Where did your username originate from?

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I have 5 cats, one of which is called cloud (the stupid one so he's not really classed as a cat)
It is my own first name! So it was easy to remember login details. Turns out you dont even have to login all the time since it will just automaticaly connect. But hey its also easy for people to recognize me since its so simple.
Runiel = Ruby (From the series 'RWBY') + Daniel (My real name)

And the Vermell is just there because why the heck not.

CanadianPaws wrote:

so. i'm canadian. and one day i was like hey, i'm gonna try to make a cool username.
so i used canadian, and just added paws. cause paws are cute

now i kind of regret it...but y'know, whatever B)
Kinda just went with Pawsu. Got it originally from drum/#osu in general I think...Lol
/me changes names to CanadianPawsu
Some years ago,I decided to make a nickname and the best think I could think was: TornadoWing

Reasons?Its too long,I wont explain :PWhy would you get interested to learn it?

4 months ago My nickname was TheLastOne12 which was also my FPS Game nickname.No matter how random that name looked,I liked it a lot and it had too much meaning but I really hated when people were calling me "The" People were so idiot that they didn"t call me : "Last" So after I bought my supporter tag I wanted to change it to: TornadoWing

But I"ve also seen that the simple "Tornado" wasnt taken :D So I claimed it immideatly before anyone else does xD
I used to be a huge Bleach fan, so my MAL name is Vizard. Several years ago I started up an IRC channel and one of the regulars called me "vizzy," short for Vizard. It pretty much stuck ever since then.
Was thinking of an awesome name to use when playing Counter Strike with friends. then it just kinda stuck with me.
Thought the great Excalibur sword, since it would be probably already be in use in many places, i tried to be creative and got from Excalibur to Excarius.
Went from Hxa > Vestige > Tricks > [Patrick]

Hxa: Supposed to be Hax, but that was taken, so Hxa seemed fine to me
Vestige: Another random word with a big meaning behind it that I thought was cool (rofl)
Tricks: No words, dumbest $8 I've ever spent
[Patrick]: Even dumber money spent ($16), but I needed a simple name, so I chose my irl name inside brackets, because I love brackets.
The dictionary
One fateful day I decided that I needed a proper alias online. That the days of self-loathing due to names I made as 9 years old would come to an end.

Thus, I sat down and I thinked aahard about it.

I live up north, close to the arctic circle. So I decided, I would include Arctic in my name. I was also from Norway, which has a history of Vikings. Thus came the tragedy that was xXArcticVikingXx...Keep in mind that I was only 11 or 12 at this time.

Sometime after I started using this horrible name, I made an account in an MMO, can't remember which one. I made my character and joined a guild. Nobody bothered to type my full name, so they just called me Arctic. Simple and precise. After that they decided to introduce me as 'The Arctic One' to new guildmates. Which then became 'The Arctic 1', which due to a misspell then became TeeArctic1. And I liked it. So therefore, my name is now TeeArctic1. Were I ever to have multiple accounts, my second would probably be named TeeArcticToo.
I ate a raspberry while playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

i went 40/3/3 in a comp game after eating it

end of story
Book "Erebos" by Ursula Poznanski. It's my favourite book, and I took the name Shiyzo from there. I just love it.
My dad is a paramedic. :P
Runescape, lmfao. It was first suggested to me as Walkrobeart and it kinda stuck with me as I played different games. I sometimes play with shortened versions of my username like this one... Walkro or walkrooh. I also found out not to long ago Walkro comes from a company that produces rice somewhere in Germany... So that's that. I found it kinda funny cause I'm Asian and like.... You know... Username and the company... I'll stop lmao. :o
Yona la loutre
Ryu Sei
I don't have an idea. The name is suddenly appears in my mind after obtaining my very first supporter tag.
I did a thing where I took the word "sapphire" and screwed it up so bad it looks good

Pokemon Sapphire is my #1 favorite game of all time aside from osu! and I thought a regular word like "sapphire" was too bland. So I...butchered the spelling?

Still ticks me off how people pronounce my username like "say-fy-yur" and not like, the word it actually came from.
Zero no Tsukaima

ha who would've known before i told ya.
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