Reverting unuploaded maps after testing

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I've been wondering about this, too. Support
I support either versioning or keeping the undo stack after a playtest.

There's been so many times that I just wanted to test how a pattern works out during test play, and when I didn't like how it ended up, I just have to rage about it for not being able to revert it
Why not redownload/update to wipe out all Local changes?
Because as 0_o Said, this is for maps that Haven't been submitted, and therefore don't get online backup.
Then upload them to WIP?
Some people have tons of unsub maps that they map "just for fun"... Uploading every one of them would be a problem, plus the upload limit~

However, on those cases I just export the .osz and save it somewhere else, or make a new diff.
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1) You can't if you've exhausted your WIP limit
2) Some people (like myself) don't like uploading maps until there has been considerable progress, since not everything that I start mapping I'll end up finishing, due to loss of interest, mapping difficulty, etc.
I'm supporting this ~
Besides, having to update your map everytime you want to test a pattern is rather tedious. And even more when you want to make a particular "stack" perfect.
OMG why has this been ignored. Get right on this someone, anyone. The number one most annoying thing in mapping is not being able to undo changes after a test.
100% agree, keeping undo stack after a playtest would be brilliant!
this is a bit similar my request.
add quick save/load system on mapping. it will help for accident.
i don't know the best word to explain my request. maybe people who play eroge can understand this soon.
if we tried mapping and testing some jump/rhythm patterns on the same part, it is hard to back oldest or unique or best formation.
1st quick save for 1st pattern.
2nd quick save for 2nd pattern.
if i like 3rd pattern, I can "quick load" for 3rd pattern whenever, then back that formation immediately. mapping is Kouryaku.
quick save is not real save, just handy backup.
Topic is under-appreciated.

Please add this....

This not being added to the game is so frustrating. I would be super grateful if it were included in the game. Sometime I don't even feel like fixing parts of my map, because the game doesn't support this feature. Retain the undo history after a save. It would save me so much time.
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Yes please!
I'd definitely like to see this. If nothing else, how about a backup/previous versions feature?
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idk about you guys, but I tend to use export osz instead of uploading it instead as a means of saving it.
@RagingBull That will create a duplicate folder in your song folder. There is no easy way to deleted a duplicated folder and the extra folder when cause issues when you submit. Also if you happen to open a backup .osz, it will overwrite any unsaved files in your recent folder. Deal with .osz backups with care.

It shouldn't be very difficult to add this. The game just needs to keep the undo changes loaded in memory even after entering test mode. The only cases in which the undo changes should get cleared is leaving the active beatmap (by changing difficulty) or leaving to the edit menu. Saving and testplaying is an integral part of editing a beatmap and it is absurd to remove the ability to undo changes after a testplay. Changes made to a map should be testplayed.

If I had stars, I would shoot them all to this request.
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