A queue whose name is still under consideration.(M4M Open)

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A new BAT queue here.
I aim to accelerate the process for good maps through this queue.
I'm quite busy with study so this queue will only accelerate the process for good maps

How this queue works

  1. Every time after receiving the maps,we'll look through them and choose some that achieve our standard to be modded by BAT members.And the others will be sent to normal members.The standard may be high or different from yours.So don't get annoyed if your map is not modded by BAT.
  2. Of course sometimes there may be a special round,pay attention to my last post.

  1. No_Gu' href='' style=''><span style='color:#FF4000'>No_Gu</span>
  2. Kotone
  3. Flower' href='' style=''><span style='color:#FF4000'>Flower</span>
  4. Minakami Yuki' href='' style=''><span style='color:#FF4000'>Minakami Yuki</span>
  5. Oyatsu


  1. Mapset for ranking but not for Approval or in Graveyard.
  2. One map per post,one post per round.
  3. No bubbled maps.
  4. Make sure your map is pending and got enough mods if you want to get a BAT mod

Ticket Holders This only works when something special happened.Not available to apply

  1. - H i N a - (bub'd before modding
  2. Zero__wind (WIP before rules change
  3. AIR (bub'd before modding
  4. kakifly x2
  5. Aerous
  6. scanter
    Kihhou xChippy eINess
to be continued...(maybe
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First Let's have a standard round

3 slots this extra rules
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