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NM please


Sorry i didnt notice rule in your last post :(


NM please :)
BPM: 200
xi - Fiat Lux

Thank you ^^
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Accepted Chamue and -Nighthawk-'s ^^

NM closed -w-
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Woah sorry for the long hiatus .-.
I haven't even check my own map for a month xD
I just can't get the correct mood to mod x-x
So sorry for the wait (for those in my list) my mod will be coming again from the point I posted this -w-

Just bumping this in case of M4M -w-
NM still closed
So M4M them.

You mod first, ok? D:

My map:

NM please
Heya! M4M Please <-- My map

I'll start modding yours now

NM please! Thanks


hanyuu_nanodesu wrote:

NM still closed
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Shiet, unexpected loads of works come to me all of sudden x-x
Sorry for the inconvenience >.<
Accepted Kalibe's if actually still want my mod...
One M4M wasted, the map is already ranked >.<
The rest of the maps on to do list are graveyarded...
Gonna have to remove them (sorry)

Open NM 3, don't expect fast mod
NM Request~

NM please

thanks! Nipaahh~

NM please, thank you
Hi, NM request please!


So much request...
Just try my luck!

Thanks anyway ;w;

Nipaahh~ :)
NM Please
Plz Ignore "Confession" diff, mod "confession 2" instead
Makasih nanodesu..

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Misure wrote:

So much request...
Just try my luck!

Thanks anyway ;w;

Nipaahh~ :)
You are lucky

Woah, that was pretty fast .-.
I want to be a little picky now
Accepted Syph, Riven, and Misure's

NM closed, try M4M, it always open
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Everyone Merry Christmas \(*∀*)/
That was pretty late but it is better than nothing ^^

For Christmas, I would like to open a special quiz round. There would be several question (half tricky, half silly) below, you only need to answer ONE question correctly in order to get my mod. Just choose one question (mention the question number so I know which question you choose to answer) and answer it, put your map in the same post along with your answer. I will use template for now:

Answer template :
Question number #
Answer : (put your answer here)
(link to your map)

Okay, simple isn't it? ;) now for the questions, open below
1. The telecommunication center
You are currently at the TELECOMMUNICATION center. This building contain of 9 floors where 1st floor is the highest floor. If now you are at the 5th floor :
From the 5th floor, if you go down one floor, then go to the left one floor, you will be at the 7th floor
From the 5th floor, if you go up one floor, then go to the right one floor, you will be at the 3rd floor
From the 5th floor, if you go to the left one floor, then go up one floor, at which floor you will be now?
Clue : telecommunication

2. Let's go around the world
I want to go around the world. If on the first day I go to America, on the second day I will go to Romania, on the third day I will go to Oman, on the fourth day I will go to Ukraine, on the fifth day I will go to Netherlands, where will I go on the sixth day?
Clue : the clue is "Let's go around the world", and it has nothing to do with geography

3. Where will I be?
If I am currently at Germany, four hours later I will be at Madagascar
If I am currently at California, five hours later I will be at Florida
If I am currently at house, four hours later I will be at school
If I am currently at France, where will I be two hours later?
Clue : it's not related to geography either

4. How many are there?
I went to the pond, I saw a lot of geese. There are TWO geese.
I went to the music room, I saw a lot of guitars. There are EIGHT guitars
I went to the street, I saw a lot of electrical poles. There are ONE electrical pole
I went to class, I saw a lot of upside down chairs. How many upside down chairs are there?
Clue : no need to count, just see

You only need to answer one question, but you can answer two or more; it won't affect the priority tho, just do it for fun ^^
This is riddle, joke, no need to take it so seriously ;)

One thing greatly prohibited is telling other how to answer any of the questions listed. Just answer, don't tell why you answer that. Please pay attention to this. Those who violate this rule will be blacklisted from this queue FOREVER, and no mod for him/her and anyone else that answer correctly after him/her.

And remember, old rules still apply. So even though you answered correctly, if you don't follow the old rules, your request would be rejected

I will open this until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Until that, anyone who can answer my question correctly will get my mod, I don't care how many (I hope it wont be too much T-T)

I think that's all. Have fun ^^
Question number #4
Answer : one? :D

Thanks Nipaahh~
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