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Has anyone played this game yet? ... =270684111

I don't wanna be the only one that had to experience it here on the forums ;w;
Trash Boat
No I haven't but it seems scary. Enough to make you back up
9/10 would recommend it
Witch Mercy
I heard about this, seems pretty good.
Played it, beat night 6, been watching try to do 20/20/20/20 night 7. Shit is impossible.
Trash Boat
it says Five nights. FIVE. How is that possible?
You just have to be ready4freddy.
Mofu kun
watched a friend play it at midnight

its scary as fuck
The game is pretty scary, a friend of mine is pretty terrified by it and according to what he said, Freddy will adjust to the player's habits,
i.e. if you like to conserve your energy, he will attack you more often than you'd like

and I heard you can get to day 7? Not so sure, that game is a little too creepy to me. Not scary, but creepy.
And yeah, day 7 can get a little hard, I wouldn't touch that game though
Mofu kun

Hika wrote:

and I heard you can get to day 7?
Day seven, unlocked after beating day six, gives you an option for adjusting the robots A.I., being able to change it to absolute pacifism (1) to all out aggression (20)

There is also a mode called 4/20 mode where you set all 4 robots to 20 difficulty.

I haven't heard of anyone who has passed 4/20 mode.

Also, if you beat day seven, you get fired for tampering with the robots.
Currently 2 people have beaten 4/20 mode to my knowledge. One of them being markiplier.
Probably more people have beaten it since there is a concrete strat and RNG applies.
A Pig that flys
BigBug was the first to beat night 7, then Markiplier. Probably more now, but on the YT video of BigBug beating it the creator of the game said he didn't even think that 4/20 was possible, and that he had to add the 3rd star to the main menu because it was possible
[ Nana ]
4/20 probably wasn't even meant to be possible. Each of the robots has their own 'pattern', and each of them has their own RNG to go with it. 4/20 boosts the game in a way that the robots can roam and appear next to the door at any given moment, and shortens the window for the player's reaction so that you theoretically blink once and die all of a sudden. The only way to beat it would be constant usage of power to check the map and keep Foxy at bay (as well as prevent Freddy from teleporting right next to you) and opening/shutting the doors all the time which eats up another chunk of power - and, considering all that, it would seem impossible to do since you only have limited power to use throughout the entire night.
I'd say that beating it is a pure stroke of luck (and RNGsus's intervention). RNG in both of the runs was forgiving enough to enable them to cut the tempo down at a few moments to catch a breather (very short, but still saving a bit of power), as well as letting them do literally nothing on the last hour.

So yeah, the strat is good, and it can even work - but it's also relying on the RNG so that some people can beat it on the first few tries and others can work on it for days and still be unable to beat it.
Witch Mercy
Ok I swear it wasn't that scary when I was watching a streamer play it...
Them screams freaked me out >.<
The Sugoi Goat
Me and a friend played this together once xD taking turns every night. Not gonna lie, I was crapping myself in fear :c and she wasn't even fazed. I heard about the game from Markiplier, how many of you watch him? :33 I think he was the second person to beat it on max difficulty? is that right? :x Can anyone recommend any good horror games for us to play in the future?
we played Outlast together and the slender games, along with some game based on... Jeff the killer? :3but yeah, any recommendations?
Mr Capuce
teddy is sh*t. he scary me when light it's turn off >:(
Finally beat this a few days back.

It's okay, I find the frantic buildup of checking the monitors and managing your power to be scarier than the jump scares themselves. The tension is nice, though, and it's worth a short runthrough.
Is it an online game or can you download it and play it offline?
Buy, download then play offline

Backfire wrote:

Played it, beat night 6, been watching try to do 20/20/20/20 night 7. Shit is impossible.

Trash Boat wrote:

No I haven't but it seems scary. Enough to make you back up
9/10 would recommend it
I played the first game. I haven't played the 2nd and 3rd game, but I plan to in the future. I really like this game because you literally CAN NOT ESCAPE the killer robots, and you're literally stuck there in your spot until you either die or make it to 6:00 AM. Which is rather unusual, considering that most horror games allow you to run or defend yourself. A real breath of fresh air.

9/10, would recommend to a horror junkie who lived under a rock for the past year.
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