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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 20 września 2014 at 16:40:58

Artist: Blue123
Title: Caged Heart
Source: かたわ少女
Tags: visual novel game Katawa Shoujo OST Enigmatic Box Of Sound disability disabled Four Leaf Studios Hisao Nakai Emi Ibarazaki Hanako Ikezawa Lilly Satou Rin Tezuka Shizune Hakamichi Shiina Misha Mikado Kenji Setou -Kamikaze-
BPM: 75
Filesize: 3046kb
Play Time: 01:17
Difficulties Available:
  1. Challenging (1,87 stars, 120 notes)
  2. Kami's 8K Challenging - 8Key (2,07 stars, 326 notes)
  3. Kami's 8K Relaxing - 8Key (1,14 stars, 190 notes)
  4. Relaxing (1,36 stars, 83 notes)

Download: Blue123 - Caged Heart
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Relaxing by Me
Challenging by Me
(☆2) Kami's 8K Relaxing by -Kamikaze-
(◆3) Kami's 8K Challenging by -Kamikaze-

WTF did i just saw ??? Krfawy + Katawa Shoujo ? <3

- General :
  1. Hmmm i don't undersand diff name ^^' so i hope it's rankable ;)
  2. Add Disability Girls / かたわ少女 / Four Leaf Studios to tag maybe.
  3. Oko give you advice about volume too loud, so i just hope you'll did it, because i'm thiking the same way about it.

- Wykrwawienie :
  1. 00:42:391 (2,1,2,1,2,1) - I found strange you didn't keep a constant spacing between jumps (jumps = 2,1). Or other solution is to decrease it but more significantly.

- Ranny :
  1. 00:15:791 (3) - Rotate it by 30° to improve flow.
  2. 00:37:391 (5,6,7,1) - Can't understand why you reduce DS here for no reason. But if you want to keep it like this, adjust DS from 00:36:191 (4,5) - because if you listen music, you can hear little bell start from end of (4).
  3. 01:14:191 (6) - I would place him at x:196 y:184 to form a good pattern (placement is only to give you idea use Create polygon circles instead if you chose to follow my suggestion).

- Bolesny :
  1. 00:04:991 - to 00:28:991 - you always use different rhythm for this part but music is always the same. Maybe you should be more constant. Think about it.

