Where did your username originate from?

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Well I got mine from the WW2 Zeppelin and a chinese brand ram literally named Zeppelin
The "ItsMe" came in when I was thinking of a username for some other game and it got stuck to me ever since and I really like it
Tennes is pretty self explanatory
Yami - Darkness
Hikari - Light
lame but ok www
It's literally my IRL name..
My original nickname was nadolsky which is a reference to my friend Kuba "Nadol" Nadolski who decided to delete his YT channel "Pastolektor Premium".

My current nickname is Aoi Boii which is a small parody of British player Aoi Sakura.
It probably originated from the time i was into electro and pop music, i really liked Zedd (the DJ) so i thought,, "Hey why not make it my username?" but it was ocuppied so i added the double zeros as something i thought was cool, i read it as zedd-o
Kinda silly lol
i thought about it years ago when i wanted to trick people to think i was a different person in a tf2 trade server, no it didnt work, yes i was really young and i did it for no reason
So my ign is Aleks0 is my name (it Russian no bully pls) and then a 0 because 99% of the time some one has Aleks so I just put a number in my name
I really liked Totoro when I was young.

Still think it's awesome.
kids in middle school kept calling me caramel

so i turned it into keremal (c sounds like k, just flipped around the e's and the a)

now i want it to be kere because it's shorter, easier and i like it but nobody will give me supp :^(
An old friend I had on discord in 2017 pretty much came up with the name for me lol
Mine is pretty silly, a long time ago when I was a super young boyo, my dad just randomly came with the username "Naven6002", why? I don't know, but I was always too uncreative to think of a name, so that's my name! :D
So... i was playing in all videogames with the nickname ¨¨duck¨¨,but in someway,my friends created a competitive Team fortress 2 team called ¨¨dangerous¨¨,so my name came from that.
I loved how is DangerusDuck was XD.
my name came from my real name Kirsten and since I like the name Kurumi so I combined it. The numbers are my birthdate
I simply had a tsundere obsession at the time, but in true fact I love all waifus
“Aeterna” (eternal in latin) is from the song Lux Aeterna, which has been used in the movie Requiem for A Dream, which means a lot to me.
“XVIII” represents my favorite card in tarot, The Moon.

My name used to be: *realName*FairyTail, and oh yes did I regret it. And yes I was obsessed with fairytail. Oh god.
Originally, it is a character's name from Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata series.
But the thing is, I got this username because of my friend who loved the said character. I wanted to prank him, haha. Anyway, after actually watching it myself, I ended up liking Eriri instead (As of November 15th, 2019 I currently have her as my avatar picture.), which some people don't like me for. Haha.
username: my real name
Idk, i just thought it would look cool
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