Lon - Ochame Kinou

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 15 February 2015 at 11:57:33

Artist: Lon
Title: Ochame Kinou
Tags: fukkireta mischievous function kasane teto itsudemo love you nico nico douga
BPM: 150
Filesize: 2640kb
Play Time: 00:11
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.11 stars, 10 notes)
  2. Hard (3.09 stars, 127 notes)
  3. New And Improved Mapping Style!!! (59.06 stars, 13432 notes)
  4. Normal (1.91 stars, 143 notes)
  5. Twin Drills (4.58 stars, 340 notes)

Download: Lon - Ochame Kinou
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
ok for extreme graveyard for 3 months until i become better beatmaptist
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wow good 8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)
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[Twin Drills]
00:00:000 IT'S PERFETCT
00:00:001 ok but the blankets could be a bit better
nice song
It's a nice piece, for sure.
Greetings from the #modreq lobby ^^
Seems very hard for me to correct something here, good job.

Upon request i shall not mod hard.

Twin drills:
00:42:586 - Why a whistle here as well as 00:42:886 . Other fast sliders dont have whistles so I dont think theres a need for whistles here.

Overall, very well mapped, there seem to me no errors in annoying overlaps and the structure of the mapping is neat and organised. You have a good chance at getting ranked. If you were to improve on something, it would be your hit sounds. I can hear your finish hit sounds. but your clap hit sounds sounds too similar to the standard hit sound, currently though it should pose no problem to becoming ranked. Good Luck, hope i was a bit of help ^^
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chomelisgod wrote:

Greetings from the #modreq lobby ^^
Seems very hard for me to correct something here, good job.

Upon request i shall not mod hard.

Twin drills:
00:42:586 - Why a whistle here as well as 00:42:886 . Other fast sliders dont have whistles so I dont think theres a need for whistles here.

Overall, very well mapped, there seem to me no errors in annoying overlaps and the structure of the mapping is neat and organised. You have a good chance at getting ranked. If you were to improve on something, it would be your hit sounds. I can hear your finish hit sounds. but your clap hit sounds sounds too similar to the standard hit sound, currently though it should pose no problem to becoming ranked. Good Luck, hope i was a bit of help ^^
Thank you for modding! I really appreciate the kind words at the end. Like, really really appreciate them. Thank you so much :oops::)

[Twin Drills]

Throughout the entire song I have found that the distance spacing seems very random, I'd try and find a way to organize it so it's aesthetic but still remains difficult. This can take A LOT of time to perfect but a good start would be looking other maps that are similar and spending a fair bit of time studying the techniques these other mappers use; remember to only look at ranked maps. If you have a good eye and know what your looking for go ahead and dive into some unranked maps.

If something doesn't quite work out the way it should, either keep trying or move on and try something different.

A good example of this are these notes here 00:33:786 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1)
Using the rotate tool and a bit of time you can move them so you have more space to make them semicircle. Like this. Or you could try something totally different.

Personally I would either restart the map, or try map something different. An enjoyable way to do this is by mapping a short section of a song (30 seconds - 90 seconds). You will need to do this over and over again till you develop some advanced skills. My art teacher told me that over 90% of her work isn't seen by others, this is because she keeps practicing and it isn't ready for others to look at. Nothing will ever be perfect if you don't keep practicing and working at it.
(From my experience sharing maps isn't generally useful when you are starting off, only because you will make a ton of mistakes and usually everything will need revising. I like to learn on my own, however you could be different.)

Only try and get something ranked once you have a strong idea of what you want, and how to do it.

