to show me the game so he created a blood elf paladin and called him Znation and let me play a bit. I kinda kept it for everything, but when that username is taken I use Yukio-san, probably because I watched a few episodes of Ao no Exorcist with my brother, and I like that name so I also kept it and added -san for whatever reason.
If I can't chose too then I take a random japanese name and add something like -chan or -san.
Damn, I realize that I don't have any imagination for names when I read that :o

i think i remember coming up with it on the spot when i signed up for an acc on twitch. i just wanted something to type in, so i put in 'Faces' and though, hey, screw it, put a three in there and i got 'Faces3'
so then i signed in with it on osu! and it's stuck with me for a while
at least the number 3 has.
Love Ozzy Osbourne, love rock, OzzyOzrock just sounded like a cool name when signing up for WoW. Damn was I a badass username maker at 13 yrs.
[- Alex -]
My name is Rosu Alexandru in real life. Sooo , Alex.

But my steam/league name is YoloSwagerino!

Because i love to play yolo and.... yea.... swag.
Cramoisi (crimson in french) => Krahmouasy (same pronunciation) => Krah (short version)
Name came from Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny
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drum drum

Krah wrote:

Cramoisi (crimson in french) => Krahmouasy (same pronunciation) => Krah (short version)
Red name, confirmed.
well, my all IGN (in-game name) was arcubin ._. and just in Osu! i use azintairin710

azintairin710 fact : grandchase.wikia.com/wiki/Asin

Arcubin fact : arc from word ark :3 cause for me it's cool (inspired from Indiana Jones Raider from the lost "ark") and ubin was just interpelation so it's make better name :D
i have no idea
Maxis is my name.

My original, xMaxisx, is my name with x's (thank goodness username changes are a thing). :P
Well, Gebba is an uncommon name that i just happen to like. Darkrose is what i came up with when i was young. I had a dark blue rose i found that survived almost a month without resource/supply/water/whatever, so thats how i got Gebba Darkrose. Too bad theres actually a legendary famous guy on a game called ''Tibia'' named Gebba Darkrose too so i kinda seem like a copycat... Although people actually think thats me.

Koodaris is another username i use that was the name of a private server i used to play. I just found it really unique, although i heard it might be a word in some language.

Yalori is one of my most used usernames that i made up by myself. Too bad a friend of mine started calling me Yaoi instead, and told me Yaoi was a shampoo for men. This, i believed for 2 years untill i finally found out what yaoi actually was.

Darkness Syndrome is a new one that i use, which i got from a poem a friend wrote.
I used to play this one game (which has now been dead for a while btw) and I was just like "you know what let's make a weird name" and I got Dainesl in the first instant, not sure why, but I think it was something to do with a daisy (I liked daisies okay ;_;) and a soul (not even sure, this is irrelevant to me but I was bored) and then I decided to add ne, take away ou and I have this (previously my username was Dainesl00 which was stupid so I changed it when I got supp.)

weird story huh?
Mr Capuce
Capuce [ Catur Putra Ceria ] that's my name, and Sm is ( Soulmate ). because Sm (Soulmate) is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity.
i had Battlespoon as my first name though i stole it from a friend because i never thought i would get so into osu. So then i just took the name from one of my favorite games Skullgirls. which is all in all a solid game, tons of fun, if it werent sexualised it would be a lot more popular i would think v:
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