What have you done lately to better yourself?

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i got new friends
Landed an interview
Saving up more money than ever before.
Cool !

1. Having new friends
2. Creating unique replays at osu! Scoreboards
3. Mapping experiences
4. Flashlight skills owo !
5. Momentful events
Removed the toxic people from my life and started chasing greater opportunities.

Jellyblob56 wrote:

Learned how to tie a noose
I wonder why
I need more friends....
Angelin Dash
I can't come up with something really ''good'' but I got a pixie cut today and dyed it black. It feels great. :D
That is great to hear! I am also heading to doctor's, more for physical ailments and genetic ailment's. Went vegan and don't take ANY meds at all and I feel much better. It is always nice to hear that the osu! community cares about its' members and that those members wish to take better care of themselves!
I've stopped my self loathing.
Lately I truly have been trying to better myself.
  • stopped getting heated so frequently and learned to let things go
    started drawing again
    slowly beginning to become more social and comfortable with myself
    started taking my grades very seriously
    began thinking about a workout plan or something
    learned to walk away from arguments
    stopped hating myself so much
    currently trying to stop thinking about all the negatives
    began listening to music all the time to tune everything out
    on the road to eternal inner peace and happiness
Me? i practice jump maps and Streaming maps. And also use the mods "Relax and AutoPilot" to increase my accuracy~
top 10 hottest female sonic characters
Farmed Best FriendS once again
I stopped playing League of legends,

so seriously since i stopped it i quit having anger issues.
Ate proper food instead of microwave stuff. Went out to bar with friends.
Leaved trash 2 (dota) and stopped playing CS:GO. Its still cancer games Kappa
shit posting 8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)8-):P

- L I T H - wrote:

I stopped playing League of legends,

so seriously since i stopped it i quit having anger issues.
Did this for the last few weeks and it feels absolutely liberating having not played.

Could definitely get used to this.
Moon Dancer
Not using my removable braces at night
Can sleep much much better
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