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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, 18 August, 2014 at 22:39:38

Artist: Uchida Maaya
Title: Soushou Innocence
Source: 悪魔のリドル
Tags: opening Akuma no Riddle Story of Devil rossonero1899
BPM: 205
Filesize: 3722kb
Play Time: 00:04
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (1.81 stars, 14 notes)
  2. Insane (4.21 stars, 314 notes)
  3. rn89's Easy (1.31 stars, 72 notes)

Download: Uchida Maaya - Soushou Innocence
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Can i make a Normal diff>

gokugohan12468 wrote:

Can i make a Normal diff>
sure, but I will only add if that seems ok to go :3
some few stuffs :3

23:11 rossonero1899: ;w;
23:11 rossonero1899: why ar 8.5 btw?
23:12 Yasora: e... eh o.o lol I'm not realize that
23:12 rossonero1899: hahaha
23:12 Yasora: I think it's ar9 orz
23:13 rossonero1899: much better
23:13 Yasora: yeah changed
23:13 Yasora: orz
23:15 rossonero1899: i still have problem on this part
23:15 rossonero1899: 00:05:159 (1,2,3,1,2) -
23:15 rossonero1899: >.<
23:15 rossonero1899: i mean this 00:06:037 (3,1,2) -
23:16 rossonero1899: the sliders are in the same position but after 00:07:062 (3) - i think it goes to other side >.<
23:16 rossonero1899: if you get what i mean xd
23:16 Yasora: lol ok will change it xD
23:17 rossonero1899: also this 00:20:086 (3,1) -
23:17 rossonero1899: didnt feel good flow xD
23:18 Yasora: okay :3!
23:19 rossonero1899: 00:29:598 (4) - ctrl+g ?
23:19 rossonero1899: feels better imo :3
23:19 Yasora: done :3
23:20 rossonero1899: 00:34:135 (4) - this circle is like where do i go next
23:20 rossonero1899: xD
23:21 rossonero1899: make me go back and then return to the same place, didnt like it at all
23:21 Yasora: lol will change it too I guess
23:24 rossonero1899: 00:55:794 (3) - rotate it a bit? :3
23:24 rossonero1899: +20 or so
23:24 Yasora: where >.<
23:26 rossonero1899: i mean in the same position, rotate it like 20° or something
23:26 rossonero1899: o move it more down
23:31 Yasora: moved a bit
23:32 rossonero1899: i didnt have any problem with the rest of the map :3
23:33 rossonero1899: plays very weel imo <3
23:48 Yasora: hey, you can get kudos if you want o3o
23:49 rossonero1899: haha why? xD
23:50 Yasora: for some pointing you gave me ofc o3o
23:52 rossonero1899: um ok xD why not, ill post the log then :3
23:53 rossonero1899: btw, you dont like blankts right?
23:54 Yasora: yeah lol
23:54 Yasora: I just bad at it
23:56 rossonero1899: ahm, because some could be improved xD like 00:50:233 (3,1) - 00:16:720 (6,1) - 00:19:647 (2,3) -
23:56 rossonero1899: but they're mostly just few grids off
23:57 Yasora: ;w;
23:59 rossonero1899: just a idea, what about make this a 1/1 slider 00:47:013 (4,1) - and slow it down? :3
00:02 Yasora: speed 0.5 -> delete (1)? o3o
00:03 rossonero1899: ya
00:03 rossonero1899: maybe?xd cuz the vocals
00:03 Yasora: ok then
00:04 rossonero1899: also this spinner 01:15:696 (1) - can start at 01:16:574
00:04 rossonero1899: makes more sense to me
00:05 Yasora: wait, is that ok if just using (4) as slow slider? lazy to change direction lol
00:07 rossonero1899: Um i think so you can also start slowing the sliders from 00:46:135 (1) -
00:07 rossonero1899: like 0,8 then 0,6 and 0,5 or something like
00:08 rossonero1899: or just from 00:46:727
00:09 rossonero1899: on my shitty insane i made time ago i made this https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1931538 xD
00:10 Yasora: but imo it more fit if just 1.0 in there..
00:11 rossonero1899: yes, it's just an alternative if you like changing SVs
00:13 Yasora: tested it but seems not comfortable to click orz.. changed again like before ;w;
00:16 rossonero1899: ok ;( it is fine
00:16 rossonero1899: btw the source should be the name on japanese? or this is ok
00:18 Yasora: really? ok will find the name soon lol
00:18 Yasora: anyway the spinner is not change too, since I think more better follow long vocal too ;w;
00:19 Yasora: and I just wondering about title tv size stuff too orz
00:23 rossonero1899: Um i don't remember what was the logo on the anime xd
00:24 Yasora: omg xD
thanks a lot :3!!
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BPM: 205
Offest: 501

make sure to resnap all of your notes and double check your sliders after you make the change!
Thanks for timing check!
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