That's...all. Shity mod yeah sorry.
GL Mukyu~

2014-08-11 21:14 Krfawy: Well cum Oko, I have a business question to you XD
2014-08-11 21:14 Okoratu: is it regarding futanari
2014-08-11 21:14 Krfawy: ACTION is away: FREEDOM
2014-08-11 21:14 Okoratu: what
2014-08-11 21:14 Krfawy: what is futanari?
2014-08-11 21:14 Okoratu: w/e
2014-08-11 21:14 Okoratu: if you don't know you probably don't want to
2014-08-11 21:15 Krfawy: is that another animu thingu? D:
2014-08-11 21:15 Krfawy: anyways I am just wondering if you could have time this month to mod my precious delicious and v small and cute mapset <3
2014-08-11 21:16 Okoratu: well
2014-08-11 21:16 Okoratu: idk
2014-08-11 21:16 Okoratu: how long is that map
2014-08-11 21:16 Okoratu: also did that other one rank already or what
2014-08-11 21:16 Krfawy: 3 diffs and a song lasts 1:17
2014-08-11 21:17 Krfawy: Slut Off is PROBABLY in Charles' hands D:
2014-08-11 21:17 Krfawy: because it's v impossible to find any BAT now...
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: hm
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: well
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: maybe
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: like
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: I'm gonna go to japan for a month from 29.08. - 28.09.
2014-08-11 21:18 Krfawy: oooooooh
2014-08-11 21:18 Krfawy: have a nice time :D
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: so i might find some time before that
2014-08-11 21:18 Okoratu: or not depending on what i want to finish
2014-08-11 21:19 Krfawy: well TBH I have seen your tdl so I know you can have no time and because of your holidays
2014-08-11 21:19 Okoratu: my to do list is outdated
2014-08-11 21:19 Okoratu: XD
2014-08-11 21:19 Krfawy: oh
2014-08-11 21:20 Krfawy: K so let me know if my mapset is too shitty to mod XD
2014-08-11 21:20 Krfawy: ACTION is listening to [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/477202 NicolArmarfi - Caged Heart]
2014-08-11 21:20 Okoratu: i'm quite sure it isn't
2014-08-11 21:22 Okoratu: how did i end up playing the wrong diff tho
2014-08-11 21:23 Krfawy: IDK D:
2014-08-11 21:23 Krfawy: you've magical XD
2014-08-11 21:24 Okoratu: Interesting
2014-08-11 21:25 Okoratu: interesting
2014-08-11 21:26 Krfawy: IF it gets ranked
2014-08-11 21:26 Krfawy: I want you to HD DT SS it
2014-08-11 21:26 Krfawy: XD
2014-08-11 21:26 Okoratu: woe
2014-08-11 21:26 Okoratu: woa
2014-08-11 21:26 Krfawy: because I can see it won't be a problem 4U
2014-08-11 21:27 Krfawy: K I KNOW IT MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME TO RANK IT
2014-08-11 21:27 Okoratu: wow
2014-08-11 21:27 Okoratu: it took quite some time and 25% speed
2014-08-11 21:27 Okoratu: to hear what things you're actually mapping
2014-08-11 21:28 Krfawy: TBH I don't know what you mean by that ;_;
2014-08-11 21:28 Krfawy: ACTION the blonde
2014-08-11 21:28 Okoratu: i thought you were overmapping
2014-08-11 21:29 Krfawy: no, I'm not like Amamiya ;_;
2014-08-11 21:29 Krfawy: or Nold
2014-08-11 21:29 Krfawy: XD
2014-08-11 21:31 Okoratu: i love nold though
2014-08-11 21:31 Krfawy: I like his style too
2014-08-11 21:31 Krfawy: but I am enough noob to fuck up at his maps ;_;
2014-08-11 21:31 Okoratu: overall i think
21:32 Okoratu: the whole map should not be that loud
21:32 Krfawy: so you advice to lower the volume in the louder moments?
21:32 Okoratu: like let's say i'll ignore the seemingly random value on http://puu.sh/aOfpr/d3a95e7953.png
21:32 Okoratu: like everything
21:33 Krfawy: oh everything XD
21:33 Okoratu: but i think it'd be a bit more fitting if you reduced it overall by at least 20% (making sure all hitsounds are audible)
21:33 Krfawy: NP
21:33 Okoratu: i mean ye, i can totally not understand why these numbers are there
21:34 Krfawy: XD
21:34 Okoratu: i have no clue
21:34 Krfawy: Well all I can say for my person is that I can hear if map is not mapped to the rhythm (if my PC is not lagging) but the volume...
21:34 *Krfawy sighs
21:34 Krfawy: I have reaaaaly old technical support...
21:34 Krfawy: and I can't define if something is too loud or not : /
21:35 Okoratu: well let's just say
21:35 Okoratu: 80% on a song that faint
21:35 Okoratu: is
21:35 Okoratu: what
21:35 Krfawy: yeah I understand :D
21:35 Okoratu: i like the CS 7
21:36 Krfawy: TBH I wanted CS6 CS7 and CS8 but it's unrankable now ;_;
21:36 Krfawy: but yeah I like it too :3
21:36 Okoratu: CS 10
21:36 Krfawy: I like being a troll at mapping
21:36 Krfawy: so if it was rankable, why not XD
21:37 Okoratu: i've seen harder trolls
21:37 Okoratu: if you give me some time
21:37 Okoratu: i would readjust the volume of this map / mapset to stuff that is making sense to me and hopefully to others as well
21:37 Krfawy: np :3
21:37 Krfawy: oooooooooh
21:38 Krfawy: Oko that would be awesome ;_;
21:38 Okoratu: you would have to remind me because i'm a bit busy atm
21:38 Krfawy: because it's not so easy to adjust it with only 1 speaker ;_;
21:38 Krfawy: NP :3
21:38 Okoratu: also
21:38 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOfVl/b5a47a50b2.png are u indecisive?]
21:38 Krfawy: plz no
21:39 Krfawy: not again
21:39 Krfawy: my PC is trolling me again ;_;
21:39 Krfawy: I have been deleting this something like 11 times
21:40 Okoratu: hahahah
21:40 Okoratu: this must have been so chill to map
