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pretty good timing I say...
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We found another streaming software that supports mp3. So we are now streaming mp3. Also crashes have been resolved by this new software.

Next up: Port bash script to php and implement a MySQL playlist
Nice. It's been working for me quite well. I have been listening off every so often for about 20 minutes a piece. Can't wait for other features. :D

There is one thing that I noticed. If you pause the stream, it will continue playing from when you paused. This causes desyncing with the song name at the top (Especially if you wait several minutes before resuming) and may not be exactly what you want when listening to a radio station. (This is when using the default on the page).
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I will look into that, might make a hook to stop the player rather then pausing.
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Ok, the part where i magically wrap everything in php is done. Needs some more testing and then i can start adding requests.
Listened in the last ~30 minutes to have something to listen while I kill myself with studying before school starts. Seems great. It has a little break sometimes, but usually fixes in 1 ~ 5 seconds.

EDIT: noticed that the stylesheet has a minor issue. On the header image, I feel like it would be fit better if the top-left and top-right border-radius would be set to 0.
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User counts are rising. Thanks for listening in on this.

I'm currently in the procedure of redesigning the page with pixeldesu to make it display the background of maps aswell. For now it's a static image of good old hatsune miku.

The next planned step is to prototype requests.

If you got any ideas on this, feel free to let me know.
*opens website

are you kidding or

also, the recent changes are good! ...even if this ... urgh. I would certainly say it's a good 2014-well designed website if it wasn't for that.
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Thanks, I'm already looking for a bootstrap slider that would work here, sorry for the ugly thing. Altho it works, for now.

Howl wrote:

also, the recent changes are good! ...even if this ... urgh. I would certainly say it's a good 2014-well designed website if it wasn't for that.
First of all, thanks :P
(designing this all night was worth it, yes~)

The sliders are (if not changed) always OS-dependent, mine looks like this:

...but we are on our way to fix this small designing issue.

small update (added an about block with links and information to the bottom of the page)
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:D we hit 10 live users for the first time today, keep going!
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So i found this link, i don't know what happened. Maybe you want to find out?

nanashiRei wrote:

So i found this link, i don't know what happened. Maybe you want to find out?

[insert reaction pic here]
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Having fun i see. :)
When I discovered osu i started to use it to listen to random music.
And now I discover this. well bye osu, I'll never forget those good time with you.
This is freaking awesome and I love you

why is it twice
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Because in my DB maps are inserted from Beatmap Packs. So this map is in 2 packs total.
Woho it works on my school computer now. Also could I have the BG on the site?
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You'll have to ask pixeldesu for that, he designs all of this. He is nice so just go ahead and pm him or let me know if i should give him a poke.
nice work on this radio.
I just wanted to say that m3u file isn't working for me anymore, also the player doesn't work on Opera Browser.

Thanks ;D
It is no longer working due to a syntax error.
SyntaxError: Unexpected token }
at Object.parse (native)
at fromJson (
at defaults.defaults.transformResponse (
at forEach (
at transformData (
at transformResponse (
at processQueue (
at Scope.$eval (
bump, just want to know how to fix .m3u to work
can't open in VLC media player...

Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ''. Check the log for details.

please change from .m3u to .mp3 because i'm copy link mp3 to live streaming euro truck simulator 2
Cant open on anything :(
foobar2000 errorcode
Unable to open item for playback (Could not connect to host):
and on chrome i cant hear anything and when i try to download the m3u file show me this:

please help :cry:
Just fixed the issue with the m3u files failing to connect, this was caused by a leftover from out last server move... whoops

PS: It took so long because no one notified me about that as I rarely ever look into here, since that's what nanashi was doing until now,
but since he passed away I guess that I need to look in here more often now :/
Omg, just found this gem, thanks a lot gonna listen to it a lot. :)
it's very interesting project.
but it';s a little pity that it can not change its background when play next song.
the website dont responds to anithing for me :/ impossible to click in any button ... they don't react :/ also when i click on m3u file i get the same error as Craftonic with chrome :/ website not work with firefox either :/
As mentioned above, with the passing of nanashiRei I'm having quite some issues to even keep the server running at the moment, please bear with me while I try to sort this stuff out as soon as I can...
I've found the problem for me and Cratonic AND for all people with the problem !!! it's a web browser function called << SPDY >> google it ^^

We need to mannualy deactivate it in the browser i know how to do it with google chrome ( don't know how it work for firefox , internet explorer or other )

For Google Chrome we need to make a shortcut of the program on desktop , then Rick clic on it and select Properties , and add this in target : << --use-spdy=off >> ( without the <<>> ) see my screenshot for this


- Marco -
thanks for adding this info for other people who can have this problem :D
I think you can add an nsfw filter, or delete nsfw maps, so anti-pr0n lets me go on the webpage.
Thanks! :D
Is there source code available? I might want to learn from it.
Not sure if nanashi uploaded the latest version on our gitlab server, but since it's down due to some issues I can't check either...

There's a lot I have to go trough to get this back on track...

Also I don't really know what people mean with disabling spdy because it works just fine with it...

About that nsfw filter, this might be possible if the randomizer actually has a db with the song info stored, as it currently is, there's no way to do that...
Just a heads up, I've done a discord bot that taps into osu!station and gives you the same experience as the website does (minus the requests for now)

If you have a discord guild (server) feel free to try the bot out, description on how to do that are located here:
The download button next to the song name doesn't do anything on Firefox. I don't know whether it's just meant to show how many times the beatmap has been downloaded but it'd be nice to be able to download the audio file directly using that button.
I might listen to it ocassionally
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