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Taiko & Mania 4K M4M request

Chimame-tai - Tokimeki Poporon

Length: 1:29 (1:28 drain)

Shiro's Kantan
Charlotte's Oni
AnatOWJIya's EZ
Kafuu's MX

Thank you! :oops:

M4M request Done is Lindsey Stirling - Senbonzakura Mania 4K only
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Do not take mania as a mean to M4M on Lindsey Stirling

God... I already said this guys. What I want are standard mods, not mania mods.
What I meant in the OP of this thread was that as long as you give me a standard mod I can give you a mod for whatever mode you want (mania, taiko, CtB).

Last time I say it and I will ignore any further M4M requests of this kind

Also, all the GD requests pending in this queue have been rejected due to one, or both, of the conditions in the OP, sorry guys.

Gonna finish the remaining M4Ms today I hope


Let's sum up which maps can be modded and what exactly you can mod on them, just to be clear:

Lindsey Stirling - Senbonzakura [Osu|OsuMania]
Ogura Yui - Honey Come!!
HoneyWorks feat. Sana - Akatsuki Zukuyo

Only standard is eligible for M4M for all of them.
You give me a standard mod, you receive a mod on whatever map you want without mode restrictions, that's the deal.
So I can just mod your map first before you say anything about the M4M being accepted or something?
I can try M4M for your map :
HoneyWorks feat. Sana - Akatsuki Zukuyo
Diff that I can do : Easy/Normal/Hard, Insane maybe I less.

For my map:
ZUN - Dullahan Under The Willows
Difficulty available : Easy/Normal/Hard/Insane/Rain (CTB)

There are STD and CTB map, but mainly based on STD map, I try m4m your map first before you do the mod, just in case :)
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Doyak wrote:

So I can just mod your map first before you say anything about the M4M being accepted or something?
As long as you're gonna mod standard, sure
So p/4666771 here's my mod~ I'm waiting for your turn!
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Ok, I guess I have a bit too many M4Ms pending atm, so let's make a list of who misses yet:

By priority:
- Weegle Done
- Ongaku Done
- murutattack Done
- Hi Im Nathan Done
- Doyak Done
- Anima_Alumi-47
- Aiceo
- [ Another ]
- ohyeahitsjustme
- Rohit6
- Sotarks NM
- Sekai-nyan NM
- Marmowka NM

Oh God, when this happened...

Anyway let's CLOSE for now. Give me a week break to keep up with the requests =3=
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Even if I still have some NM to do (which came out of no where lol) I'll still have it open for some M4M (around 2-3 I guess)

Map for M4M:
nm please a nd thankyou

thank you!!
NM pls i would m4m but mn that song is not my thing at all

I prefer you to mod my hard diff and insane all other modes and diffs should be ok
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The queue was supposed to be M4M...

I'll be opening it now for 3 NM slots.
Those who come late do not post, thanks. No exceptions

All modes as always, let's see how it goes...
Hey :v
Extra and maybe Insane would be great
thanks in advance!
Hey I'm lazy as shit

hit me up also sorry for being late with your KD on felys
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That's it.

Maps to do:


If you don't receive my mod within a week feel free to poke me and kick my ass back to work~
Azzy Dreemurr
There is any chance for a Std Normal GD? I get easily bored doing them ;_;
If it yes I'll edit this same post with the link
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Opening for some M4M slots.
I'll close it once I think they are enough :3

(tickets are fine)
Hello hello, sooo uh placeholdering works, right?

gonna start modding the Halozy-Map rn,dunno how soon I'll go to bed though -> p/4914773/

my map
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