21:40 Krfawy: oh tbh I had bigger issues
21:40 Krfawy: for example look at my ranked maps and pending
21:40 Krfawy: you'll see the same title XD
21:41 Krfawy: and I can't delete 1 map because I had a bug while it was uploading
21:41 Krfawy: so I am having 1 pending forever...
21:41 Okoratu: best
21:42 Okoratu: should i just drop some thoughts by
21:42 Okoratu: like right now
21:42 Okoratu: i mean i played it some times
21:42 Krfawy: sure xD
21:43 Krfawy: yay! :3
21:44 *Okoratu is editing [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/477202 NicolArmarfi - Caged Heart [Wykrwawienie]]
21:44 Okoratu: 1.
21:44 Okoratu: wtf diffname
21:44 Krfawy: it's Polish
21:44 Okoratu: i wouldn't have guessed
21:45 Okoratu: let's see
21:45 Okoratu: how many people on osu understand polish
21:45 Krfawy: 'aching', 'wounded', 'bleeding'
21:45 Krfawy: Normal Hard Insane
21:45 Okoratu: this is the most what
21:46 Okoratu: word i've ever seen for "bleeding"
21:46 Krfawy: and totally rankable :D
21:46 Okoratu: if you'd at least took the polish words for normal hard insane
21:46 Okoratu: or something
21:46 Krfawy: Normalny Trudny Szalony?
21:46 Krfawy: no
21:46 Krfawy: too logical
21:47 Okoratu: how
21:47 Okoratu: could i have known that normalny just looks retarded?!
21:47 Okoratu: D:
21:47 Krfawy: XD
21:47 Okoratu: pls don't kill me mr native polish
21:47 Okoratu: if you say it's rankable
21:48 Krfawy: TBH if I have known it's legit I would use that to my Polish mapsets
21:48 Okoratu: maybe add something to the description like "yo guys that's polish"
21:48 Krfawy: but I know it AFTER rankinging my 2 mapsets ;_;
21:48 Okoratu: because otherwise you will get the same shit all over everytime anyone mods your map
21:49 Krfawy: oh come on, that shit is funny XD
21:49 Okoratu: like their meanings wouldn't hurt
21:49 Krfawy: I'd love to see how you try to read it
21:49 Krfawy: Wykrwawienie
21:49 Okoratu: get out
21:49 Okoratu: ;_;
21:49 Okoratu: I'm just being bullied everywhere!
21:50 Krfawy: Oko don't worry, you're not Polish so you do not understand my Polish mapsets
21:50 Krfawy: they are VERY trolling and that's why you say I am not troll enough XD
21:51 Okoratu: you indeed need to step up your trollery
21:51 Krfawy: Oko, if only you could know what I am trying to do...
21:51 Krfawy: with Slut Off...
21:51 Krfawy: XDDD
21:51 Okoratu: the whole spread is HP 4 - 7 - 8
21:52 Okoratu: how about 4 - 6 - 8
21:52 Krfawy: is that a sin?
21:52 Krfawy: D:
21:52 Krfawy: hmmm I have been wondering about it, but as I can see there's somebody who thinks similar like me this time...
21:52 Krfawy: K I will reduce it in 'Ranny'
21:52 Krfawy: btw how is 'bleeding' in French?
21:53 Krfawy: German*
21:53 Krfawy: sorry
21:53 Okoratu: blutend
21:53 Okoratu: or
21:53 Okoratu: bluten
21:53 Krfawy: omg how to read it ;_;
21:54 Krfawy: I guess I would read it 'blyhtent' orz D:
21:54 Krfawy: man German language is scaring me ;_;
21:54 Okoratu: or
21:54 Krfawy: because it sounds like people were trying to bully me ;_;
21:54 Okoratu: Blutungen
21:54 Krfawy: but I like some German songs XD
21:54 Okoratu: https://translate.google.de/?hl=en&tab=wT#en/de/blutend
21:55 Okoratu: just listen to that
21:55 Okoratu: actually the google translate german isn't that far off
21:55 Krfawy: oh so I was almost correct
21:56 Krfawy: btw try [https://translate.google.de/?hl=en&tab=wT#de/pl/wykrwawienie wykrwawienie XD]
21:56 Okoratu: you
21:56 Okoratu: say
21:56 Okoratu: german is scary
21:57 Okoratu: dude what
21:57 Okoratu: the fuck
21:57 Krfawy: oh Polish is easy to read
21:57 Krfawy: IMO
21:57 Krfawy: XD
21:57 Okoratu: >German is easy to read
21:57 Okoratu: >IMO
21:57 Okoratu: fricking natives
21:57 Krfawy: oh that's true
21:58 Krfawy: but tbh I don't like your language... sorry! ;_;
21:58 Krfawy: but it's not I dislike German ppl
21:58 Okoratu: oh
21:58 Okoratu: dw
21:58 Okoratu: i hate my language as well
21:58 Okoratu: k
21:58 Krfawy: why
21:58 Krfawy: D:
21:58 Krfawy: I like Polish because it's scary for the others XD
21:58 Okoratu: how2grammar
21:59 Krfawy: wait
21:59 Okoratu: in german
21:59 Krfawy: really? D:
21:59 Krfawy: is that very very difficult? D:
21:59 Okoratu: you don't understand how hard it is to speak without any grammatical error for about 3 mins
21:59 Okoratu: lol
22:00 Okoratu: i was at modding your map now we are comparing german to polish
22:00 Okoratu: ok
22:00 Krfawy: it's fun :D
22:00 Krfawy: XD
22:00 Okoratu: well i wanted to write the first suggestion i had in mind
22:00 Okoratu: like 5 times already
22:00 Okoratu: but deleted everything and tagged along t
22:00 Okoratu: did you just dc
22:00 Krfawy: sorry my osu has turned down : /
22:01 Okoratu: http://puu.sh/aOhSO/6cc15701dd.jpg
22:01 Okoratu: also
22:01 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOgwG/1271d434de.jpg hahah]
22:02 Krfawy: because IDK what is that supposed to be
22:02 Krfawy: and if it's another asian thing I am scared as fuck ;_;
22:02 Okoratu: if you're still curious by the end of this i'll post the full pic for my avatar k
22:02 Krfawy: oh so let's tag it here XD
22:02 Krfawy: K
22:03 Okoratu: so
22:03 Okoratu: let's actually do something
22:03 Okoratu: the chat is fun but i actually wanted to begin stuff 4 times already or something
22:03 Krfawy: understood
22:03 *Krfawy is listening to Oko The Hentai Movie
22:04 Okoratu: w
22:04 Okoratu: a
22:04 Okoratu: t
