Jin feat. Haruna Luna - Kisaragi Attention

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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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Yuno is hentai
EDIT 2: Yuno why 20
24th_garden's modding

春奈るな!u choosed a great song 2 compose:p

general:u should re-encode ur mp3 and it should be in 128~192kbs

00:22:675 (2) - end this slider at the white line and add sth between 2 and 3 right?
00:48:775 (1,2,3) - follow the beat is better than vocal
00:56:875 (4,5,6) - spread out?
well,u didnt make a full ver of normal?I dont agree with this,new players will also hope 2 play a full ver.

01:03:775 (6) - move the end of the slider to align time line,this is an UNRANKABLE slider:(
01:08:875 if i were u,I"ll add a alider 2 get the transition of bgm 2 voiceXDD
01:35:275 (1) - the end of this slider is the beginning of the vocal,it will b better that change 1 into a note,then add a slider to make ur rhythm unaffected
00:48:175 (9) - the same as 01:35:275 (1)
01:36:175 (4) - the same as 01:35:275 (1)
03:07:375 (8) - y dont u end this slider at 03:07:525?I think this way can finish the rhythm perfectly and have a good catching of vocal:p look at this 03:07:975 (1)→this slider start with the second syllable of the lyric.I think it will be better if u add a slider before.
about break time:the last break time is a bit long.y dont u try 2 add sth?if i were u,I'll map them since 03:343:375

well,as a new modder i tried my best 2 mod this map,and as a new mapper i really respect ur mapping.Im looking foward the day this map ranked.
My English isnt really good,but i hope u can understand what I mean;w;
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