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Ice Blue Palace Queue [OPEN]

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I'd like to open an M4M round just for one map.

  1. ClariS - Luminous -movie MIX-

Yes, it's a Taiko/CtB mapset. And yes, I still only accept standard and Taiko maps according to the rule on the first page. And remember, I CAN'T approve Taiko maps (giving a Taiko icon or bubbling a full Taiko mapset).

But yes, that means I will definitely mod Taiko maps this round.

And yes, feel free to give a map that is not yours, as long as it's either standard or Taiko.

Please be noted, though: Modding only one mode of my mapset (remember that it has to be useful enough) means I'll only mod one mode from the mapset you requested a mod on, assuming there are both standard and Taiko mode maps in one. Choose either standard or Taiko to be modded. In case one of the two map modes get approved/given an approval icon:

  1. If the map already has a standard icon, I'll mod the Taiko diffs, but remember that I won't give any icon even though you (and BAT members capable of Taiko) think it's qualified for one.
  2. If the map already has a Taiko icon, I'll mod the standard diffs.

Things happened, and I have decided to make the map one with all four modes mapped.

Modding one mode means I'll only mod one mode of your choice, and modding two or more means I will mod standard and Taiko (in case the map that you give has both modes).

Avoid modding the osu!mania set since it's very much WIP. Actually, the other three modes are WIP too, but they're pretty much just waiting for supplementary diffs. It's up to you whether you want to mod them now or not. Feel free to mod maps of all four modes.

Go ahead!
will... mod the taiko D: :D mod for standard here

will mod yours tomorrow ._. i'm sleepy right now
Okay, done :3

My Mod: p/3748699#p3748699
My Map:

Thanks :3
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I'll go hyper mode and try to mod all four maps above today.

I'd like to remind that this M4M round is still open.
M4M~~~ (I tried for NM but idk m4m feels more secured)

your mod buddy: p/3760949#p3760949

my map should be the first one in my signature, the green one
just click on it :D
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Yep, I'll mod Faan's map in a few days.

By the way, have a list of the maps that I accepted (and will definitely bubble, circle, or qualify) in the second round so far.

It's not the final list; I have only checked half of the maps.
Hey. I have this one which takes 1:21, two diffs, and they are pretty basic tho.
thanks in advance!
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TAILOW wrote:

Hey. I have this one which takes 1:21, two diffs, and they are pretty basic tho.
thanks in advance!
Two Insane diffs are unrankable, and you have to do M4M before giving your map, so...

my mod: p/3768787#p3768787
my map:


edit: you saw nothing
-[ Asuna ]-
bisa pesen ticket?
bakal mod punyamu nanti kalo ada waktu, toh punyaku belakangan aja mod'a
makanya pesen m4m buat ticket :3 ty
NM mod please Thanks!
Is this still open?
I want to have a try...
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Closed for now to avoid overmodding.
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Yes, I'm still working on the M4M maps. I just lost a lot of motivation.

Opening the fourth round.

It will be a random pick NM round, but the song's artist/performer(s) must be a member (or members) of μ's. It's okay if the songs are not related to Love Live!, or if they are collaborating with non-LL! people (such as fripSide which has Nanjou Yoshino in it).

You can try for A-RISE's members too (which means StylipS' songs are included...), btw. Lower chance, though.

inb4 aji

That's it; go ahead and request now!
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