22:04 Krfawy: ask Nozhomi XD
22:04 Krfawy: anyways I am just showing that I am ready for your advices to my slutty-I mean precious mapset :3
22:05 Okoratu: 00:16:991 (1,2) - i don't really like the way this slider points in the exact opposite way
22:05 Okoratu: like it's really hard to not do an 100 on it
22:05 Krfawy: oh yeah it pisses everybody
22:05 Krfawy: so I am pretty sure it's OK since it's Insane XD
22:06 Okoratu: and the flipped version of it 00:18:191 (3) - flows somewhere else
22:06 Okoratu: like
22:07 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOikD/ef1906c61b.jpg this] would be a bit less cruel and keeping your idea
22:08 Krfawy: but if I do that my slider won't make as cute shape as it does now and it will destroy 00:16:591 (3,1) - structure :<
22:08 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOiuq/2dd762afb6.jpg totally destroyed]
22:09 Krfawy: 1 question
22:09 Krfawy: Oko, do you like making easies and normal because of the slider shapes things and etc?
22:09 Okoratu: i don't like making easies
22:09 Krfawy: because that's the thing I have placed here D:
22:10 Okoratu: i don't exactly follow
22:10 Krfawy: oh ;_;
22:10 Krfawy: so sorry Oko but I really want to keep that evil moment because it's made for the beauty of the difficulty ;w;
22:11 Okoratu: i don't exactly see how (1) my suggestion destroys your idea (2) why you put such a sudden spike in difficulty there in the first place
22:13 Okoratu: but w/e keep it and get stuff about it all the time
22:13 Krfawy: K I will try to explain as well as I can
22:13 Okoratu: like the thing isn't even more intense / louder than the rest
22:14 Okoratu: but it just looks like you're being a troll
22:14 Krfawy: can you see that [http://puu.sh/aOiW2/1d280f6130.jpg shitty example] of a cute slider? :3
22:14 Okoratu: maybe
22:14 Krfawy: ;_;
22:15 Krfawy: K so I made something more perfect (REALLY) and I made it into two sliders
22:15 Krfawy: and the flow is perfect now ;_;
22:15 Okoratu: not really
22:16 Krfawy: ofc it's a very sneaky sausage now but it looks cute <3
22:16 Krfawy: what
22:16 Krfawy: : /
22:16 Okoratu: if you think your stuff is perfect already you wouldn't bother finding mods right
22:16 Krfawy: I said the flow of mixint that together (those 2 sliders) is perfect
22:17 Krfawy: mixing them*
22:17 Okoratu: what if i disagree
22:17 Okoratu: xD
22:17 Okoratu: let's continue this argument is getting stupid
22:17 Okoratu: but know you'll get shit for this slider combo thing as it doesn't follow anything that intense in the music requiring a jump like that
22:17 Krfawy: K let's skip that because I spent on it too much time to make those sliders ;_;
22:18 Krfawy: oh ofc I can delete 00:17:991 (2)
22:18 Krfawy: then it follows music perfectly
22:18 Krfawy: but I thought it'd be funnier to make a little overmap XD
22:20 Okoratu: 00:34:991 (1,2,3) - unlike 00:37:391 (5,6,7) - the gaps between those are not perfectly consistent and you might want to fix that or not
22:20 Okoratu: but that's minor
22:21 Okoratu: 00:40:591 (6) - i think you should curve this more because 00:39:391 (3) - looks a lot better than this one and you could try to go for something similar
22:21 Krfawy: OK that can be fixed very easily
22:21 Krfawy: K
22:21 Okoratu: sorry but
22:21 Okoratu: 00:42:191 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - i needed 8 tries or something to fc this pattern
22:21 Krfawy: yes? :3
22:22 Okoratu: the sounds here are so faint while the jump is so cruel
22:22 Krfawy: oh yeaaaaah
22:22 Krfawy: satanic jumps >D
22:22 Okoratu: like pls nerf it a bit
22:22 Krfawy: D:
22:22 Krfawy: hmmmm
22:22 Okoratu: or make it something more reasonable like 00:46:991 (1,2,3,4,5,6) -
22:23 Okoratu: 00:49:391 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - i am a fan of this triangle pattern
22:23 Krfawy: thank you :3
22:23 Okoratu: maybe you could try finding something else for the first one which is also a geometric shape but not as cruel
22:23 Okoratu: (pls)
22:24 Krfawy: oh but I love to be so cruel since it's Insane ;_;
22:24 Krfawy: XD
22:24 Okoratu: trust me what you're being is irrational
22:25 Okoratu: not cruel
22:25 Krfawy: 2in1 D:
22:25 Okoratu: irrationally cruel
22:25 Okoratu: sounds k
22:25 Krfawy: and cruelly irrational
22:25 Krfawy: but they both fits me
22:26 Okoratu: you're a troll
22:26 Okoratu: oh
22:26 Krfawy: but I'll do my best to make it more reasonable especially for you :*
22:26 Okoratu: wait you already mentioned that <3
22:26 Krfawy: Oko plz I am Polish
22:26 Krfawy: how those things couldn't fit me then XD
22:27 Krfawy: Polish is irrational, believe me
22:27 Okoratu: 00:51:391 (3,4,1,2,3) -
22:27 Okoratu: i think you could easily add more space here
22:27 Okoratu: like
22:27 Okoratu: 00:15:391 (3,4,1,2,3) -
22:27 Krfawy: K :3
22:28 Okoratu: since the patterns already grow larger
22:28 Krfawy: oh wait
22:28 Krfawy: that moment
22:28 Krfawy: but isn't that a nice difference between another jumpy sliders? :o
22:28 Krfawy: comparing with 00:56:591 (1,2,3) - those
22:29 Okoratu: but the spacing of the previous patterns is already getting large
22:30 Krfawy: yes, because it's larger-smaller, larger-smaller :3
22:30 Okoratu: even
22:30 Okoratu: 00:54:191 (1,2,3) -
22:30 Okoratu: is larger
22:30 Okoratu: you have no system admit it
22:30 Krfawy: oh
22:30 Krfawy: K then
22:30 Krfawy: that is a good point
