Where did your username originate from?

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Well... you can probably guess why I chose this name.
Apparently my username is kind of random it doesn't have any source, anything that was related to my experience or anything, they weren't inspired to it. It pretty much a random username that I was thinking since I was creating this account during in the username portion of registering an account, you could say I'm not that a creative person before.

So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thats just my mind lol

KotoriIsMyWaifu wrote:

I wrote down the list of the girls in Date A Live and showed it to two of my friends. We crossed off names until everyone could claim a waifu, and I got Kotori. (My friends got Tohka and Yoshino)

Don't worry, I love all the Kotori's out there, not just my waifu Kotori Itsuka.
Well quite recently I also started playing a DAL VN and of course I went down Kotori's path first. Except, my avatar is currently Rinne Sonogami. Other than that, believe it or not, I hadn't watched any of the Love Live series until recently, so I also grew some attachment to Kotori Minami. So basically, my name originated from just being your typical weeb lol.
Well I got mine from the WW2 Zeppelin and a chinese brand ram literally named Zeppelin
The "ItsMe" came in when I was thinking of a username for some other game and it got stuck to me ever since and I really like it
Tennes is pretty self explanatory
Yami - Darkness
Hikari - Light
lame but ok www
It's literally my IRL name..
My original nickname was nadolsky which is a reference to my friend Kuba "Nadol" Nadolski who decided to delete his YT channel "Pastolektor Premium".

My current nickname is Aoi Boii which is a small parody of British player Aoi Sakura.
It probably originated from the time i was into electro and pop music, i really liked Zedd (the DJ) so i thought,, "Hey why not make it my username?" but it was ocuppied so i added the double zeros as something i thought was cool, i read it as zedd-o
Kinda silly lol
i thought about it years ago when i wanted to trick people to think i was a different person in a tf2 trade server, no it didnt work, yes i was really young and i did it for no reason
So my ign is Aleks0 is my name (it Russian no bully pls) and then a 0 because 99% of the time some one has Aleks so I just put a number in my name
I really liked Totoro when I was young.

Still think it's awesome.
kids in middle school kept calling me caramel

so i turned it into keremal (c sounds like k, just flipped around the e's and the a)

now i want it to be kere because it's shorter, easier and i like it but nobody will give me supp :^(
An old friend I had on discord in 2017 pretty much came up with the name for me lol
Mine is pretty silly, a long time ago when I was a super young boyo, my dad just randomly came with the username "Naven6002", why? I don't know, but I was always too uncreative to think of a name, so that's my name! :D
So... i was playing in all videogames with the nickname ¨¨duck¨¨,but in someway,my friends created a competitive Team fortress 2 team called ¨¨dangerous¨¨,so my name came from that.
I loved how is DangerusDuck was XD.
my name came from my real name Kirsten and since I like the name Kurumi so I combined it. The numbers are my birthdate
I simply had a tsundere obsession at the time, but in true fact I love all waifus
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