Where did your username originate from?

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My previous username was DragonNeko. I decided to change it to something better. I like Fairy Tail, so I tought of something dragon-ish. Tatsuo means dragon man. I liked it and I just put -desu because I like player Reimu-desu's name.
I think I spent 2 days trying to think of a username
Although I don't remember exactly where my username came from I remember it having something to do with the weather outside and weeb stuff
LOL my waifu

[-takanashi-] wrote:

LOL my waifu
it's that obvious
I watch anime, and I watch No game No life. There is the character Ted held the name One True God. So I switch the God with Duce and add an OK at the end and there you go.
one song one sip that time
rip my username from an arms character but change the spelling a bit..
I got my username from my favorite anime, Darling In The Franxx. Since I saw the first episode I was drawn into it and I'm happy at where it ended, but it doesn't hurt to get a season two.
from the PnF cartoon
Real name plus two random letters. About the other two names I had, one of them is a word, the other is a nickname I used to use in other games
i have absolutely no idea
and no it's not from league
so. my username "sheepfish" is actyally pretty simple. "fish" because im pisces and "Sheep" because i was born during year of the sheep.
Most of my usernames/nicknames on various places of the internet are weather/nature related. I like the sunrise, so I decided to choose a username that reflected it.
i was thinking of a name to use for a throwaway spam gmail, when i somehow came up with tgnehs
my last name is shen, so i took that and flipped it over to get nehs.

the tg stands for "that guy", as i was called by my friends as "that guy shenpai" in public (ahh my friends are weebs). turns out tgnehs looked pretty unique and collected that i used it as my main.

meh, it sounds better than my old usernames TheShadows3dge and 5H33P_H473R
from my passion :^
my Chinese name called Wang zishen,and i was called Wandown in English...and I have to.say it's strange
so I got a strange idea:to use my name in chinglish(half of Chinese,half of English):zison
zison reads just like zishen in chinese..
I once read a Manga and one of the main characters name was Rai.

I was playing online games back then and the name Rai was taken. So I chose Xirai sounds nice and used that.

But in some games Xirai was also taken, so in some games I am known as Xirain. The "Irritant" / "lightly acid" rain, which is fun, cause I am working a lab and I know that Xi is short for irritant...
Mine came from a weapon from one of my favourite games, Bloodborne(specifically from The Old Hunters DLC). It means "Falling Leaf" and thought that It'd be a nice name go by. Also because I originally wanted to use "Naikou"(meaning Introvert and how I usually go by) but someone else already took it so Rakuyo it is.
My name is kind of my real name .. My name is Marco sooooo I thought MarcoPolo sounds funny and there it is _MarcoPolo =)
It's really easy to figure it out.
Everyone should be familiar to Solar Cell, which means "solar battery" :D I have a big impression to that word (and that source of electricity, probably) so I chose it to be my name.
And "27", hmm... 3x3x3. Illuminati confirmed :D
Compose these things, and we have "SolarCell27".
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