22:31 Okoratu: like it doesn't have to be as large as 00:56:591 (1,2,3) - if you don't want to
22:31 Okoratu: but at least a bit more space would fit
22:32 Krfawy: don't worry I have a plan B :3
22:34 Okoratu: 01:00:191 (1,2,3) - sliderbows like that can destroy blankets
22:34 Okoratu: just aying
22:34 Okoratu: saying
22:34 Okoratu: since ingame the slider itself won't really be moved
22:34 Krfawy: you mean 01:00:191 (1,3) - those two sliders?
22:34 Okoratu: but the circle will be placed to the top left of it
22:35 Okoratu: i mean the circle
22:35 Krfawy: 01:00:791 (2) - that?
22:35 Okoratu: ye
22:35 Okoratu: ever heard of stack leniency
22:36 Okoratu: it will be placed the way osu wants to stack it and has the potential to destroy such sliderbows
22:36 Krfawy: yes I've heard
22:36 Okoratu: just mentioning this so you can factor this in in the future
22:37 Okoratu: that things stack ingame in a way that osu automatically wants
22:37 Krfawy: oh I get it
22:37 Okoratu: 01:04:991 (1,2,3,4,5) - round 01:06:991 (6) - sharp edge
22:37 Okoratu: why
22:38 Okoratu: 01:10:991 - missing a whistle?
22:38 Krfawy: TBH that was on a purpose ;_;
22:38 Krfawy: about no whistle
22:40 Okoratu: ah i get that now
22:40 Okoratu: the first sound
22:40 Okoratu: 01:10:258 - is a tiny bit offbeat
22:41 Okoratu: that's why no whistle
22:41 Okoratu: lol
22:42 Krfawy: K
22:42 Krfawy: what's next? :3
22:42 Krfawy: sorry for no messages but I was fixint the things XD
22:42 Okoratu: i suggested the whistle because
22:42 Okoratu: 01:10:591 (5) -
22:44 Krfawy: K I added whistles at the very beginning and the very end
22:44 Krfawy: to fill the moment
22:44 Krfawy: because it's the same XD
22:45 Krfawy: brb for a moment
22:45 Krfawy: bathroom ;_;
22:46 Okoratu: ok
22:46 Okoratu: if you take
22:46 Okoratu: 01:13:591 (2,6) -
22:46 Okoratu: and copy those
22:47 Okoratu: crtl+v them in 01:14:391 -
22:47 Okoratu: and move them so that the thing stacks with
22:47 Okoratu: 01:13:791 (3) -
22:47 Okoratu: then you'd have something like this
22:48 Okoratu: http://puu.sh/aOlXL/0354de6856.jpg
22:48 Okoratu: neatly illustrating how the pattern you currently have might be off a bit
22:49 Krfawy: baaaack :3
22:49 Okoratu: read carefully
22:49 Okoratu: i think it makes sense
22:49 Okoratu: somehow
22:49 Krfawy: oh a triangle
22:49 Okoratu: nah
22:50 Okoratu: that's just like saying your parallelogramm is off
22:50 Krfawy: wait am I blind orz
22:50 Okoratu: the other circle in this picture is at
22:50 Okoratu: 278|22
22:50 Okoratu: that's where you might want to start 01:14:591 (1) -
22:51 Krfawy: oooooh
22:51 Krfawy: TBH I have never made paralleogramm in this game because I had no idea how to do that XD
22:51 Okoratu: lol
22:52 Krfawy: and it wasn't on a purpose to make it, but thank you for helping me with that
22:52 Krfawy: it's really cool :D
22:53 *Okoratu is editing [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/477201 NicolArmarfi - Caged Heart [Ranny]]
22:54 Okoratu: 00:02:591 (1) - how do you make perfect S-sliderwaves
22:55 Krfawy: oh it's easy
22:55 Krfawy: straight slider at the very centre of the map and two curves in the middle of the slider and one is higher and one is lower
22:55 Krfawy: and rotate then
22:55 Krfawy: XD
22:56 Okoratu: gg
22:56 Okoratu: i know how to make parallelogramms but
22:56 Okoratu: not
22:56 Okoratu: ugh
22:56 Okoratu: asdf
22:56 Okoratu: whatever
22:56 Krfawy: ?
22:56 Krfawy: but I've just said how to make that S slider xD
22:57 Okoratu: but i don't know how to make such sliders and stuff
22:57 Okoratu: that's what i meant
22:57 Krfawy: oh
22:58 Okoratu: 00:10:591 (2,3,4,5,1,2) - if you rotate this one by around 20 deg you could catch the movement of 00:09:791 (1) -
22:58 Okoratu: better
22:58 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOmOe/2131f7b783.jpg like this]
22:59 Krfawy: oh
22:59 Krfawy: I get it
22:59 Krfawy: K :3
23:00 Okoratu: 00:15:791 (3) - CRTL+J and CRTL+> would catch the movement of this circle 00:15:391 (2) - a bit better like [http://puu.sh/aOn0X/7ad74544e5.jpg this]
23:02 Okoratu: 00:16:991 (1,2) - contrary to 00:12:191 (1,2) - these are not exactly parallel on this note 00:21:791 (1,2,3) - why are those not the same kind of slider thing
23:02 Krfawy: CTRL + J and CTRL + > ?
23:02 Okoratu: CRTL + > is rotating by 90 deg
23:04 Krfawy: I can't get that thing what you wrote to me by using those shortcuts ._.
23:04 Okoratu: then just manually rotate by 90 degrees
23:04 Okoratu: D:
23:04 Krfawy: oooooon
23:05 Okoratu: too complicated
23:05 Okoratu: you surrender
23:05 Okoratu: i see
23:05 Okoratu: if you
23:05 Okoratu: decide
23:05 Okoratu: to change the rhythm in 00:21:791 (1,2,3,4) -
23:05 Okoratu: how about [https://osu.ppy.sh/wiki/Krisom-Krosses Krisom-Krosses]?
23:06 Krfawy: oh I like that Krisom's Cross :3
23:07 Krfawy: but I want to keep the circles since it needs more attention from player to get only 300s
23:08 Okoratu: i just suggested to change that because 00:21:791 (1,2,3,4) - is the same thing as 00:16:991 (1,2) - , 00:12:191 (1,2) - , 00:26:591 (1,2) - ,
23:08 Okoratu: like it's the only inconsistency in pattering in this whole part
23:08 Krfawy: I understand that :3
23:09 Okoratu: 01:07:391 (1,2,3,1,2,3) -
23:09 Okoratu: i don't understand your comboing
23:10 Krfawy: K I'm reducing it
23:10 Krfawy: now 6 circles XD