Check out other maps and study mapping techniques and of-course.
Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.
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ok :(
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this beatmap will be graveyarded forever even though it has star priority because it is really bad :cry:
2015-02-13 11:14 gracefu: your twin drills map is much harder than its star rating XDD
2015-02-13 11:14 nookls: YAY
2015-02-13 11:14 gracefu: sorry it took me this to start btw, but i can't actually start modding until like tomorrow
2015-02-13 11:15 gracefu: D:
2015-02-13 11:15 nookls: lol it's ok
2015-02-13 11:17 nookls: i actually have an update for hard, but the other diffs are ok to mod
2015-02-13 11:17 gracefu: it's not done yet on the copy i just downloaded
2015-02-13 11:17 gracefu: so yeah
2015-02-13 11:17 gracefu: not going to mod that
2015-02-13 11:17 nookls: ok
2015-02-13 11:19 gracefu: so hard
2015-02-14 15:37 gracefu: hi
2015-02-14 15:38 gracefu: 00:21:986 - you probably know this, but this might get quite a lot of complaints, especially since there are no slider ticks in pretty much the whole song.
2015-02-14 15:39 gracefu: your rhythm makes a lot more sense than most maps, so that's good
2015-02-14 15:40 gracefu: also, do you want blanketing or no blanketing? there are a lot of sliders that are almost blankets, but they aren't made very well
2015-02-14 15:40 gracefu: 00:37:786 -
2015-02-14 15:40 gracefu: 00:40:786 - these two for example
2015-02-14 15:41 gracefu: it's probably cause you're snapping to the grid. you need to turn grid snapping once in a while if you want nice things
2015-02-14 15:41 gracefu: i actually have grid snapping turned off almost all the time now >.>
2015-02-14 15:42 yeah, sorry, but there are a *lot* of almost blankets
2015-02-14 15:42 gracefu: anyway moving on to other problems
2015-02-14 15:42 gracefu: (almost none ;-;)
2015-02-14 15:44 gracefu: 00:55:186 - you probably made this with a slider right? did you maybe have more than 3 slider points? usually when there are 3 i see a perfect semicircular shape
2015-02-14 15:47 gracefu: 01:16:986 - is this important to you? because you could use a long slider here as well
2015-02-14 15:58 gracefu: 00:41:186 - what is this stream doing here?
2015-02-14 15:59 gracefu: 00:59:686 - you should centre the second slider and then use ctrl-H to flip the third slider
2015-02-14 15:59 gracefu: at the moment it's not spaced out well
2015-02-14 16:00 gracefu: oh look you're here now
2015-02-14 16:00 nookls: ffffffdffdddffd
2015-02-14 16:00 nookls: i dunno
2015-02-14 16:01 nookls: to be honest at this point i'm probably just gonna practice a bit more and then remap in a while
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: ^- that's pretty much maybe 80% of my mod?
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: hm really? this map is really good
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: it's just the technical aspects
2015-02-14 16:01 nookls: wait, you think so?
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: yeah
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: the flow is nice
2015-02-14 16:01 nookls: damn, it got called bad by 2 others though
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: hah
2015-02-14 16:01 gracefu: who?
2015-02-14 16:02 nookls: uuh grumd and someone else
2015-02-14 16:02 gracefu: lol
2015-02-14 16:02 nookls: i'm conflicted now
2015-02-14 16:02 nookls: this map really seems to be either a love or hate thing lol
2015-02-14 16:03 gracefu: lol
2015-02-14 16:03 gracefu: all maps are
2015-02-14 16:03 nookls: maybe if i do some fixing up to it it'll change others' opinions
2015-02-14 16:05 gracefu: yeah
2015-02-14 16:05 gracefu: cartographer told you to remap because apparently the DS is very random
2015-02-14 16:05 gracefu: but imo you're allowed to do that if your rhythm is good
