Toby "Radiation" Fox - Davesprite

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 8:41:56 AM

Artist: Toby "Radiation" Fox
Title: Davesprite
Source: Homestuck
Tags: Homestuck davesprite
BPM: 102.53
Filesize: 1866kb
Play Time: 01:37
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cool Kid (2.72 stars, 160 notes)
  2. Normal (1.74 stars, 112 notes)

Download: Toby "Radiation" Fox - Davesprite
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
a beatmap for the janky dave from the bargain bin at the dave depot

UPDATE 11/24/14: i completely re-did both diffs because the original maps were absolutely atrocious. here's the new and improved version!

BG art source!
Timing: Offset is wrong. My ultra super fast quick check got this: 4841. I'm not a pro in this, so this most probably will need some fine tuning, but this'll work as a base. Remap according to this AND resnap all notes properly.
- Easy way to get most resnapped: change the offset and go to 'compose' tab. Press Ctrl + A -> move all the notes to right place in the timeline. First note should start from the red offset marker.
-You could post this to timing check queue, to get better offset (and possibly BPM, but it feels fine now imo)
If your beatmap's song has only one BPM, you don't have to add normal timing points. Instead use inheriting sections. Timing points are meant to be used, when song BPM changes.
Map the first and the third break time.
It is really hard to mod this with incorrect timing, but I'll try something...
I'll put the times in my mod, but remember that they change a bit after resanpping.

I suggest using DS1,2
00:07:109 (4,5) - Make the slider 4 3/4 tic long (1 tic = the space between 2 white lines in the timeline, like 00:06:011 (3)) and add a repeat to it. Delete slider 5
00:08:353 (1) - These kind of sliders look messy and confusing. Replace it with a normal slider.
00:14:206 (1) - Make this 1/4 tic shorter
00:17:426 (1) - Crappy slider. Replace with a slider, which is 1/4 tic shorter OR longer
00:37:548 (5) - That slider...
00:46:086 (3) - This is not as bad as other wiggly sliders, but not pretty either... (I won't mention these anymore, but fix all of them)
00:54:866 (4) - Doesn't fit the music
01:17:734 (3) - Replace this with circles. Place those circles according the drum sound (or whatever those loud sounds are... :P)
01:26:807 (1,2,3,4,5) - Try to find a different pattern for this. Something that goes according those *pling plong* -sounds
01:30:612 (3,4,5) - ↑↑ Same

The second diff feels just chaotic. Correcting the timing might do a lot.
Use Beat snap divisor 1/4 OR 1/8 if needed for streams.

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