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My tablet is 8:5 but I want to play fullscreen on my laptop which is 16:9. Does it adjust accordingly to match the movements or do I have to play on a 8:5 resolution?
Apparently your tablet will map 1:1 to your screen ratio (ie. the bottom left corner of your tablet "working area" will be your screen's bottom left corner, etc.).

And you can even adjust the tablet area so that you can use a smaller area instead. Now, that smaller area will also be mapped to 1:1 ratio to your screen.

Basically speaking, you can adjust your tablet to anything you want it to be a ratio of.
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Shouldn't it be fixed to where the raw input forces a matched aspect ratio? In the driver for huion it's difficult to set a matching area; it uses it based on percentages of the tablet's area (100% x 100% equates to 8x5). Using the UI is out of the question because it looks like this http://puu.sh/anslX.png . I could just set it to 100% x 90% which would match but I wasn't sure if this was the correct thing to do. It being 1:1 in it's current state would give incorrect output if the ratios are mismatched.


Edit: I have contacted huion about fixing the drivers to be able to force proportions in their new drivers, so hopefully this gets fixed on their end.
Found this on their site.

Or is that still not what you want?

What it says is that the tablet working area will adjust based on your screen not the other way round when you choose the "Screen ratio" option.

In your config file I see something like "ScreenSel=0" and "PenMonitor=0" try enabling them each one at a time? Sorry I can't help you more since I have a Wacom Tablet.

According to my tablet, the sizes of me dragging up and down is not the same when drawing the same length on the tablet using Full Area. But I don't mind that, I can adjust the working area in osu! to whatever I want, and if the ratio is mismatched just by a little, I can just get used to it in no time. ^^
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You should use force proportions, but my drivers don't look like that picture you show so I can't do 'Screen ratio'.

Dexus wrote:

You should use force proportions, but my drivers don't look like that picture you show so I can't do 'Screen ratio'.
My tablet doesn't have force proportions. I'm in the same state as you really but I just try and get used to it.
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