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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Basically, when you watch a replay of a HD play, have a toggle to turn off Hidden.
It would make it a LOT easier to actually understand what you're doing in regards to the map and would especially help with (spaced) streams to see what exactly you're doing wrong

This of course only mainly applies to when replays are used as a matter of troubleshooting when you have problems doing certain patterns or parts in a map.

Posting this as a new thread because the other Replay thread did ask for different things, but this is heavily related to t/188918&start=0
i already said this was requested and denied \D:/
now where did the thread go :/
t/97560 O_O i never denied it. what the.......
Yeah, that thread really had a whole lot of discussing going on, with an enormous amount of different opinions from all kinds of players, both casual and competitively oriented ones, and they all came to a finalized conclusion.

On a serious note, I feel like this should really be reconsidered and not denied because it was pretty much ignored two years ago
did you even look at the thread, it isn't denied. i misremembered that part :/
Oh whoops, well that was a misunderstanding on my part then, I'm just gonna bump the other one then, I guess?
if you want to. i'm personally happy with it where it is \:D/
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