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Ice Blue Palace Queue [OPEN]

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-[ Asuna ]-
bisa pesen ticket?
bakal mod punyamu nanti kalo ada waktu, toh punyaku belakangan aja mod'a
makanya pesen m4m buat ticket :3 ty
NM mod please Thanks!
Is this still open?
I want to have a try...
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Closed for now to avoid overmodding.
Topic Starter
Yes, I'm still working on the M4M maps. I just lost a lot of motivation.

Opening the fourth round.

It will be a random pick NM round, but the song's artist/performer(s) must be a member (or members) of μ's. It's okay if the songs are not related to Love Live!, or if they are collaborating with non-LL! people (such as fripSide which has Nanjou Yoshino in it).

You can try for A-RISE's members too (which means StylipS' songs are included...), btw. Lower chance, though.

inb4 aji

That's it; go ahead and request now!
Love Live? LOVE LIVE?!

I guess I'll be trying my luck then ><

I'd greatly appreciate a mod for the Normal and the Hard Diff c:

Thank you!~

*Reads rules, Love Live VAs only

/me runs nope

imb4 people dont read
ColdCR hello, I'm looking mod for my map and if possible it hits have ranking thanks :D
Heloo.~ :)

CYNTIA - Akatsuki no Hana

Thanks in Advance. :D I'm still an amateur and I need your help. I appreciate it. 8-)
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