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Gonna get that young placeholder in for M4M XD.

I'll be modding your Halozy map (cuz Halozy >>>>)

Here's my map:

If GD is open, could I request one for that too? Preferably normal or hard, but insane is fine too.

Thanks in advance!
Hehe, I modded your map a while ago, can I get an m4m? :3

Imagine Dragons - Warriors
Skrillex - Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)
M.Iz - My Favourite Vocaloid Song Medley

Any is okay, hope you like one ._.


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Ok, counting Aldwych's placeholder and SMIC's old mod (+ a couple of mods I got requested yesterday) I think I should close this to avoid having 10+ mods to do lol.
I'll be editing this post wirh all the map links once I get on the computer
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It's been a while, so let's open.
This time will be 2 NM slots and as per usual endless M4M

Note: if You have less than 50 kudosu you'd better avoid taking up a M4M, since I noticed my maps are a bit hard to handle.
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I'm always amazed by how fast people can get to NMs lol
NM closed, M4M still open
It's a skill game man
easy gd req? ;c
M4M request:

Tell me if you accept and i will mod yours in 2 days!! :)

OK :)
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Just post your mod and I will mod yours as soon as I'm free (which shouldn't take long, usually)

GD accepted btw, gonna start it this evening once I get home

Edit: added another map in the list for M4M if someone is interested. Just be aware that it is a GD and it has less priority than my mapsets
Hi :D

could I get an nm pls?? i can try m4m too but I'm not sure if i can fix anything haha

thank youuuuu

insane GD please :3
Hello :3
Can I got GD for hard diff?

Thx :D

Extra GD request~

Preferrably below 5.60 stars, but it's up to you. :3

Thanks! :)
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This got out of hand seeing I can't log in so often with my pc :v

I'll close for now. I'll check all the GD requests since it's my fault I forgot the queue opened but do not expect to receive it in a fashionly time manner
All the M4Ms will receive a ticket if they want, since I don't know exactly when I can check them, sorry :/

EDIT: I checked the songs and there's nothing giving me inspiration to map them, sorry guys :/
I could make some half assed diffs but that's not part of my mapping policy =w=/
sahuang i can have a ticket
but it's hard for me to catch u and ask for mod if i dont know when you're free tbh ;)
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Open for 3 M4Ms.
Post in here first so people know how many slots are taken already, thanks.

General rule for my modding: 1 mapset for 1 mapset (this means I will be modding all diffs and you will be modding all diffs) (Yeah, I don't care about drain time)
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