23:11 Okoratu: i hope the nc is her now 01:09:791 (4) -
23:11 Okoratu: here*
23:11 Krfawy: yes ofc XD
23:11 Krfawy: sometimes I just make too many NCs ;_;
23:11 Krfawy: K not sometimes
23:11 Krfawy: v often
23:11 Krfawy: BTW I remembered about reducing HP to 6
23:11 Okoratu: might have missed 00:36:191 (4) - the nc here
23:12 Okoratu: oh wait no
23:12 Krfawy: K created that one
23:12 Okoratu: the rest follows a 2 downbeat nc pattering
23:13 Krfawy: Is that a sin? D:
23:13 Okoratu: idk
23:13 Okoratu: it at least is inconsistent
23:13 Okoratu: like the beginning until
23:13 Okoratu: 00:36:191 -
23:13 Okoratu: follows a 1 downbeat NC thing
23:14 Okoratu: from 00:36:191 - to 01:09:791 - 2 downbeats per nc
23:14 Okoratu: and then until the end just 1 again
23:14 Okoratu: is
23:14 Okoratu: nvm
23:15 Okoratu: i'm just stupid and should stop modding
23:15 Okoratu: lel
23:15 Okoratu: i'm joking btw
23:15 Krfawy: I wish you are
23:15 Krfawy: because I want to get a full mod XD
23:16 Krfawy: 00:36:191 (4) - so I didn't make NC here ;_;
23:17 Okoratu: lel idk
23:17 Okoratu: i'm looking at
23:17 *Okoratu is editing [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/477200 NicolArmarfi - Caged Heart [Bolesny]]
23:17 Okoratu: already
23:17 Okoratu: since the NC thing is your thing
23:17 Okoratu: i don't really care about NCing anyway since i'm playing with only one colour
23:17 Krfawy: lol
23:17 Krfawy: how XD
23:17 Okoratu: i've just been told multiple times that it should be consistent
23:18 Krfawy: oh I forgot that I am the only user who doesn't use a skin
23:18 Okoratu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21IakP9UpAI
23:18 Krfawy: oh so now it is consistent :3
23:19 Krfawy: so fucking white ;_;
23:19 Krfawy: anyways
23:19 Krfawy: how about Bolesny? :3
23:19 Okoratu: don't you
23:19 Okoratu: think that 00:46:191 (2,3,1,2,3) - break the difficulty by being 5 circles in a row out of a sudden
23:19 Okoratu: this is supposedly an easy right
23:20 Krfawy: what
23:20 Krfawy: that is fucking NORMAL
23:20 Okoratu: lol
23:20 Okoratu: ok
23:20 Okoratu: so the thing i looked at at first
23:20 Krfawy: XD
23:20 Okoratu: is an insane
23:20 Okoratu: and the other thing was a hard
23:20 Okoratu: and this is the normal
23:20 Okoratu: uh
23:20 Okoratu: ok
23:20 Krfawy: exactly :3
23:21 Krfawy: I know there's so many circles but it's very very very (...) very very easy
23:21 Okoratu: you might check the NCs here again
23:21 Krfawy: yes I am doing it now
23:21 Krfawy: because I haven't known how to use NCs before you told me XD
23:22 Okoratu: i think
23:22 Okoratu: 00:36:191 (1) - could be moved down a bit
23:22 Krfawy: K
23:23 Krfawy: moved
23:23 Okoratu: you didn't even need my explanation
23:23 Okoratu: ok
23:23 Krfawy: because I see it
23:23 Krfawy: XD
23:23 Okoratu: did you want to blanket here 00:39:791 (3) -
23:24 Krfawy: oh yeah
23:24 Krfawy: k fixed
23:24 Krfawy: what's next?
23:25 Okoratu: 00:08:591 (4) - smoother movements with moving it a bit to the down right [http://puu.sh/aOoZ9/361b647633.jpg like this]
23:26 Okoratu: you know
23:26 Okoratu: like none of these difficulties have a spinner
23:26 Okoratu: once you get this ranked all the scores will have the same amount of points
23:27 Okoratu: like you could add a spinner after the last note on 01:17:192 - on all diffs which ends in either 01:18:592 - or 01:19:392 - with 5% volume in the end
23:27 Okoratu: so you have a way to have a concrete ranking based on how fast people can spin
23:28 Krfawy: I don't want to use any spinner in this mapset because it would be very forced spinner
23:28 Krfawy: if I can't feel any moment for a spinner, I do not use them
23:28 Krfawy: quite simple :D
23:29 Okoratu: the sound in the very end could
23:29 Okoratu: use something just to distinguish scores
23:29 Krfawy: 01:17:792 (2) - til here
23:29 Okoratu: i understand your argument though
23:29 Krfawy: don't you think it's too less for normal?
23:29 Okoratu: you could possibly stretch it until 01:19:392 -
23:29 Okoratu: since the sound is still there but more faint until then
23:30 Okoratu: if you listen closely you could even hear a faint sound in 01:19:392 -
23:30 Okoratu: either that or i'm slowly going insane
23:30 Krfawy: TBH I am as close to my speaker and it's full volume
23:30 Krfawy: I can't hear that ;_;
23:30 Krfawy: but probably it's because of old technology XD
23:31 Okoratu: just saying that it would theoretically be ok to use a spinner there for all diffs
23:31 Krfawy: understood
23:31 Okoratu: but that's up to you depending on how you want the ranking to look
23:31 Krfawy: btw I hate spinners ;_;
23:31 Krfawy: XD
23:31 Okoratu: so do i
23:32 Krfawy: oh do you dislike them too? :o
23:32 Okoratu: i'm just making suggestions based on what i think could be helpful for you
23:32 Krfawy: oh I understand
23:33 Krfawy: and I really appreciate it <3
23:33 Krfawy: any more advices?
23:33 Krfawy: or is that the very end of your mod? :o
23:33 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOpEz/b9cbff42fd.png - uhh] - [http://puu.sh/aOpHi/d3b88b703d.png uhh]
23:33 Okoratu: [http://puu.sh/aOpL0/68d6db1002.png uhh]
23:33 Krfawy: I like you too XD
23:34 Krfawy: post in my thread with that IRC log
23:34 Krfawy: kurwa goes for you o3o
23:34 Krfawy: I mean
23:34 Krfawy: kudosu
23:34 Okoratu: what
23:34 Okoratu: the
23:34 Krfawy: I like to call it 'kudosucha'
23:34 Krfawy: XD

