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yanaginagi - Wasurenai Tame ni

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heyhey captin so im here

luv u to death Koinuri
beautiful song
jaw dropping sb
god mapping
i r8 111/10

maybe it's just me but I thought 30% vol at the beginning was a bit loud maybe changing from beginning to 00:53:531 - to 20~25%? okie

01:12:590 - should kiai here too imo nah, would like the second half to have more emphasis

the song completely fades out at around 04:25:825 so u have like 5 seconds of silence// consider cutting ur mp3 eh nbd imo

01:46:472 - 03:02:708 - 04:23:002 - can u maybe make the ring that's behind the girl not visible? it looks weird seeing through the girl's body >:
01:46:472 to 01:59:178
did u get lazy here lol. black bg works in the normal since there's a break, but in the hard it doesn't because players still have to keep playing so it doesnt make sense for there to be black bg

so um fav part of the storyboard is 00:00:000 - to 04:30:733

00:57:413 (1,2) - easiest diff so shouldn't stack 01:05:884 (1,2) - too and so on.. imo this works better stacked, and it's also very low bpm so I think it'll work
01:00:237 (5) - this feels wrong cuz there's a note on literally every 1/4 beat in the entire beat so i'd suggest sticking to pianos here// the piano at 01:00:942 - is a lot louder too sure
01:29:884 - important note imo, the sb is also the brightest here so no reason to leave it unmapped mmk
01:32:354 (3,4) - same shape? ^
02:16:120 (1,2) - 02:20:355 (1,2,1,2,3) - the difficulty difference is too big >: the rhythm is the same and yet the latter is clearly more mapped out than the beginning it's intentional, so that they can hear the change in rhythm during the first slider, and then play it out in the second part
02:42:943 (3,1) - woah is that a blanket issue i c maybe
02:55:649 (3,1) - ^ a
03:23:884 (1,3) - they look really similar so suggesting this nice
03:29:531 (3) - 03:31:649 (3) - maybe make it so like it's a slider bow? kinda is already, moving things around would mess up too many patterns so it's fine imo
03:42:237 (3,1) - mm blankets eh, these two are fine for me
03:58:472 (2,3) - ^

there might be other blankets i didnt say (?)

00:38:707 (2) - as a whole do u find this attractive ;w; doesn't really matter in play since they're so far apart in the timeline
00:45:060 (1,2) - so the idea is that 1 blankets 2 right? ctrl+g the 2 ofc nah i like mine
01:16:825 (1,3) - why no blankie not needed
01:25:295 (1) - 01:26:707 (4) - idea is blanket? fine as is imo
01:30:237 (3,4) - same shape? why not
01:34:472 (3,5) - how cool would it be if they were blanketed :P no thanks
01:35:884 (1) - not digging the straight slider and shift a bit to the left too o: straight slider is fine imo, adjusted the pattern tho
01:49:295 (2) - calm section should nerf spacing spacing is smaller because sv is lower
01:54:942 (1) - personally dont like the straight i do :D
02:11:884 (1,2,3) - same shape? close enough w
02:20:355 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - kinda surprised u didnt do the almost stack thing here lol. o ya nice
02:25:649 (4) - 02:28:120 (4) - 02:30:590 (6) - dont really see the pattern for these whistles so i'd say remove for the rhythm change section they're with instruments in the music (remove the notes and you'll hear them)
02:26:708 (1) - should nerf spacing a bit and move a bit to the left ehh it's fine
02:40:825 (4,5,6) - ouch such spacing
02:49:296 (1,2,1) - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok approved
02:50:708 (3,4) - yeah im suggesting copy and paste again pretty sure i did LOL just not perfect rotation
02:53:531 (5) - doesnt blanket 02:54:590 (2) - well closeenough
03:02:002 (4) - move to (312,44) and change (3) a bit for a nice blanket pattern yaay yay
03:27:413 (4,5,6) - ouch
03:30:237 (1) - bend other way instead? sure
03:44:355 (3,4,5,1) - mmmmm
03:51:413 (1,2,3) - wwwwwwww
04:15:413 (3,4) - why not stack the ends? slider end overlaps dont look to me because spacing lol
04:18:943 (1) - judging from ur previous spacings people will prolly think it's another 1/4 its nc'd but to be safe o-o moved a bit, idk we'll see

@ouch spacing: just instead of 1.4x DS use something a bit more forgiving lol it's 2.5 stars after all it's also supposed to be a hard diff, just has low star rating from the bpm and slider use

okey im just guna save this mp3 dont mind me

yup good luck have fun!~ C:
Awesome map :3

Just few things to mention:

  1. Add 黒の銃弾 to tags, as it is Black Bullet in Japanese, referring to official site.
  2. If added ^, add romanised version of that. Kuro no Juugan
  3. Add トコハナ to tags as it is album where was the song released. (Romanised - Tokohana)
  4. Maybe you might add some people related to this song. Here's scanned part of CD if you'd like to add them But you'd probably have to find their names in japanese. so many tags
  5. Not sure if it was on purpose or miss, but one combo color is inconsistent. Hard has 125;97;66, but normal has 128;128;64, personally I would say 125;97;66, which is on hard fits better than that one on normal. oop nice catch
  6. I would say these parts deserve 20% volume and rest normally 30%, as it was. If these parts are a bit muted, it emphasizes the normal voice parts above the muted voice. So 20% on these: 00:53:531 to 00:56:354 - 01:02:354 to 01:05:531
    Rest 00:57:413 and 01:05:884 would be 30%. sure
  7. 01:42:237 - Replace whistle with Normal Finish, since you did it on every cymbal in song. If you feel it's too loud, what I don't think, then you might make it like 04:18:943 ah yeah
  8. Normal: There are some objects which are causing collision with HP bar on different resolutions, in some cases it is just combo burst, in some it is hitcircle. But the most important is approach circle being hidden under HP bar, what might cause confusion. I would say it is inappropriate since it might increase difficulty if player gets confused - especially when it is played by newbie. Here they are: 01:23:531 (1) - 02:20:355 (1) - 04:02:708 (1)
    I would consider it same big issue as object partially out of the playfield. adjusted a bit, idk don't want to mess things up too much and imo they're not too bad

Everything is up to you, just did a quick check, because I was interested in map. I don't even want to mention anything about the map itself, I think the patterns fits as they are.

I am not here for anything, just to help a little bit. Giving kudosu is up to you, if you feel like I helped, then feel free to give.

whooo thanks!
Well, have a star, when given the kd~
Just want to mention you fixed some stuff on normal, but forgot to fix them on hard. For consistency, you know.
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this SB is so awesome

We did a tiny IRC

  1. Reduced HP in normal to 3
  2. Added some whistle in hard
  3. Added some NC for consistency

pretty nice mapset and KAWAII SB, here you go :3/
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:> ty
lol bubbled already?
dat sb
dat yanaginagi
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whooo thanks!

grats koinuri on first ranked sb :>
Yay gratz captin!
grats Koinuri and captin~

still luving the sb as always <3
Gratz! :)
coooool 8-)
pro! grats :3
So beautiful,

congrats on your tenth ranked!
nice, gratz captin :3
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