[Editor] Improve Song playback speed with 25%, 50%, 75%.

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Like in the title, i think it would render better to have the pitch of the song modified instead of the speed.
Let me know what do you think. :)/
In my opinion, it'll make it worst. Not sure if we can hear beats when the pitch's too low.
Vuelo Eluko
GOD no. what the heck.
Definitely no
This way you can't hear higher notes, which makes Taiko mapping impossible
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Hmm.. fine then but that would be more a preference instead of a need. Checkboxes settings "Speed / Pitch".
I tried with some songs with audacity and i can still hear them at 50% even a bit less. :(
Vuelo Eluko
i dont understand how this helps you map, if you cant hear a beat at normal pitch but you can hear it when you increase or lower it, chances are the player wont either and its just going to seem overmapped
Cerulean Veyron
Oh my.... still no, It'll cut off my tires while I'm mapping a song (*o*)
This would make mapping harder, not to mention Taiko mapping, which is about the pitch
Higher notes go blue, lower ones go red. If you can't hear a good sifference it will get impossible to rank
You can map it, but only make patterns because you feel like it, and not follow the good way of mapping (which I btw almost never follow XD )
+1 support to OP (bumping this thread in lieu of a recent thread having a user redirect back to this original one)

mapping would not be harder at all, and in fact, would in many cases be MORE HELPFUL for games that are heavily pitch based; for those who map osu!mania, where rhythmic complexity is almost a necessity in many cases, this would be a god-send. with how osu! handles this, the pitches do not change when the sample lengths for a given part of a song does, which is really bad. Songs that are very heavy in percussion or rely heavily on distortion *cough* sound voltex *cough* will have near indiscernible rhythms as the song's speed gets cut because as choof mentioned in his previous thread, sounds will become grainy. By linearly altering the pitch with the speed of the song, this is no longer an issue.

For those of you arguing that it makes mapping more difficult with regards to pitch: you're 100% wrong and I can prove it very simply. Musical pitches are linearly proportional (in frequency) to each octave before and after it -- if your note is musically a 5th octave C and you cut both the speed and pitch in half, you will end up with a song that is playing at 50% speed and playing at a 4th octave C, which is the same root note. Cut the speed in 25% (1/4), and you will have a note that is two octaves lower at the same root note. This can be proven in practice if mathematical facts aren't enough to satisfy the masses.

(And before anyone argues that the pitch is still different; you're being incredibly pretentious in saying that you would map the root note of melodies that ascend and descend the same but are proportioned differently in frequency, as the only reason you would ever need to accommodate for a change like this is if you were mapping for more than 12 notes.)
Have a few stars and my support, I didn't know this was requested before.
It would be a lot more helpful if a pitch shift was implemented when slowing down the playback in the editor as it makes everything just a lot more crisp and clear to hear.

Often times in a song I'm forced to check whether something is in a specific snap (for example differentiating between 1/12 and 1/8 snap), and at 25% playback the song sounds really distorted, so I'm having to import the song into an audio editor like Audacity and slow it down with the pitch shift there, and it really does make it a lot more clear. (Eg. the troubles on t/283795/start=60 this thread.)

Definitely supporting this. If needed, a toggle sounds good, but I see no reason why this shouldn't be implemented.
No, but changing the pitch on any speed would be helpful. Also the editor needs to have smooth playback on slower speeds. Mapping to crackled audio is hard at times when there is a lot going on.

abraker wrote:

No, but changing the pitch on any speed would be helpful. Also the editor needs to have smooth playback on slower speeds. Mapping to crackled audio is hard at times when there is a lot going on.
It is not possible to both maintain the original pitch and have smooth audio at the same time, you either pick one or the other. Pitch shift is miles better as it makes it a lot easier to determine pitch and incorrect snaps, I seriously don't know what valid argument could be brought up to keep it the way it is right now.
sorry, i would prefer just to slow the song lol, its gunna be super annoying
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I tried with another program and i heard clearly everything from the music.
Just try before rushing on "NO".
For anyone who doesn't want to have to do this themselves, here's a song (t+pazolite - GLITCH MANIAXXXX)
Original speed (20 second sample):
Same clip slowed to 25%:
Stretched without pitch shift: (not sure if this is the same algorithm osu uses but it sounds very similar)

Encoded in webm in the hopes that your browser can play them.

I think the beats sound very clearly here. There are some beats you simply can't hear in the version without the pitch shift.
It does seem useful, but then again I don't map (yet?) so I wouldn't know.
Jeez the one without the pitch shift is crap. What did you use?

This is how it is supposed to sound like and this is the action osu is missing (25% speed of original):
This should never happen
Ignore the reason why, I was incorrect
Also, it would just sound terrible if you use it to check a map/mod
I strongly disagree with this, and I'll try to do as much to ever prevent this from happening

baraatje123 wrote:

That's not how sound works

baraatje123 wrote:

Back to my point for Taiko mappers
This should never happen
It makes distinguishing little different pitches near impossible
Read Halogen-'s post. Have you tried slowing down the pitch of a song? There's no difference in pitch. There are mappers with absolute (or relative) pitch who can prove this.

Note: I do not know how to call the pitch of a music, so I just use random number
Let's say, the pitch of a low tuned note is 80, a high tuned note is 100
Has a difference of 20, so good to distinguish
If you then play at 25%, the pitch will also be 25%
80 becomes 20, 100 becomes 25
Now there is only 5 difference, which is really low, and it's really hard to find out whether it's high or low
Since it goes too fast at 100%, even at 50%, most people use 25% to do this
Read Halogen-'s post. Slowed down or not the root note will be the same, and the differences in pitch between notes will be the same. The difference in pitch doesn't change because of the song is slowed down, it just lowers the octave of the music. Listening to it on a lower speed will make the music a lower octave and unarguably easier to catch pitch differences slowed down. Slowing down the track while keeping the pitch creates distortion and other unnecessary artifacts that create unnecessary clutter and difficulty.

Also, it would just sound terrible if you use it to check a map/mod
I strongly disagree with this, and I'll try to do as much to ever prevent this from happening
Completely subjective and irrelevant to the topic. Please stop.
I always thought pitches work like that

But still, it'll sound terrible, and it'll be annoying as heck for modders (and probably almost all mappers)
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