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If you're going to visit UAE for the first time or a ton(bleh bleh whatever), This car will always be the first one you'll see on your first step.
Seriously, this cargo car is REAL Common here, and I'm RARE 8D

Skin Changelog :-
  1. 09-Aug-14: Skin Debut! I'm sorry, This'll only be a Standard skin.
  2. 10-Aug-14: Added Spinner-clear and playfield. Redownload

Download Link :-
  1. Puush
  2. Mediafire
> Beatmap Selection <

> Mods <

> Menu Background <

> Pause Menu <

> Gameplay 1 <

> Gameplay 2 <

> Ranking Panel <

Credits to :-
  1. (C): Timorisu for the Mod Icon Template.
  2. (C): Owners of Nissan Patrol photoshoots.

Vroom~ :3
Well... it looks interesting, no question. :P
This was awesome, now I want the horn sound from the Nissan Patrol 2014 to be the hitsounds, then it'd satisfy my Nissan boner to the max.
Thanks, both of you~ I'll try to get into the horn hitsound if i can, blueson C:

And i'll re-edit that * "Al" Terrain * on the topic >_> Made a typo there...
Yes, horn sound needs to be every sound and this is perfect for all kinds of gamaplay.
I hope it's V6 version. And I damn hope it's not diesel, diesel is satan's doing.
Creative skin, thats for sure
Thanks, all of you c:

I don't think i can get or record the "exact" horn sound from the patrol, but i will give it a try. Will update the skin sounds asap~
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