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combo is a very helpful tool same with scores when spinning or knowing how much you spin exactly, i'm a accuracy whore so i look at accuracy all the time, lifebar is disabled on my skin, when I push shift tab, it feels weird and i can't play, it's overwhelming almost, i tried this like months ago~

Skyrius wrote:

1. Press tab, get rid of scoreboard
2. Press Shift+Tab, get rid of HUD + Combo's
3. ????
4. Profit.

Alright, some explanation since people seem to not understand why this works.
First off, in CtB, a HUDless display has been something that I've been wanting. Why? Well lets take a look at the life meter and Score/Accuracy.

Pretty distracting right?

Even if you have a transparent life bar, it's still VERY distracting AND it takes away vision from falling fruits, letting you react a little bit later than you need to sometimes.

The score falls into the same logic, and on top of that it also serves little to no purpose due to the fact we don't pay attention to score aside from spinners (which you can easily track with scoreboard that is TOGGLE-ABLE, meaning you can check on how well you did your spinners then put it out of the way).

Now one of the biggest thing about HUD-less display is accuracy. I cannot count the amount of time I've broken a combo because of the accuracy counter. I glance at accuracy to check if I have an SS or so, BOOM I miss (and also scoreboard, but I keep that perma-hiddened now). If you really want an SS just use Perfect mod, it lets you restart instantly anyways (and you should not be aiming for an SS on your first run, so don't be mad if you miss and start all over again when you're about to make an insane no-mod record on first try or something)

Essentially with hud-less display and no scoreboard, this enables you to focus 100% of your attention on the falling fruits. Or in standard on your circles.
This will enhance your performance regardless of how well you are doing.

Yes it's nice to see your combo, as some people rely on the number / combo to identify jumps. This can be easily remedied by listening to the music and recognizing patterns before the big jump (which will be a lot easier than most imagine).

Overall, if you're too easily distracted by life meter or accuracy, this is something for you. It's a great feature and I think more people should utilize it.
well it's useful for no mod imo. but for hidden mod..
gonna try it though.
Yukiteru Amano
Catch all the fruits. Pro tip.
I only look at accuarcy when I try to get a D with full combo .... however a small hp bar helps with AR10
Pro Tip: get a 144hz monitor and CTB becomes EZ.
i only look at my combo

the hp lifebar is not that distracting when you use another one
and the numbers too

so it is just playstyle problem but not the system
that skin o.O download link please..
everyone have a own style so... o/ just play :3
this helped me heaps,god.
since i'm the kind of player who looks at Acc. once in a while so yea.
dem fruits at the screenshot tho.

newtoniorock8 wrote:

that skin o.O download link please..
I only do it for songs that I know I can't FC/SS because I don't really care what my score, combo, or accuracy is.
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