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First Skin

Current Version : 1.2
Status : Finished (Move it to completed skins pls)
Style Version : 2.3
Mode : Osu! Standard
Software used : Adobe Photoshop CC


And For The Best GamePlay Try This Cursor Download
It's Not By me , i Found it in Thelewa's Skin and it's Good for Gameplay , Enjoy '-')/

Version 1.1
  1. Upgrade to 2.3 skin version (More informations about this Here)
  2. Transparent Ring hitcircles
  3. New ranking panel
  4. Spinner background available in extra folder
  5. New Fail & Pause background with HD High Quality
  6. Mods Icons with rounded rectangle border
  7. Improve [ Mode - Mods - Random - Option ] Over Red Glow
  8. Menu button background (Map selection)
  9. Others : Volume BG , Menu Buttons , Scorebare Ki , Menu-osu
  10. Adjust Menu Sounds ( Menuhit / Menuclick / Menuback / Failsound / Combobreak / Applause )

Version 1.2
  1. Re-Desing Only one type of Hitcirles ( Ring ) PSD Available in Folder
  2. New Cursor
  3. Add Some Reiuji Utsuho Images in the skin
  4. Collors of Combo and Aproaching Circle Are Diffirents
  5. Target Mode
  6. Slider Follow Circle

[ Version 1.2 | 12/Oct/2014 ]

File Size : 21.94 MB

Download Link :

Puush | Mediafire


The Old Version :


Good thing you didn't wasted that beautiful skin name.
Also, Myriad Pro doesn't look like that of your score numbers.

Can't argue more for errors; you should double check for those errors. I can't see them on my mobile phone.
Fixed ! it's Crash Numbering Gothic Not Myriad Pro ! Thanks
It's a great skin, really enjoyed it. Hope there is more to come.
Norppis yes it's okay ! , And yea Gazymus There is more to come !
Good job bro !! keep it up :D
can anyone please give me the cursors? i really want them in my skin D:
Duckk Feel free to use it :) i will upload PSD files in next Update and you can use them as reference also if you want =D !
Nice skin, but hitcircle 2 is from Tom94's skin and hitcircle 3 is from (Kantai Collection?) skin.

Please credit the authors.
Pannari i agree with you yes it's totally true !they look like tom94's skin circles ! But mine i created them ! i don't Credit someone else for what i created

- For the 3rd Circles i have no clue *-*)/ , i just created them like that i wanted ! Black Hit-circle & White Hit-circle overlay whit first black border and 2nd White Border + some blur in the last border.

There's no more 3rd Circrcle

Meyrink wrote:

Duckk Feel free to use it :) i will upload PSD files in next Update and you can use them as reference also if you want =D !
i fail, at the time of that post i thought .osk extension meant i could only use the skin itself xD. ty btw
One of my favorite skins, starting now!
Updated :3 , if there s any idea just tell me here in comment !
Good job on the skin must have taking some time.

Arigato :3 ! Glad u liked it ! *v*
Oh!!! GOOD!! 8-)
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