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Danny's English Song M4M Queue

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This is for the mappers who are becoming tired of the rules such as "Tv size only" or "Prefer vocaloid over anything else." Post your maps here and if I like the song, we can do a mod 4 mod! :)Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
- Anything song length

- Prefer English Rock/Metal genre

- no tv size songs unless the song is rock genre, then I'll see if I like the song or not

- generally, avoid anything anime related, no japanese girls NYENYENYNEYNE

- mod my map here Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench

- will take two songs at a time so I don't feel overwhelmed, see my last post

- post 1291208 so I can make sure you've seen these rules
1291208 but i love tv size songs
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xxdeathx wrote:

1291208 but i love tv size songs
I'm growing to hate them
Cerulean Veyron
Well, i don't hate tv size songs or anything related to those, It's just too much. Know me, I'm a Kpop fan since three years, but i still listen to songs that's different language(including english) than just Koreans, idc about the crap rules they have, like mine(Exceptions, When a modder says "No Kpop". I grow my hate on them.) G.G ... Let's just do M4M for now ~
English, Electro, and a bit of Rock. Is it okay for you?
Don't mod mine now, I'll mod first, will edit this post for my mod link. Here ye go > p/3335128/
What does "1291208" mean? o.o
so.. we post here to see if you approve of the song?

Hey there :D My song is german rap! Reply if you like and we can do a M4M! :D
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Alright I'll look at those past 2
- Gray Veyron
- pishifat

HouseForever, didn't read rules and I'm not too big on that song sorry

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