What have you done lately to better yourself?

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Actually participating in school. I've learned everything I need there at work, but I kinda realized that being decoration with good grades still results in more or less bad grades when you never say a word and always spent time on your phone. I already fixed my grades now, but I am very close to the best students in my class and maybe I can even pass their grades average by the end of the year.

I also decided to quit partying every second weekend untill August when I attend Psy-Fi 2017. It kinda became a crucial part of my life and even though I met the most precious people of my life on most of the raves, it still results in me being out of money all the time because I ended up wasting over 150-200€ everytime I went out.
These days I think more often about where I will be if I continue my bad habits (procrastinating, playing osu! hah, etc.) and what I can do to become a better person internally. I'm working on putting important things like family, homework, and laundry first before I hop on to osu! or whatever I wish to do for a while.
Idk how well its going but it feels good to not worry about things that should've been done in the first place. :D
just leaving those misses and keep the map playing...

just earning some cash for a better future :D
Comfy Slippers
didnt smoke a cig in 4 days, trying to limit myself to ~5 a week for a while, from that to 1 and progressively quit if possible
I've spent less time on my computer

and more time sleeping my life away
I've been more honest with myself, I think?
100% focus
keep worrying about my junk PC...

so it let me play seriously
Nothing. My life is a disaster and I keep pretending that everything's fine and dandy.
I guess posting here is a good start. I'm no longer in denial and I can do something about it.
I've spent more time actually doing work before I do anything else like games and stuff like that. I have a really bad habit of getting sidetracked while I work so it's kind of hard for me to sit down and do all my work in one sitting. I've been forcing myself recently and so far, I've been seeing improvements.
Take 1 term again to complete my essay.
and doing morning exercise...
yeah thats for now...
I decided to switch to DT farming instead of nomod
Ive been trying to gain strength, and just become a better person irl
A month from now I'm in 10th grade D:
listening to songs
It's been such a long time since I last posted here, about 2 years ago. There's something new. Story incoming.

I really don't like people. It takes a good amount of time before I even consider someone an acquaintance.

I knew someone from a Facebook anime page (I started it, he was an admin) and we played Osu! together. We had a lot of Skype calls and the like. I would have known him for 4 years by now. He was essentially my best friend. He introduced me to his other group of friends, and they were fine and dandy. I met someone from that group who eventually became my girlfriend (now ex-gf). I loved her, I liked my best friend, and I was on pretty good terms with the group.

Cue some night in August. I hadn't talked to them in a while. They had changed their meetings and didn't tell me about it (first flag). GF wants me to have a chat with the group. I say why not. I show up and one of the group members (call him Jake) shows up first. He says hi and I say hi. Eventually everyone starts piling in, including best friend. Jake starts making moves on my GF in front of me. She's smiling, laughing, playing along -- obviously, I didn't appreciate it. Best friend helps Jake by means of adding background music as Jake continues his speech. GF is still smiling. Best friend starts laughing. Everyone's laughing at me.

I leave without saying anything and GF was there for another hour until I send her a text telling her how I felt. She said sorry, but obviously, I could tell she didn't really care. Broke up with her in March over other matters.

Moral of the story: People will use you to your benefit. Doesn't matter who, doesn't matter why. The moment they can use you, they'll do it.
What have I done to better myself?
I have not trusted anyone. If someone tries to get too close to me, I shut them off. As the words of wisdom on my profile say,

Those who you call "friends" will turn on you the moment it benefits them.
They will slander, steal, deceive, lie, manipulate, and cheat.
Do not let yourself be abandoned. Do not give them any openings.
Mercy is weakness; kindness is sin.
My Angel Kitten
im depressed for my lessons and rewatch fairy tail from the beginning till end :^)
i dont have any anime to watch atm, u can suggest me :3
Then stick to HD.
and DT.
- Rosemary -
Starting to follow trend lately so at least i can talk if needed to if situation become awkward between my friends.

what im i kidding , weebs doesnt not talk irl stuff.

i hope this pays off
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