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-GN wrote:

The rule that says pure black and white combo colors are unrankable does not exist in the Standard Ranking Criteria, and in the case that it should be an unwritten rule it can't be used to justify an unrank on it's own since it is not written down.

I'd also like to say that the QAT members responsible for unqualifying this should be much less hasty to unrank on shallow reasons like these.
maybe they just got [UNRANK] button
[ QIUT ] member list:
ehhh still in work ;)

like u siad responsibility and punishment
Just by 2ct since I saw this map come up in #modhelp.

Pure black and white combo colours (255,255,255 in your case) are forbidden.
Why? There's no white flashes or spots in the map that would blend with the color so readability is no concern (plus, as if you would have to consider that for the majority of people who just use 100% dim and disable custom colors to begin with), so I wouldn't know what the motivation behidn this is exactly.

01:41:705 (2) - head and tail of slider cover all sliderticks. They are only one way to determine your slowdown.
Multiple indicators why this is not a problem whatsoever:

  1. The previous slider has already slowed down
  2. the song has no indication to change speed any further as this is the most calm part in the entire thing and it's perfectly natural to have this speed here in the first place
  3. it's part of the same combo so why would you treat it differently from the slider before, which if anything at all, should be the one you would be concerned about (I have also yet to see anyone have problems with catching it or seing it as unfit)
01:10:205 (1,2,3,4,5) - that's look wrong. What's a point to confuse players with spacing? i can understand sliders or streams, but you have many doubles and it's confusing.
While I think that the notepairings in the music are not strong enough to justify an angle like this (would much rather have it like this), it's no big problem whatsoever; sure it's not perfect and I gave an alternative version to make it better, but it has already been done near-perfectly the combo before this one, so just pointing at the second occurance of anything is not making this look like a professionally considered and discussed unrank, really.

02:03:538 (1) - well, it's rankable, but look ugly. Symmetrical overlapping can be good, but not this one.

^looks fairly accurate to me to be honest, and your personal preference for slidershaping is of no matter to unranks - if you're going to put out a full mod and go through everything thoroughly and entirely sure, bring it up, but in this context.. really?

I feel like you are focussing way too heavy on individual objects and objects alone, picking out just one or two seemingly random examples at all and not even giving any reasoned argument that has a basis within the song, which is what should be your highest and foremost priority unless the map is becoming entirely unplayable (and even then one might argue that it's not mapped to appeal to everyone but rather those who are of a similar belief for what goes with the music as the mapper is - just because a map gets bubbled or ranked that doesn't mean it has to cater to everyone or the largest audience possible) - and even if that was the case, as long as the difficulty spread is large enough, having an extremely hard and "unplayable" peak difficulty could still be reasoned enough due to the rest of the difficulties catering to enough of a player base to justify ranking it anyways (which is not the case here, but anyways).

What should be of your concern would be patterns like this 00:35:038 (1,1,2) - simply because they don't accentuate and follow the musical patterning and beat distribution well enough (-> soundpattern of three equally strong beats of the same kind, therefore should be equally accentuated and not mapped as "one note plus one closely spaced pair with a new combo"), but seing how you do not do this I am wondering what exactly it is you are unranking by; sounds extremely offensive reading back on it, but I seriously don't see it, so feel free to clear me up.

More penny donations, woohoo.

Just in case anybody missed this: I'm not here to insult people but just give reasoned feedback for future improvement - that's the case for mappers aswell as QATs and I don't believe there should be any difference in how you have to approach either as opposed to the other. Please do not consider me on anybody's "side" because all I am doing is give what I believe to be reasonable and elaborate talk to help improve the system and prevent future drama by doing my best do reason with the ways of people approaching another and the topic in question as a bystander.

3. the most commented phrase IS NOT WRITTEN BY ME, it's just a template. will be used for ALL unqualified maps. are you gonna comment every map in this way? i feel sorry you have nothing else to do.