2015-02-14 16:05 nookls: at the moment it pretty much is just a "rough draft" of what it could actually be
2015-02-14 16:05 gracefu: and since you repeat the rhythm a lot, it's fine
2015-02-14 16:06 gracefu: and yeah, that's true, it's very draft-y
2015-02-14 16:06 gracefu: 00:08:186 - when i look for spacing errors specifically, it's these kinds of things
2015-02-14 16:07 gracefu: 00:16:586 - here as well
2015-02-14 16:07 gracefu: too close together
2015-02-14 16:07 gracefu: it's usually better to have things too far than too close
2015-02-14 16:08 nookls: hmmm yeah
2015-02-14 16:09 gracefu: 00:36:986 - this part is more of a grey area, but since you're playing with triplets here, you might as well go all the way and create a complex rhythm for the rest of this section
2015-02-14 16:09 gracefu: for the rest of this section
2015-02-14 16:09 gracefu: 00:42:586 - like the previous 3 combos had different rhythms, but in this one you go back to the original combo
2015-02-14 16:09 gracefu: original rhythm*
2015-02-14 16:11 gracefu: 00:47:186 - here the distance between 3 and 4 is shorter than usual, but i think it'll be better if it was longer than usual because 4 is a nice big note
2015-02-14 16:11 gracefu: maybe move the 2 to where 5 is at the moment?
2015-02-14 16:12 gracefu: actually maybe not
2015-02-14 16:12 gracefu: maybe x:256 y:304
2015-02-14 16:13 gracefu: anyway you might want to do a second mapping anyway, just to get experience and improve faster
2015-02-14 16:13 nookls: ooh that makes it look nice in the editor
2015-02-14 16:13 gracefu: maybe back this copy up and then when you're done with a second attempt you can try and see what you did better
2015-02-14 16:13 nookls: yeah i'll consider remapping
2015-02-14 16:14 gracefu: actually it looks even nicer if you turn off grid snapping and adjust the circles manually
2015-02-14 16:15 gracefu: and probably look even better if you made it on the y axis and then rotated it
2015-02-14 16:15 gracefu: but who has time for that >.>
2015-02-14 16:15 gracefu: practice making blankets :P
2015-02-14 16:15 nookls: yay
2015-02-14 16:15 nookls: actually i did get a complaint about the blankets from another guy a while ago
2015-02-14 16:15 gracefu: yeah
2015-02-14 16:16 gracefu: oh i just realised
2015-02-14 16:16 00:55:186 you *didn't* use sliders to make this
2015-02-14 16:16 00:55:186 - you *didn't* use sliders to make this
2015-02-14 16:16 gracefu: you should. make a slider there, and then ctrl-shift-f while selecting the slider
2015-02-14 16:20 nookls: crap
2015-02-14 16:20 nookls: my internet went off
2015-02-14 16:20 nookls: did you say anything after "practice making blankets"
2015-02-14 16:21 gracefu: not really
2015-02-14 16:21 gracefu: anyway at 00:55:186 - apparently you placed these by hand
2015-02-14 16:21 gracefu: well first of all, when placing streams, just turn off grid snapping
2015-02-14 16:21 gracefu: it's useless
2015-02-14 16:21 gracefu: secondly, did you know that you can make streams from sliders?
2015-02-14 16:21 gracefu: like, automatically
2015-02-14 16:22 gracefu: put a slider there and select it then press ctrl-shift-f
2015-02-14 16:22 nookls: i did but since that was only like 7 notes i didn't really want to bother getting the slider to a good shape for it
2015-02-14 16:22 gracefu: lol always bother XD
2015-02-14 16:22 gracefu: looks better too
2015-02-14 16:22 gracefu: unless you're making something really hard to make like spirals
2015-02-14 16:23 gracefu: those are pretty much impossible to make with sliders (i tried)
2015-02-14 16:23 nookls: what i didn't know was the keyboard shortcut though
2015-02-14 16:23 nookls: that'll be useful
2015-02-14 16:23 gracefu: i see
2015-02-14 16:23 gracefu: memorise all the keyboard shortcuts
2015-02-14 16:23 gracefu: just because
2015-02-14 16:23 gracefu: :P