1. i didn't delete the futanari part
4. This contains a fun discussion about German and Polish
2. I posted a >log<
3. Besides these 4 points the mod itself is actually pretty serious
  1. 01:10:191 (3) - Brakuje whistla, w poprzednim momencie jest a teraz w takim nie ma.

  1. 00:39:791 (3) - Na końcu slidera też brakuje gwizdka.
  2. 00:48:191 (1) - Może zrób z tego slider i kółko, bo teraz brzmi sztucznie i przydałoby się lepiej poprowadzić rytm.
Trochę kiepski kolor jeden, radziłbym ulepszyć na co takiego

00:42:191 (1,2) - Zrób może jedno kółko na x361 y76 i drugie kółko na x382 y121 i następna sekcja mogła by być po prostu skopiowana i wklejona (CTRL + H). A potem na dole najwyżej co wykombinuj.
01:06:991 (6,7) - CTRL + G. Będzie lepszy efekt, a nie taki zamulajscy moment.
01:08:591 (1) - Usuń NC.
01:10:991 (1) - Tutaj też.
01:15:792 (1) - I tutaj.
01:16:992 (1) - To akurat w każdym diffie - niech będzie nowe combo.

A ogólnie to nazwy diffów mogą nie przejść, pomyśl nad nimi czy nie warto ich zmienić.
hi owo
  1. I know we've already spoken about this, but I still insist on changing CS.
  • [Bolesny]
  1. 00:36:191 (6,7) - This blanket could be a bit better!
  2. Idk how to explain it right, but look at the slider's angle here 00:37:791 - and make this way:
  3. 00:41:391 (5,6) - Blanket nazi
  4. 00:46:191 (2,3,4,5,6) - I don't like >3 circles in a row in the easiest diffs. Replace some of them with sliders
  5. 01:09:391 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - ^ It's boring and sometimes hard for beginners!
  6. 01:12:191 (1,2) - Blanket
  7. 01:14:591 (3) - Make this slider symmetrically?

  1. 00:02:591 (1,2) - Nazi blanket
  2. 00:15:391 (2,3) - This spacing change can confuse the player. Stack'em or make a normal spacing please.
  3. 00:16:991 (1,2) - Blanket could be a bit better.
  4. 00:21:791 (1) - The flow will be better if you move (1) this way:

  1. 00:08:191 (3,4) - Blanket please
  2. 01:13:591 (2,3,5) - Make a perfect triangle?

    Nice diff overall, but I don't see any reason to have it in this mapset. That diff is overmapped, track is too calm to use overmapping. If I were you, I'd deleted this diff.. idk I just see no reason to keep it, no offense ><

anyways, good luck~
1. what is the diff name?
2. look at the AImod for more things
Bolesny: dont see anything wrong
Ranny: here are the bad things coming,
1. the diff is too easy for being hard, its even displayed as normal
2. some fruits are too near, some can you make a i little bit trickier so it will be officialy hard
1. this are displayed officialy as hard, if you want this insane so must you make some trickier fruits here and there!
2. no spinners, what about having some short to make it more various
3. it just cant go with the rhytm at all
did you really just mod a standard map in Catch the Beat mode.

Dolphin wrote:

did you really just mod a standard map in Catch the Beat mode.
He's done this before. ._.

Dainesl wrote:

Dolphin wrote:

did you really just mod a standard map in Catch the Beat mode.
He's done this before. ._.
He ALWAYS do this. ._."
Can I make o!m diffs for this?
Jasne! :3 Zamierzam zrobić NHI tak jak do o!s. Sądzę że najlepiej będzie jak zajmiesz się Insejnem i Hardem a ja spróbuję zadebiutować Normalem. XD

Skąd się dowiedziałeś że zamierzam mieć o!m w tym mapsecie? D:

Krfawy wrote:

Jasne! :3 Zamierzam zrobić NHI tak jak do o!s. Sądzę że najlepiej będzie jak zajmiesz się Insejnem i Hardem a ja spróbuję zadebiutować Normalem. XD

Skąd się dowiedziałeś że zamierzam mieć o!m w tym mapsecie? D:
Lol, strzeliłem :DNHI które jest jak NNH, RIP Btw ja chciałem 8K NM/HD zrobić myślę że to by stykło, to Ty byś mógł EZ walnąć
Wykrwawienie -> Wykrfawienie pls
A to jak tak się da i nie trzeba więcej to spoczi zboczi. NAPIER-to znaczy... działamy! :3

Dainesl wrote:

Dolphin wrote:

did you really just mod a standard map in Catch the Beat mode.
He's done this before. ._.
He made a modding queue for this unfunny modding bullshit he does either
Shut your fucking mugs up and stop sucking about that shitty mod from RasmusOlle. We can see it didn't helped anything.

Te nazwy diffów. : O

Oto lista rzeczy które zaakceptowałeś z mojego moda:

Normal pałacz
  1. 00:34:191 (2,4) - daj gwizdki (w czwórce to na końcu) bo brakuje jak tak w pozostałych diffach.
  2. 00:41:391 (5) - Usuń gwizdek na początku slidera, brzmi kijowo. : /
  3. 01:09:391 (3) - Ustaw kółko na pozycji seksualnej numer 270,355 aby ładniej wyglądało to. :3
  4. 01:16:992 (1) - A to na pozycji y=257, bo overlap. : /

  1. 00:20:591 (4) - Wydaje mi sie ze na koncu bedzie pasował gwizdek.
  2. 00:25:791 (4) - Tak jak wyżej, to samo.
  3. 01:15:792 (2,3,4,1) - Ostatnie kółko jest za nisko! Znowu się pobaw w czytanie książek do pozycji i ustaw to kółko na takiej 180,87.

