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How do I image title :<

I can only mod difficulties that I have experience in playing.
Available difficulties

Depending on my experience with modding, if a map requires too much modding, I will either save it for later, or drop the mod. I don't have much energy and time is something important to me. A difficulty that is ranged with a higher difficulty will be given mainly suggestions, unless I truly know enough about the difficulty/have enough experience to mod (see earlier). I tend to work with making sure the map makes sense with the song, flows well with the song, and is as enjoyable as I can advise it to be.

Please ensure that...
  1. Your map contains a Taiko difficulty, I only mod Taiko
  2. Your map containing a Taiko difficulty is actually supposed to be a defined difficulty in Taiko (Easy-Hard)
  3. Be sure you've read over the whole queue information post.

Map timing
I have a skill for determining BPM in songs, if you need help with BPM in your song you can ask, regardless of the map type. Be aware some songs don't have a super indefinite BPM, in the case a song with lots of BPM changes/signature changes and ranges farther than 2 minutes I will have to decline.
Language translations
Language learning is one of my passions. Of all lingual topics, translation is one of my strongest. My strongest (foreign) language is French, my most interested is Japanese
Language statistic:
  1. French: Basic knowledge, able to conjugate and learn new words quickly.
  2. Japanese: Still learning, translation requests for this language are not recommended unless you need small tweaks
List coming soon.

- Disclaimer -
Be aware I have attention deficit and will not give the fastest mods. Attention deficit also results in memory loss of recent modifications, meaning some modifications will be forgotten/unlisted. I have problems with my overall energy, some days I won't be able to mod from bad rest and such. Also be aware that I don't have much experience in modding. Any mistakes I make please disregard them.
Can you mod the Taiko difficulties for this?


could you help me mod this? https://osu.ppy.sh/s/122597
Authentic Oni can be skipped

hi drum drum~
t/213322 thanks~
Taiko mod :3
hi, taikomod pls c:
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