Where did your username originate from?

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drum drum wrote:

Inspired by the question from ztrot's interview on osu!talk: http://youtu.be/8COmLt0IBRs?t=54m38s[/notice:1337]
A bunch of times people will think of a username related to their childhood, whether they do it by intention or not. This is not always the case, however, some people chose theirs because they either liked the way it sounded or thought it was cool. Everyone is different, of course.

For me, I chose "drum drum" for a reason I don't entirely remember. But I believe it's based on my past fascination with drums of all sorts. When I was a child my grandmother bought me a cheap Indian drum which I loved a lot (and then it broke of course). Around middle school I had a Djembe drum that I loved to play a lot. And finally in High school my parents bought me an electric drum kit (which I never anymore use because it lacks a tom and doesn't sound that great). Now here I am playing Taiko on osu!, funny how life works.

Nathanael wrote:

I'd really like to see replies from the staff
Note: all bolded names have channel operator status on the chat service
my username probably originated from the words "Tasty" and "Ah"
Hydro was taken so i put owo at the end of it as i said it a lot back then

Was looking for 3 characters name that is actually a word in japanese and found this. (Not from the map)
I got tired of using my real nickname as my username on most medias I used so I decided to come up with something more soothing. I can't certain for sure how exactly I came up with this name. it was more of me being random and clueless rather than creative. it was really geometry dash what got me into coming up with such a name. it wasn't inspired or taken from anyone else
i aim for the top!
'jx' - most of my usernames nowadays contain 'jx' or 'jqxz' as they are the least used letters in the English language (and of course, the highest scoring letters in Scrabble) so it just sounded cool to me to put that in front of my names.

'rhythmer' - just a shortened version of 'rhythm gamer' because I play a lot of rhythm games.

I wasn't actually born in 2002, I just threw on that number for no real reason.

chashuramen wrote:

I just really like char siew ramen.
me too owo
wanted to do some stupid namesnipe,
looking back at my user now it's probably one of the worst users i decided to come up with
Thanks a bloody lot for this forum, I have spent the better half of the day reading all of these, and it is so much fun seeing the origins.
As for my username, I had a shirt that said "Sorry, I was not listening" when I was a kid which I loved. It kind of matched my personality, I used to be quite aloof. it also sounded funny. These reasons, I decided when I was like 10 to always use this username. But, the word sorry had to be omitted as it was too long. So, it became "Iwasnotlistening". Coming to more modern, games there was now a rule of only 16 letters, so I had to make it "Iwasntlistening" which it is right now and hopefully won't have to change forever.
This name is quite ironic to Osu! as it is a rhythm game, but well...
my username originated from toy is epic
szkiller is actually my name!

s - steven
z - zuriel

And killer, that's just a childish add up on my username xD

and I use "pohihihi" as my username on my other accounts
I always eat bagel while going to school, and psychic because that was all of my gaming team's username included; psychicskullbomb,psychicsquirrel, etc.
when I was like 11, I used to have "KhaledTheGamer" (myfirstname+thegamer) as my username on multiple accounts. a year later I decided to throw my middle name at it (Fayez) while keeping it short so I came up with FaizKTG.
I got my name from the anime 'Nisekoi' as it translates False Love in English.
I haven't watch this anime yet but I've already read the manga
"Watch the Anime and Read the Manga guys it's good"
i liked the word Mahou but it was too plain to use as a username

just added XA for "originality" xD
A game.
I honestly have no clue, but I chose "Marine" because I used to really like that name, and "berri" because for some reason I thought that sounded good together
My first username originally came from a nickname I had, but no longer go by as there was a fall out with the friends who used to call me it, so now it is simply from the name of one of my favorite songs, one that always makes me feel happy and peaceful.

Kerli - Feral Hearts

I love that song so much, because despite residing in the UK for the most part now, I am in fact an Estonian, and very proud of that, and very proud of my country and its connections with nature and stuff. x3
I like penguins
My username came from my ROBLOX username which is "TheCrimson25" (I don't know how I came up with it, I can't remember) but I shortened it to "Crimson25" when I made my osu! account. I was making my twitch account and felt like Crimson25 was too boring so I had to think about a lot of things I could add to my username to make it cool, Bucket was the best thing I could think of, so my twitch username is CrimsonBucket and I later went on to change my osu! username to CrimsonBucket aswell.
My username doesn't have a long story hahah.
i was explaining something in my school of tecnology and a friend told me "well done ginotec" (my name is gino)
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