What have you done lately to better yourself?

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I am an aspiring programmer and am studying in this domain in Cegep (a school unique to Quebec that is between high school and univeristy). But the work we get there are way too simple for me (and many others in my course) so I often do my own code, which are a lot more complex than the teacher asks. Lately I have been coding a game of go in Java and I am also thinking of trying out python and code a maze with it.
I have started to learn motion graphics! it was the releief i was looking to have, it calms my mind and it keeps me in my comfort zone which has its ups and downs. I will update you guys if i succeed in what im dreaming about! have a good one!
I quit this MMORPG I have been wasting my life on for 6 years and came back to osu
Tad Fibonacci

jcdizon416 wrote:

I quit this MMORPG I have been wasting my life on for 6 years and came back to osu
I wouldn't call this an improvement...
I kinda understand the mmo thing. I played alot of them as well and I always came out at the end more depressed and angry then happy and fulfilled. Since I came back to osu after a long hiatus I've found it just more entertaining and less stressful then other type of community drivin games. I'm sure over time it will get more annoying, at least I'm not part of the beat map review team lol. I hear that stuff is crazy stressful.
gonna do an English olympiad if that counts
Stopped drinking for the time being and started making coffee instead.
started to play osu! casually
I started up learning another language.
started talking to this girl, i think we be hitting things off
I just finaly find out life is not that easy and stop being a little scared bish that was only thinking about suicide. And I started pushing my levels out of my limits (sorry for englesh xd)
I let go of my past self and all the people and things that held me down
Finally, after almost 6 years, feeling a bit empty but relieved
I'm currently trying to do something that doesn't involve anything digatal.
quit osu
I also have anger issues. I try not to show them as often but I'm very sensitive and if somebody whom I like/trust betrays me or does something to hurt me on purpose I don't talk to them for a while. But that's just the people I really care about or whom I've had high expectations for. Usually when I get hurt I then do questionable things and other people may see me as cold, distanced or just not a good person in general. It's also that I'm shy and people often mistake that for anger. It's not that I have something negative towards them, it's just that I'm anxious to approach them, but I'm trying to be more approachable (Even if it's hard) I'd easily approach people I get along with and people that I trust. I also sometimes think that people don't like me in general so that's a reason I distance myself too. I'm always thinking that someone may want me gone. Last thing is that I think I talk too much online. I like to talk to people on the internet and it often happens that I share too much, so when the other person doesn't reply to me I feel as if they are annoyed by me so I delete the text.

So these are the things I'm trying to improve about myself. Hopefully one day I will
[size=100]nothing, I am never going to be a better person[/size]
Taking some cooking lessons for my chef dream<3
I've just been drinking more water (as opposed to 100% black coffee) and trying to get more sleep. 😁

Not as lighthearted: attempting to have a healthier relationship with food. The quarantine has been making me want to restrict, something I haven't wanted to do in years. :L
Not farming to relief stress and anger
lately i've been learning to take mistakes less seriously so that my mental health doesn't completely deteriorate lmao
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