New mouse; mouse sensitivity is all messed up.

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Like the title says, recently I bought myself a better mouse (Razer Deathadder 2013) to replace my really basic mouse, and i like the mouse itself, but I've run into a big problem.

This mouse is inherently faster than my old one, and I actually like this, but unfortunately, this means that obviously my old mouse sensitivity modifier of 1.42x in osu! has to change. My problem is that I've pretty much narrowed it down to maybe 1.05x, but even at 1.05x I run into a problem i used to have all the time with my old mouse, which is that during play my hand will tense up really badly to move the mouse at a slower pace than normal to hit notes that are closer together. With my old mouse, this wasn't a huge deal, since it was more open than my new mouse. However, when my hand tenses up during play, it's pretty painful very quickly, and stopping to relax for a millisecond will pretty much lose me the song, so I have to sit there and perform awfully for the rest of the song.

This problem might just be apparent for me, but it's really really annoying when I can't beat a song because it's too long for my hands, even if I can hit all the notes with good accuracy at my best. (not to mention it sucks feeling like i'm physically held back from playing a computer game ;_;)
Just play more and get used to it. Nothing else you can do really, other than lowering your sens and learning to play like that.
Build muscle memory for the new mouse.

please take note of the proper forum for things like this next time
DA 2013 like any other modern top-tier mouse has various DPI settings, install drivers and change to the lower setting.

Now, #justprothings:

osu! sensitivity should be 1.0, just trust me. And don't be discouraged, you can learn ANY sensitivity you want and it's not always that the comfortable way is the best way.

If your hand tenses up or hurts it means that your sensitivity is far too high, so you might even consider lowering it more. The best speed is the lowest one which allows you to reach the edges without losing control over the mouse.
Are you using the mouse buttons to click notes? If you are, learn to use keyboard for clicking instead, you won't tense up nearly as much.
did you try turning enhanced mouse precision (windows mouse setting) and raw input (in-game) off
I know I'll sound like a dick but with a total of 670 plays on your account you'll get used to the new mouse quickly in about 2k plays. Just play more and get used to it.
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A few things:

I have raw input on for osu!, meaning basically that for osu! enhanced pointer precision is off.
I use keyboard+mouse, have since about 2.5 star songs.
I had no idea this wasn't the right forum to post this on; it made the most sense to me, since this is a gameplay-related question tied to my settings.

Also, that's a lotta plays XD
(I say this cause generally I give up on a map I know I can't play yet after I fail the first note 3 or 4 times, and generally I don't have the patience to play a map I can beat easily more than once or twice at a time, depending on how much I enjoy it.)

Thanks for all the advice :D
use 400 dpi and low sensitivity.
the reason for your problem is your mouse sensivity...if you want to move your cursor lets say 200px you need to tense up your hand to be able to move your mouse lets say exactly 3mm(as exaplme 3mm=200px) .. thats normal i had the same problem when i played ego-shooter/osu with high sens ... imo if your sens is higher than 3cm = 1920px then you should try to play with a lower sensivity ...
Never change your osu! sensitivity. It should always be 1.0x.
To get the sensitivity that matches for you, set your windows mouse sensitivity to 6/11.
From that, on your razer application, start off with 800dpi. Play around a bit. Too fast? +DPI, Too slow? -DPI. It takes time though. Just like I had before.

My Mouse Config
Mouse: Logitech G400s
Windows Sensitivity: 8/11
DPI Setting: 1300
Raw Input: On

You can try my config, but if it isn't for you then, you can just change it the way you like. :3

Fr33z3R wrote:

Never change your osu! sensitivity. It should always be 1.0x.

Fr33z3R wrote:

Never change your osu! sensitivity. It should always be 1.0x.
What's the real difference anyway if I set it lower than 1.0x? I do know perfectly it must be 1.0x if using tablet and >1.0x cause pixel skipping. But what is its adverse effect on aiming anyway when setting it to <1.0x?

I have always been using 0.9x for my current wired mouse and I notice absolutely no effect at all on gameplay...
osu! record mouse positions in floating-point, so if I move my mouse by 1 count for every mouse update/report/poll, it'll actually move my cursor by 0.9 pixels, not 1 pixel (precision is not lost)... If doing the same for 99 more counts, then my cursor would've moved 90 pixels, not the incorrect 100 pixels. Would that be your reason for keeping 1.0x sensitivity believing there is precision loss. Also, when raw input is on, windows sensitivity is irreverent.

Ok sure if it's the first mouse for osu! then leave it at 1.0x, but because I was trying to roughly match my cheap wireless mouse sensitivity, which BTW has nasty negative acceleration when moving too quickly, I have to set my sensitivity to 0.9x.
For me it was so hard to get used to this haha , I used to play lots of fps games where u need less dpi and no acceleration,I just set osu with little "acceleration" control and the mouse (razer) with no acceleration and 800dpi .I think ur razer has on the fly sens control so u can adjust it ingame with a macro from the mouse by moving the wheel up or down will help maybe
I have always been using 0.9x for my current wired mouse blah blah
0.1x differences get noticed on higher (I mean, really higher) level of competition
dude.. you can change adjust the sensitivity with synpase 2.0 >..

Give it a a week or two. Acclimating to a new DPI usually takes 1-2 weeks. I know it took me about 1.5 weeks to get used to 1250dpi from 1700.

AmaiHachimitsu wrote:

I have always been using 0.9x for my current wired mouse blah blah
0.1x differences get noticed on higher (I mean, really higher) level of competition
We will never understand >_>
1.0x osu sens
800 dpi
6/11 windows
Kill all mouse acceleration.

Raw input depends what resolution and size monitor you play on. The way it works right now is essentially it shrinks your screen to the game's resolution so a dpi will seem even lower (assuming you would play windowed or something). Raw input is only needed if you play on windows 8.1 or use a tablet and want the screen region mapped to the game window.
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