Reverting unuploaded maps after testing

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Xanandra wrote:

Or peppy could make it so osu! keeps saved all versions of the map in another folder, and in edit mode there would be an option to load the diff to a previous version.

I'm saying this because I find myself uploading the maps and asking some people about what they think about a specific pattern very often, and if they don't like it, I have a hard time to reverse it back in case I forget to make a copy of it, and having osu! auto saving all records of them and keep them organized would help a lot. Anyways, it's not like these files were to weight that much....
Good idea.
Please...add this...
if this means keeping a back up of the difficulties, I am all for it
Backup of the beatmaps would be nice, this is the one of small features but it may be effective since i almost lost my map On my luck i uploaded it 10 mins earlier
Please dont let this feature be ignored
This feature is actually useful so support +1
- Marco -
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S o h
I would love it if we could make several "versions" of a beatmap, preferably by a hotkey.

TicClick wrote:

if this means keeping a back up of the difficulties, I am all for it
First thought of storing it in RAM, but given the tiny filesizes, HDD speed'll do.
Also, I like the quicksave/-load erogemenu-like idea from earlier.

@Souen-: File -> Save as new difficulty -> Do not clear all objects -> Safe copy/alternate version (also that's what I am doing as of always to bypass these troubles)
I've got an idea for an alternative to requiring you to save your diff before test.

Instead of requiring you to save your diff, osu could warn you that you are testing unsaved changes, save a temporary copy of the file for the testplay in the folder, and delete the temporary copy after you're finished testplaying.

This would allow you to avoid saving changes you aren't happy with, making it easier to revert things if you don't like them.
On top of keeping the undo, I think it would be much easier to just ask the user if they want to save first. If they want to keep their changes and test it they can. If they want to try out changed they just don't save it.
It's easy to just add an extra button to the dialog box.
I like this idea, though, I hope something gets done about this.
well if i am really unsure about some pattern, etc. i save it as a new difficulty so i can do everything there. if i like something i can copy it into the real diff. Or instead of deleting the pattern just move it to somewhere else in the map.
I support this its annoying losing your work ;~;
It's kind of a shame something like this hasn't been implemented yet. Considering that .osu files are extremely lightweight (~20KB on average?), it should be no problem at all to create a backup folder in every map and automatically save version backups every time a change is saved.
Saw another post about undo, and have to bump this. Support.
This should be implemented!

I recall myself messed up the map and test it.
Then I ended up spend around an hour re-mapped it. ;w;
omg, yes
>Please don't reply with "support"
And I recall that I forgot to support this. :D
Full Tablet
I found a way to have this feature using Dropbox and symbolic links for Windows. If you back-up your beatmap project with dropbox, it will keep each version of each file for 30 days.

  1. 1) Install ... l#download (It's a explorer shell extension for generating symbolic links easily on Windows). If you use Windows XP make sure you install the appropriate driver at the bottom of the page.
  2. 2) Install Dropbox, and make an account if you already haven't: (if you create an account via this link I will get free storage space for it)
  3. 3) Move your beatmap folder to a folder inside the Dropbox sync folder.
  4. 4) Right-click the beatmap folder, and choose "Pick Link Source"
  5. 5) In the Songs folder, right-click and choose "Drop As..." -> "Symbolic Link"
  6. 6) Now, every time you update a file in the beatmap folder, it should be backed up in Dropbox.
  7. 7) If you want to restore a previous version of a file you modified, right click the file, and select "View Previous versions". A browser tab will open that shows something like this:
Vuelo Eluko
i support this simply because mappers are the lifeblood of the game and everything possible should be done to make them comfortable in the editor.
good luck getting this implemented. these don't seem to go through too often but hopefully this one does
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