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What was your first Anime?

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Sword Art Online
Re: Starting Life in another world from zero
or Re:zero for short
doraemon :-;
I am sad to say, but baka to test
mine is star ocean ex
Probably Naruto, one of the early OVAs that was about a sports competition.
Future diaryyyyyyy xD
Satsuki - desu
Kiss X sis if anyone even remembers that =w=
Probably Pokemon, would always be on before and after School.
Should be Naruto, Bleach and alike. They have it aired in my country every Saturday and Sunday back then.

Thou i remember the first anime i stream online was HotD
The first anime I saw deliberately was Death Note, but I watched Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya on tv when I was a child.
I watched pokémon and dragonball z when I was young, but my first real anime was either
Madoka Magica:

or Shugo Chara:

Which has been probably more than 6 years ago since I watched that, it's so old it wasn't even on my anime list saying that I completed it.
My friend who really loved anime introduced me with "easy to watch" animes like these. And ever since I've been part of the culture.
Clifford the big red dog best anime.

On a serious note, mine was a film I think called Bastard!!, this was when I was 4 and I watched the most goriest stuff ever.
My first anime? A mid 80s one called Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, I guess.
My first anime was Pokemon. It was good at that time :)
I actually have no idea what my first was. I didn't even know what anime was at the time, I just recall watching this show that was like a cartoon, but cooler, more detailed, more mature.
I specifically remember a scene where there was some weird giant creature that was helping out someone participating in a sort of race by fighting two other giants that guarded some gate, and this helping giant ended up getting torn apart by the duo and blew up, leaving no trace of itself or the guards.
My other memories of it are too vague to really describe. But they always remain somewhere in the back of my mind, irking me. I wish I could find the show and watch it again, so I can lay it to rest.
Kobayashi's Dragon Maid uwu
Rosario Vampire... When I was young I happened across that god-forbidden harem anime lel
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