Where did your username originate from?

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drum drum
Inspired by the question from ztrot's interview on osu!talk:
A bunch of times people will think of a username related to their childhood, whether they do it by intention or not. This is not always the case, however, some people chose theirs because they either liked the way it sounded or thought it was cool. Everyone is different, of course.

For me, I chose "drum drum" for a reason I don't entirely remember. But I believe it's based on my past fascination with drums of all sorts. When I was a child my grandmother bought me a cheap Indian drum which I loved a lot (and then it broke of course). Around middle school I had a Djembe drum that I loved to play a lot. And finally in High school my parents bought me an electric drum kit (which I never anymore use because it lacks a tom and doesn't sound that great). Now here I am playing Taiko on osu!, funny how life works.

Nathanael wrote:

I'd really like to see replies from the staff
Note: all bolded names have channel operator status on the chat service
so. i'm canadian. and one day i was like hey, i'm gonna try to make a cool username.
so i used canadian, and just added paws. cause paws are cute

now i kind of regret it...but y'know, whatever B)
My name is my real name and it came from the Bible itself.
Previously, my username was iYuzuru where Yuzuru came at Otonashi Yuzuru from Angel Beats! because it's my codename or alias in real life.
Trash Boat
from here

It's from my real name Satrio, I use Rio since I thought It looks cool imo (also using "-" because someone took my username already)

previously called satriobp, from the abbreviation of my Real name and my universal alias.
There was this game called "Shining Force", which was my favourite game, and there this character called "Sheela" which my favourite character (which was attack move that I liked about). The number 901 is a number close to 911 (the number for emergency).
It comes from Zhepyr (an online name I use often). When I met osu! I thought it was some sort of weaboo-japanese game and pronounced zhepyr in a japanese-english way, and got zepiru. I took ze out and left with piru. Then I add chan to make it sounds cute.
I apparently was once called ColdTooth one day at school because I like cold things
Shikibe Mayu
"vahn" is actually my nickname irl
about "10", I really don't remember

supposed to be I'm removing 10 in my username but

'Chamelo' comes from the word 'Chameleon.'
'_Th' is an abbreviation of 'Thailand.' It's just there because someone already used 'Chamelo' (and abandoned it!)
It's also a part of my previous username 'CTs_Th'
That's why people in mafia game still call me 'CTs'

I recall there's once...

Chamelo_Th wrote:

I've changed my username to "Chamelo_Th" (don't panic ;P)

You guys can still call me "CTs" as ever.

Sephibro wrote:

The previous one was much better

Tanzklaue wrote:

people tend to namechange into worse names

Sephibro wrote:

Chamelo_Th wrote:

I think people get used to the old name, so they see the new one is... worse.
no it just sucks
Trash Boat
no it doesn't.
My username came from Osu!

Trash Boat wrote:

no it doesn't.
It's depends on people's taste anyway.
Hmm, I was thinking of a super cool username that I would want to make it my main username forever at the time, I guess .

Because, xXRedNinjaXx was such a boring username .

So, I thought of something I thought was cool and I heard the show Supa Ninjas ?

And my two favorite animals is a wolf and a tiger, so I thought of something catchy .

SupaWolfTiga .

I know right ? So retarded >~>
my real life nickname

I use Eniza in other places; I used hikari_eniza here before, 'Hikari' from Netto Hikari in Megaman Battle Network (contrary from the common belief that people get 'Hikari' from girl characters) and 'Eniza' from the reverse spelling of my real name with some letters removed
[ Mephisto ]
I got this username, because during the time I signed up for this game I was recovering from a bone fracture which left me crippled for a little while. I'm recovered and still sporting that nickname irl :D
Adi -> my rl nickname
cchi -> some random stuff I hear and it sounds fit

and my previous username was adiicf (wanna type adicf but accidently press "i" 2 times)
got that name when I still play Crossfire (on 2009) so I came with the idea and then adicf was born (actually AdiCF) and still use it as my username in a few games / forums / social media
It's my DotA name back then.
Cerulean Veyron
GrayKaiser82 was my previous and sheep name, but when i saw myself in the mirror.... I found out I was not a human.

I finally get to know myself as a supercar, a.k.a. "Veyron" (-w-")
Kept the "Gray" due it's my second favorite colour, spaced my two words, boop!
A friend of mine called me Gumpy once so I stuck with it.
Also added 2 Ys because one is always taken
Ilfri derives from the original name- Ifrit. The goddess of fire & destruction. Changed it up by taking out the T and adding an L... Ilfri is a name I use now for almost every game and also in real life. I have tons of people IRL who call me Ilfri and I love it ^^
orbital gun
My username came from nothing, pretty much
From nutella.

yNutella wrote:

From nutella.
yNutella -> yay! Nutella!
InfiWong = Infinity-Wong 《- should've used that name...and the Wong comes from my last name, so why not? XD
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