Where did your username originate from?

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A water/ghost type Pokemon called Frillish.

I just added the "ite"
laughing out loud
My username comes from a really long time ago. Me and my friend Cole were having fun together on the playground and decided to make up an imaginary animal called the Eloc(Cole backwards.) my name is sometimes Eloc360(don't know where I came up with the 360 I probably just thought it sounded cool when I was younger lol.
Remilia and Flandre Scarlet.
Eric is my real name, but ''Skill'' sounds like ''Skull '' but more tender haha, anyway I want to change my user :(
Hisoka Yuuji
My name is a combination,the names of my favourite anime characters! They represent me in a way,crazy but collected.
One from Hunter X Hunter,Hisoka and the other is from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu,Sakamoto Yuuji.

I am a programmer of course I am crazy!
Mine is the name of a the sword said to be used by El Cid from the Spanish legend :)
Original name was - R u r i -, I got it from Oreimo's Gokou Ruri.

Just changed the spelling to make it a bit more original.

I kinda regret this username though, it's too girly.
Stole it from my favourite artist, also fits as a shortened version of my old username.
from a football club
Tower of God
Killer29 wasn't very original ... didn't feel like being the 29th killer ...

Also it feels weird typing that username since its been 4 years when i last used it

Current username ... idk ... my brain thought of it ... and i was like "okay"
some latin word which translates to "tears"
picked it up because it sounded nice
I used to roll with the name "FluffyBunny" hence the avatar.
One Night Standoff is just an interesting play on words. and the future name of my band :P
Aching Time
My name is Xeii
and Ryuu is Dragon in Japanese.
The dragons in Japanese are said to be associated with water and heavens they also bring storms and end times of droughts.
i love dragons because they are cool and intimidating.
I add them up and make up "Xeiiryuu"
Sky Shaymin
uhh i've had 4

ChryssyX3 was a name that people called me for some reason. I dunno how "Chryssy" came from Evan but ok.

Keldy from Keldeo. Got called this in a Gmod server.

Asriel_ because Undertale sucks is a decent game worth playing

Glacia is the Japanese name for Glaceon (I'm sorry to whoever I took this from ;_;)

LOL I'm joking I just generated it on a website
It came from a self deprecating depressing 15 year old who likes to play CS1.6
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