All post is a filled template. i don't accept any complaints from this side.
Another list:

  1. this is kinda provocative to say in this manner; you might want to consider not insulting people and their ways of spending time, no matter how you personally see them (plus, replying to something like this barely takes more than five to ten minutes)
  2. we as the community do not have access to your QAT templates or anything so don't expect anyone to know about this or "respect" it
  3. if evidently the template is worded in a way that makes people feel disrespected and mocked, you as a team may want to reconsider the way you wrote it, seing how the entire Quality Assurance Team is based to service and "guard" exactly that community that is feeling disrespected by it (-> the template)
About red lines.
Pure and white combo colours are unrankable. That's a rule. Why it is not in RC? oh god, this rule goes from old 2008 or 2009.
Should we mention all rules like "don't put objects out of screen", "don't make 300 hitburst look like 100" etc
These two colours are not allowed as combo. Just take it as is. I don't say it's mapper's guilt, mapper can come at 2014 and never heard about it before. That's guilt of modders and especially BATs. they know it, they have to know.
How exactly do you expect people to know about and respect "rules" that are not even written down? Word of mouth? By who? You folk aren't exactly the most communicative either way as it is to be honest, so don't act as if everyone could and should have known about it for years and is just a stupid kid that's trying to bypass the rules by ignoring them. Again, I do not know whether this is or was your intention but you should be aware (or informed, at least) that this is how you will come across as has pretty much been proven by everyone posting in here and the way they react to it. No difference between BAT, modder or mapper here.

And another thing: QATs are not your enemies. We write about missed mistakes and we have a week for it. Look at qualified maps as on beta-test game. They are available to play, but can be changed.
Sure, that's the intention and that is probably also what you want to do, but if you happen to approach the topic and map in question in a way that obviously upsets a lot of people and has questionable reasoning behind it, having a fancy title should not make you immune to criticism and just put it all on "the template" that - as mention before - nobody can even look into seperately and would have to check multiple other recently unqualified maps to analyze and find out which part of the post is actually yours. That's not how it's supposed to be, at least in my book.

Nobody's telling you to fuck off and never come back (..well okay, a few people may be) but you should consider and work on changing and improving your approachon these topics and the different parts about it - just keep at it and try improving for the future because as you see, there's room to the ceiling in multiple ways, both including the presentation (template preset, wording and phrasing) aswell as giving more elaborate reasoning behind actual mapping-related subjects.

At this point, I might shamelessly advertise my own forum thread about a few things that I believe are commonly going wrong and not being care about enough in mapping as you might (or might not) deem them helpful or educative for the future - this goes to anyone that cares, really: t/239778/

Again, this entire post is made entirely for the purpose of offering improvement and criticism, to both sides, and I'm sad I have to put a disclaimer like this so that people won't just call it "shittalk" (which they will do anyways, but oh well) - there is no intention to be toxic in this, just honest concerns over what I see is going wrong in the handling of and reaction to the matters at hand. Do not simply imply you know my intention better than I myself do because that's simply a d*** move to pull and defeats the entire purpose of feedback in the first place and I personally do not want that.
Card N'FoRcE

nold_1702 wrote:

00:08 Aleks719: discussed in #lounge
Wow, I'd really like to know when and how, because my research gets me no results at all.

How about you actually reply to me, Aleks, instead of throwing this air of superiority which doesn't suit you?
I was told the new team was more open to discussion and that was why i came back, but maybe i just got fooled again because i'm so stupid.
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Secretpipe wrote:

Did you forget dnb to tags ?
There's already a ranked map with dnb to the tags and it'll be logic to respect that for having consistent tags.

Check it out : Click!
kd plz ?
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Secretpipe wrote:

kd plz ?

Card N'FoRcE wrote:

nold_1702 wrote:

00:08 Aleks719: discussed in #lounge
Wow, I'd really like to know when and how, because my research gets me no results at all.

How about you actually reply to me, Aleks, instead of throwing this air of superiority which doesn't suit you?
I was told the new team was more open to discussion and that was why i came back, but maybe i just got fooled again because i'm so stupid.
This was my call. I asked developers and they confirmed me that a pure white and pure black combo color breaks various skins, especially in kiai times and causes excessive strobing, which can be easily avoided by putting a greyish combo color. Since we can't see why the mapper would see a big harm in changing it away from pure white, we claimed this as a thing to be fixed. Making such a big fuss of this is unneeded. Just change the color and move on.
屙屎911事件 -by Yuko
Kaguya Hourain
Re-gratz, let's hope for no more shit again :D
congrats, man - great song, great map and nice hitsounds :)
Gratz :D

mintong89 wrote:

屙屎911事件 -by Yuko
mappers are motivated by passion, instead of revenue. respect, respect



Natteke desu
Congratulations, made me reread this thread and got a good kick out of it.
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