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~Welcome to the thread of the Yummy Modding Chocoteam!~

This is where you ask us to mod your maps and we do so with little to no fail!

Team members:

General rules for all of us:

1. We only mod standard. You can post multimode mapsets but we will only mod the standard difficulties in it.
2. No song compilation marathons.
3. No multiposts per round.
4. Each round lasts one week, with queue opening on Fridays.
5. Each member has a different number of mods/week they can take. Refer to their boxes if you want!
6. If any member is late on a certain number of mods during a round, then they get less mods for the next round.
7. You have the right to pick a certain modder from the team to mod your map. The choice is ultimately up to them and another member might end up modding your map though. Look into their boxes to see if you meet their standards!
8. We mod well-made, complete mapsets. No first maps, no maps that are not 100% to hit the ranked section.
9. You may post a map of another mapper, but you may not post yours for the duration of the round.
10. So that we know that you have read and understood these rules, you are required to give us a nice reason with why you want your map ranked! No "I like the song so I want it ranked". That's not enough. That way we know you're motivated enough. \:D/

Special rules for each of us:

1. I might accept TV Size generic stuff if it is extraordinary and you have made more than 50% of the mapset yourself. PM me before you post in the queue and if I accept in-game you're free to post.
2. Map uploader has to have 50% of the mapset mapped themselves at least.
3. I don't mod first maps other than taking a look and giving general advice.
4. If I don't mod your map within the alloted week, feel free to poke me.
5. I mod maps by the order posted. First come first served! \:D/
6. Priority MIGHT go to maps that are bubbled/really close to bubble.
7. Your english knowledge must be at least good enough to be able to communicate so I can understand you.
8. I also mod in greek, not preferable though.
9. You have to answer to my mod, so that I know what I did wrong/did not do well in order to get better, otherwise it makes it highly unlikely that I mod any of your maps again.
10. Will mod anything Touhou-related!
1. You understand C2 level English, because that's the English I wanna speak and if you don't understand it that's bad for me and you because that'd mean I'm wasting my time.
2. You answer your mods, even longer mods. This ensures that this does not happen. Just becuase the mapper got lost in my wall apparently and therefore couldn't answer my mod he didn't. And stuff like that makes me feel like I wasted about 12 hours of my life writing it.
3. The quality of your map is at least decent. Otherwise I will just point out general things which you should probably spend some time thinking about before getting more mods.
1. You are fluent in English and capable of giving an adequate reply for the mods you refuse.
2. I can mod English, Dutch and Portuguese. You can reply to my mods in these languages as well as in Spanish and German, but I won't mod in those languages. If you don't specify a language you want your map modded in, I'll mod it in English.
3. I don't mod more than 16 minutes per set, all diffs combined.
4. If your map doesn't fit my quality standards, I won't mod it.
5. No explanation for the mods you don't apply = no more mods.
6. I favor DnB, BMS, IIDX and SDVX songs over anything else.
7. I won't mod "funny" songs like the Ronald McDonald UN Owen Was Her song. Same goes for most pony songs, unless it's a glitch/dnb remix or something.
1. I prioritize TV Sizes over any other. Also, sets under 6 minutes (4 TV size diffs) are prefered.
2. I can mod in both English and Portuguese, but I can also do a bit of Spanish.
3. Always reply to my mods. I'll rape you if you don't. Seriously, I WILL.
4. I won't ignore you if you're trying to rank your first-time ranking, but if I spot too many troublesome issues I'll skip it.
5. Be deredere if you're requesting a mod to me. I love cute people <3
Elvis' mods are situational and many rounds will be skipped for him.

Queue Status: OPEN CLOSED

thanks in advance \:D/
Alright, let's try it...
HAHAHA 3 secs ninja \:D/

wendao wrote:

HAHAHA 3 secs ninja \:D/
Wow, I thought I was gonna post it first...
Forgot to mention I only mod standard.
3 maps left!

Kaguya Hourain wrote:

Forgot to mention I only mod standard.
Well, ignore the ctb and mania diff on my beatmap...
Hey! can you please mod this? https://osu.ppy.sh/s/186450
Thank you.
Round 1 complete. Expect your mods within the week.
Ignore this post.
Did quite the change in the modding queue. Now it is called a modding team! Round 1 of the new queue is OPEN


I want to get this ranked because the song is pretty damn awesome and the map is fit for ranking criteria
seriously I've had 30 ranked maps already, do I really need to explain why I want to rank a map :(


This is christmas song. ~

I want this ranked cause it's totally awesome and you really like it :^)

Hi you.

I want this ranked coz i'm not mapping for nothing (yea rly).
Srsly coz i'm not the only one who contributed on this map so i don't wan't to waste their work uselessly.

Hope you like it and thanks in advance! :D

FELT - sign

This map has some GD's of mappers who are still unknown (more or less), but are really ambitious and promising in future. I want this to get to the ranks as it is one of the (hopefully) better quality maps I/we have made so far. Put into addition that FELT makes great music, I hope that you accept my request. :3
Hi ! :)

NM please :D

Thanks in advance ! :)
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