2015-02-14 16:24 nookls: the only ones i actually know right now are qwerty and as of just now, the slider-to-stream one
2015-02-14 16:25 gracefu: ah
2015-02-14 16:25 gracefu: ctrl-g, you'll be using this a lot
2015-02-14 16:25 gracefu: it reverses things in the timeline, but the thing it's most used for is sliders
2015-02-14 16:26 gracefu: click a slider and ctrl-g'ing it flips the head and tail
2015-02-14 16:26 nookls: oh my god i just did ctrl-a and ctrl-g
2015-02-14 16:26 nookls: now my map is backwards
2015-02-14 16:26 gracefu: HAHAHAA
2015-02-14 16:26 gracefu: XDDD
2015-02-14 16:26 gracefu: i gotta try that huehuehue
2015-02-14 16:26 gracefu: another thing you could do is ctrl-H
2015-02-14 16:26 gracefu: horizontal flip
2015-02-14 16:27 gracefu: ctrl-J is right next to it and it does a vertical flip
2015-02-14 16:27 nookls: it's beautiful
2015-02-14 16:27 gracefu: wait why am i listing it out, all the shortcut keys are useful
2015-02-14 16:27 gracefu: rotate, scale, flip, 90 degree rotates
2015-02-14 16:27 gracefu: turning off distance snap
2015-02-14 16:27 gracefu: etc
2015-02-14 16:28 gracefu: shift and alternate are your best friends when placing circles :P
2015-02-14 16:28 nookls: i've gotta try them out later
2015-02-14 16:29 gracefu: yeah
2015-02-14 16:30 nookls: i'll look at your mod and things you suggested though
2015-02-14 16:30 nookls: and i'll also do a remap as another difficulty and see how that goes
2015-02-14 16:30 gracefu: try using all the keyboard shortcuts during the remap
2015-02-14 16:30 gracefu: rotate especially hue
2015-02-14 16:30 gracefu: my favourite >.>
2015-02-14 16:31 nookls: use ALL the shortcuts!!!
2015-02-14 16:34 gracefu: ohh man i just remapped the first part of my latest difficulty
2015-02-14 16:34 gracefu: it's 10 times better ;-;
2015-02-14 16:34 gracefu: i'm glad i remapped
2015-02-14 16:35 nookls: who knows maybe i'll be glad i remapped too
2015-02-14 16:35 gracefu: probably :P
2015-02-14 16:35 gracefu: at this rate i'm going to remap everything
2015-02-14 16:35 gracefu: #newmapper hype
2015-02-14 16:36 nookls: i like your map
2015-02-14 16:37 nookls: it's got a nice style to it
2015-02-14 16:37 nookls: shame i couldn't really find anything to mod about it though lol
2015-02-14 16:37 gracefu: new mapper problems :/
2015-02-14 16:37 gracefu: i couldn't find anything to mod when i started
2015-02-14 16:38 nookls: i think i should try and gain more experience myself first before telling people what to do >.>
2015-02-14 16:38 gracefu: not really, you should mod more
2015-02-14 16:39 gracefu: if you look at the same map for 2 months you'll get no experience
2015-02-14 16:39 nookls: true actually
2015-02-14 16:39 nookls: also another new mapper problem: no-one eeevveerr looks at your stuff >.<
2015-02-14 16:39 gracefu: yeah
2015-02-14 16:39 gracefu: that's why new guys should help each other out
2015-02-14 16:40 nookls: i generally look at most maps i see in #modreqs but i can't really mod them
2015-02-14 16:40 gracefu: really :o
2015-02-14 16:40 gracefu: that's cool
2015-02-14 16:41 nookls: i think i've only modded 3 maps including yours
2015-02-14 16:41 nookls: and they were all really mini mods
2015-02-14 16:41 gracefu: it's fine
2015-02-14 16:42 gracefu: looking at them is good enough i think
2015-02-14 16:47 nookls: oh yeah if you want you can post on my thread and i'll give kudos
2015-02-14 16:48 gracefu: ah really? i thought i'd do a mini mod back XD
2015-02-14 16:48 nookls: meh minimods still earn it in my book
2015-02-14 16:49 nookls: you don't have to if you don't want but i'll give kudos if you post lol
2015-02-14 16:49 gracefu: it's alright
2015-02-14 16:49 gracefu: i'll post so you can see it
2015-02-14 16:49 gracefu: :P
2015-02-14 16:49 nookls: ok
this is a very cute reply
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this is a good map shut up
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