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this is not a request like i really want to have it in the game but i think it is a cool idea. maybe you can think about it.
in IIDX you have a performance statistic in play like osu have it (accuracy and rank symbol) but i also think it can be a good idea to have a statistic for score. because score is what allways is important and accuracy can not allways be a good information because if the combo is higher you will have more score etc. so a 100 early can not be so bad like a 100 point later in a combo. so i think it can be usefull for players that like to improve a score or mod play or just a very hard song (practicing song sections). my idea is to have a short info in breaks of how good your play was now to the previous your highscore.


first break: accuracy 99.10% Rank S, +4320
second break: accuracy 96.30% Rank S, -12.100

in the example now there would be in the beatmap a hard part before the second break(jumps streams, something hard) and the players likes to improve the score he would know now he did not make it so good as before
given how scoring in osu! is exponential, would this be particularly useful information prior to the final stretch of a map? People who score several 100s at the beginning of a map can outscore people who get one or two 100s (the rest being 300s in both cases) by the end of the map, so statistics stating how well you're doing halfway through the map may well be completely thrown to the wind a short while later.

awp wrote:

yes that is correct but that is not the way i have thought of it
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