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Hey everyone thanks for checking out my queue. And yes! This queue is still open. I did get started modding already and hope everything goes well :D
Artist:Nagarekawa Girls
Song(title):Mirai Fanfare (TV Size)
Song length:1:29 (1:26 drain)
Difficulty: EZ / NM / HD / IN

Pls modding my map :)


Artist: Yousei Teikoku
Song(title): Tasogare no gekka
Song length: 4:20
Difficulty: Insane [5.01 stars]

Thank y'all :3
Hey trammiexo! Mod request

Artist: Amatsuki & Midori Inu.
Title: Mono Crossroad
Song length: 3:35
Difficulty: E / N / H / I
BPM: 204

Thank you!
Hi ! NM Request please.. :)

Artist: Groove Coverage
Song(title): God is a Girl (DJ Stepho Remix)
Song length: 1:30
Difficulty: All (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane) , if thats okay. :)
BPM: 164.5 - 165

Thank you!! :D
Hi! A NM request please:

Artist: Fan Fan
Song(title): Zui Chu De Meng Xiang
Song length: 4:47
Difficulty: E / N / H / I
BPM: 164

Much thanks in advance! :)
Hi there, looking for a NM!

Artist: yanaginagi
Song(title): landscape
Song length: 3:50
Difficulty: All if possible
BPM: 161

Artist: Junichi Masuda
Song(title): Battle! Mewtwo
Song length: 2m 56s
Difficulty: All of them, if it's fine for you ^^;
BPM: 180

Thank you! :)
Mikagura Seisa
Hi ! NM Request please: :)

Artist: Sawai Miku
Song(Title): Colorful.(TV size)
BPM: 153
Length: 01:28
Difficulties: All if possible

Thank you!! >.<
Heyo! :D

Artist: yanaginagi
Song: Clouds Within The Water
Song length: 4:19 (I hope if it's ok)
Difficulty: All
BPM: 165

yanaginagi - Clouds Within The Water

Thanks in advance! :)
Artist: Raito Kate & James Harris
Song: Elegant Summer
Song length: 1:01
Difficulty: Hard and Insane, or at least Insane
BPM: 210
NM request please :3

Artist: ZERO + ZIBA
Song: Remain
Song length: 1:50
Difficulty: Normal, Hard, Insane
BPM: 150

Thank you :D
NM request.~

Artist: u's
Song(title): Aishiteru Banzai!
Song length: 1:37 (1:36 drain)
Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane
BPM: 90

Thank you! :)
Topic Starter
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for checking out my queue. Now, it will be close until I get through the maps you've requested (hopefully most!) btw, the next time it's open, I'll have more info about the things I said I was going to add. Please do not comment on here when closed, just PM me if you need. :D

Thank you~
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it's been since New Year since last open?! Seriously though, I had technical issues with my main computer, so now I'm working with this one!
Hello to everyone, I'm opening my queue again until Friday (7AM - EST) my apologies that I haven't been as active lately. Anyways, feel free to post your maps and I hope to help mod.

And finally! please check out this map on your free time if you can. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks, and enjoy :)

Hi there!
Artist: Afilia Saga
Song(title): Next Stage!!
Song length: 1:29 Drain
Difficulty: All if possible? There's 4 (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane)
BPM: 140
Welcome back :D

Artist: Plasmagica
Song(title): Have a nice MUSIC!!
Song length: 1:28
Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Naoe's Hard, Nekomata's Hard, Ximerx' Insane
BPM: 172

Thanks in Advance~ :3
hey :D welcome back

Artist: Akaza Akari(CV.Mikami Shiori)
Song(title): Watashi, Shuyaku no Akaza Akari desu
Song length: 1:33
Difficulty: E, N and H since you said you don't mod insane and over.
BPM: 190

hope you like the map, thanks in advance!
Ciyus Miapah
this open?

Artist: Razihel & Virtual Riot
Song(title): One for All, All for One
Song length: 04:01
Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Advanced


Artist: Good Steve & Bad Steve
Song(title): Corn Nuts Commercial
Song length: 0:55
Difficulty: Lightly Toasted (Normal), Hard as Hell (Hard)
BPM: 180

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