  1. CS7! <3
  2. 00:42:191 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - Zmniejsz odległości, bo teraz są zabójcze. Insejn insejnem ale opanuj emocje. : /
  3. 01:00:791 (2,3) - Dwójkę ustaw na początku (3). Wiem że Oko napisał ci że to niszczy ten wzór, ale moim zdaniem to guzik prawda, a tak jest spoko i wygląda lepiej niż na końcu poprzedniego slidera. : /
  4. 01:16:992 (1) - Dziwne ustawienie. Pobaw się dystansem i ustaw to kółko na 135,348. Dziecko wyszuka co to za pozycja. : )
Hey there. Im not the best modder but here we go

-Ok. So as others have said, i suggest you increase cs.
-Also, this being such a soft song, i recommend maybe lowering the hitsounds. Its way louder than it should be imo.
-I suggest doing cs 3 for this. you can keep it at 5 if you want but i dont recommend it
-i also think you should reduce drain by 1

-00:00:191 (1,2) - try not to overlap notes in easy diffs. it can be confusing to some newer players 00:04:991 (1,2) - here too
-00:14:591 (1,2) - maybe make 2 blanket 1 ? 00:31:391 (3,4) - this too
-00:33:791 (1,2,3,4) - i dont suggest overlapping notes that are this close together on easier diffs. can also be confusing to newer players
-00:58:991 (3,4) - try not to overlap
-01:16:992 (1) - maybe put finish hitsound on
-i think cs 4 fits this well - once again up to you
-drain -1 maybe ?

-00:20:191 (3,4) - blanket these ?
-00:22:591 (3,4) - this too
-00:31:391 (1,2) - and this
-00:33:791 (1,2,3) - maybe try and make better flow out of these. maybe like this ? http://puu.sh/aQgRE/bbd4bbe09d.jpg 2 blankets 1
-maybe move 00:51:791 (6) - and adjust 00:50:591 (5) - so that they will blanket in the curve of 00:50:591 (5) -
-00:58:591 (2,3) - blanket
-01:16:992 (1) - finish hitsound ?
-i think if you reduce cs to 5 and increase sv to maybe 2.4, this map will be a lot better (just my opinion)

-00:33:791 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - maybe try and make a more complex pattern with these ?
-00:43:391 (1) - rotate about 65 degrees from selection center ?
-00:46:991 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - maybe make this jump across in the star formation?
-00:58:991 (6,8) - i would ctrl g these
-01:04:991 (1,2,3,4,5) - this feels sorta strange playing it, the way that all the sliders are basically going towards the left. maybe ctrl g a few of those ?
-01:16:992 (1) - finish sound and maybe spread it a little further from the notes before it ?

So overall, its not bad. i REALLY would reduce cs though. also go through and see if you can change some patterns up. it seems to go in a very... "circular" motion. maybe add some jumps here and there. ALSO BEFORE I FORGET !!! I would put kiai here 00:38:591 (1) - on each diff and end it here 00:58:991 (3) -

idk. well gl :)

(sorry btw i know its not the best mod but hopefully it helps)
Dobra, to teraz moja kolej chyba. :P


00:07:391 (3,4) - Spacing lekko popraw pomiędzy tymi sliderami, bo jest 1.09, a używasz 1 jak widzę.
00:12:591 (2,3,4,1) - ^ z tym, że 1.04 jest
00:21:791 (5,6) - ^

Delikatnie spacing, więc niewiele, ogólnie ok.


Kółka raczej trochę zbyt małe, ale to moja sugestia jako, że nie przepadam za takimi. :D
00:27:791 (2) - Slider delikatnie wychodzi poza pole gry, ale to tylko moja sugestia, żeby przesunąć, żeby cały był w polu gry.
00:49:391 (3) - Też delikatnie wychodzi poza pole.
01:13:391 (4,5,6) - Z takich trójek gdzie jest podobne brzmienie piosenki możesz zrobić slider z reversem, jak dla mnie trochę lepiej pasuje.

Generalnie zmiany kosmetyczne w sumie, niewiele jest do poprawy chociaż to bardziej przypomina Normala niż Harda.. :D


00:21:791 (1,2,3,4,5) - Ta część może być dość mocno myląca, bez zapamiętania ciężko by było zrobić to bezbłędnie.
00:46:991 (1,2,3,4,5) - Może z tych 5 zrobić pentagram i 00:47:991 (6) na wyjściu gdzieś albo ogólnie z tych 6 heksagram?

Mapka niezła, ale też trochę zbyt małe kółka jak dla mnie.

Wszystkie mody, które napisałem są oparte o moje przemyślenia. (tak uprzedzam. :D)

Mapset spoko, ale troszkę jest do poprawy jak dla mnie. :) Szczególnie nazwy diffów, które są unranked. :P Powodzenia~
Skończyłem :D
Ja nie wiem jak ty chcesz ten spread zrobić, ale mi wyszły diffy EN, a w Regrets zmapowałem wszystko co się da rofl
Zrobię jeszcze później banner na mape :P
Bannera nie trzeba. Dobra teraz muszę rozglądac się też za modami do o!m bo jednak twoje dwa poziomy będą jedynymi do o!m. Wolę pozostać jednak przy o!s. ;_;
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