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Everything you do, counts up to the undo thing
So if you do 200 things, it saves all these 200 things.
If you disable undo, this is not the case.
If you read the thread, you know about This feature request which will help in this case
This is currently being worked on by TheVileOne.
how will it become?
Will there be a max amount of undos then?
State saving is pretty inefficient right now, causing these seemingly memory leaking problems. TVO is working on reducing the amount of stuff stored in each state. I don't know if a limit will be put in place (but I don't think so).
Might as well confirm this for now though, but I'll rename the title to something appropriate
It should only be storing at max 20 states unless something is broken and causing it to exceed that. In any case testplaying clears the undo states. If this does not lower the memory usage then there is something wrong with the disposal of undo states if this problem is actually related to undo states and not something else related to marathon maps.

baraatje123 wrote:

Just disable undo function: t/228559
this is the worst suggestion I've ever read, honestly. Even that request is a better way to solve than disabling the undo function.

apaffy wrote:

How on earth are we even considering this as a fix? At least part of the bug is exiting the editor doesn't actually fix it. You HAVE to close osu! reduce the memory usage.
As far as I know you don't need to close osu! but you have to move out from the editor to decrease the RAM.

It's way worse when your map is longer (starting from 10 Minutes and increasing) so I have like after 15 Undos +1 GB RAM.
Can you link the maps you are working on when you experience this?
Any map ever, be it modding or mapping, but still, have a few examples;

  1. Suzuki Konomi 'n Kiba of Akiba - Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! (TV Size)
  2. M2U feat. Guriri - Magnolia
  3. ICE - L
  4. sakuzyo - Neurotoxin
  5. Sota Fujimori - DANCE ALL NIGHT

Also, leaving edit/entering testplay/just normal playing does not clear it - once osu! is blowing up, there's no stopping it anymore.
Actually it does clear it up sometime, but yes, "sometime", there are time when after osu! passes certain mark (1Gb for example), it will not be able to go down, other mark is like 700Mb I think.
tbh I've never even once come across with this bug.

my editor works like a charm
I will look into this today. There is one thing that might be causing the problem. I will investigate and see if it fixes it.

I have fixed something that was more than likely allowed unlimited states to be stored. Please test on test build to confirm.
still happening
It should not be possible. It wouldn't be because of the undo system. The system is very close to how it was always. It cannot store more than 20 states.
well okay not the same thing happening but I always get huge lag spikes after some time with undo states activated (and they don't go away after leaving editor) while I never get them without undo.
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