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Do you blink during a game?

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Granger wrote:

I removed my eyes so i dont have to blink anymore of course.
i tried this and it really helps a lot!
Mike Azuki
Yeah, sure. But they sure get watery if I play during a few hours
No, if I blink EVEN ONCE my perfect 420% MLG quikscopeZz accuracy is forever ruined.

Of course I do, why the fuck did you think cookiezi stopped playing osu? He couldn't blink if he was really into a game and that fucked up his eyes
Yeah, ofc I blink :P
Nah, though I'm trying to because I was taken to the hospital a few times and had to get eye transplants.
u take fork make holes in ur eye boom feeling better ;)
I think not bliking is verry bad idea. I love my eyes more then getting more then B :Po
I pretty much never blink while playing. I forget to? Odd as it sounds. I really do forget. I just get so into playing and trying to get a good score that I tend too forget about other stuff.
I rarely blink. But I try to NEVER blink on AR10 maps. ;w;)
i blink cuz im normal :^)
how can you even forget to blink fuck
Whenever I haven't blinked in some time, I blink. Besides, I don't want my eyes to end up like Cookiezi's. :P
Sorbet Rabbit
I tend to not blink when playing maps that actually require work. Though as a result, my eyes tend to stop producing tears for a while :( . That's when I know it's time to get eye-drops and then come back and play easier maps.
I barely blink during gameplay which probably isn't a good thing.

makes me good at staring contests tho
I practically finish a song with red blood eyes. I probably blink once or twice.
By the end of the day, that's when I'll feel the headache and for some reason I get a stiff neck.
I don't want to loss my eyes, so i constantly remember my self to keep blinking..

And always give them eye drops after long play...
AR10 Only
I don't. I only blink during the breaks in a song or during spinners
Nein. Only at the end of the map. It makes me cri ;_;
I put sticks on my eyes so I don't blink if I blink I can't do AR10.
Usually on longer sliders.
i do a lot... i don't really notice myself blink anyways, lol
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