How many times will you attempt to FC a map?

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Well, I personally play through it once, if I feel like it's at a level where I can FC (like I can stream fast enough and the jumps aren't too hectic for me), then I'll keep trying over and over because if I can do it then it's just a matter of time until it happens. However, if the song is outside my reach (massive streams, AR10, etc), then I'll hold off and play it maybe once a day to see if I'm getting any better at it.
Depends on the map. If it's challenging and I'm capable of FC-ing, I'll play it 5-10 times and stop when I get FC. But if I don't, I'll leave it and give another 5-10 tries on another day.
if you're counting in one go, only about 100 max if you count every retry, even the ones where i only played like 2 seconds of the song.

i'll come back to the map for second attempts later on when i feel like it.
I retried over 300 times once, came within 10 second of FC. But now I retry a more reasonable number of times.

One day.
I have bad muscle memory or some bullshit at the start and miss almost every time which leads to a retry. Oh well.

The amount I retry depends on where I mess up in the map. If it's towards the start I'll retry a max of around 30. Despite retrying quite a bit a lot of my best plays are from little amount of retries.
It depends on the song. If i like the song then i dont mind repeating it over and over and over and over. But if its some crap that I hate then i'll try max 5-6 times and drop it for the day. Nowdays I rarely grind a map but i used to do it when I were learning hpw to play the game. My historical tab reflects this pretty well cause most of the songs there are hards/easier insanes.
I would die if i had to retry a map more than 10 times. Usually i retry up to 3 times. If i don't get a FC then it means that I suck too much for it atm.
Max 10.
Sometimes I get a lucky fc with a first try, but if I really want to fc a map I play it like 50 times, sometimes even way more.
~4-5 if it's a map I'm not too fond of and I really need the FC. I get bored and accept that it's not an 'easy FC,' and try again 2 weeks later.
If I enjoy the map and just want to play it to play it but have the intention in the background to FC, I'll play it completely (keep going even if I mess up) up to 20 times in a day until I eventually get it with decent accuracy or get bored.
Varies from ~3 to ~20 to ~100, depending on mood and mindset
You should give up after a few tries, trust me
if its a fun map/a song i really like maybe 10 times. 2 or 3 times/day for a map I dont really love.

if you mean in one go, up to a 100 times, usually takes me less these days. Didn't have that many maps early on so played the same over and over, lol was so stubborn with HD HR intersect TB

AmaiHachimitsu wrote:

You should give up after a few tries, trust me
if i'm in the mood i just don't stop retrying
usually between 120-170 (more if it's hdhr)
but it never takes less than 100 retries to get a fc for me ;-;

FlyingKebab wrote:

Usually i retry up to 3 times. If i don't get a FC then it means that I suck too much for it atm.
Since I fail most of my FC attempts in the first 15 seconds of a song I try it like 10-30 times.
If I fail mostly somewhere later in the song I only try it like 3-5 times.
Mofu kun
depends on the difficulty of the fc
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