What have you done lately to better yourself?

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I also did nothing
- Aries -
practicing 7k ( 3 to 4 *) for 2 hours XD
rest time :)

VoidScroll wrote:

Aah, bettering oneself. This is a complicated matter.

When I was a young and innocent kid, back in middle school, I was always buried in books or manga, and listening to music. I had no friend to whom I can talk and I was always alone in a corner of my schoolyard, lazying about and reading things. My school had a terrible reputation and I was often victim of bullies that thought of me as an easy target. Most of these bullies were sheeps, merely following one, big bad, "leader" out of fear or out of stupidity, I can't tell, and they were violent with me. They inflicted physical and psychological pain on me for 3 years, and quite honestly it left me hollow. I feared going to school, I took every opportunity to avoid it, and when I was forced into it, I hid somewhere and did not attend classes. I never left school through the main entrance, they were here. I left mostly by climbing over a fence that surrounds the school, running through the sports area and leaving by another fence. Frankly, it was a bad time. I had countless things from beating me up to thieving me, mugging me with knives too, and other things I'd rather never talk about be done to me, yet I hid everything from my parents or responsible persons at school, and eventually I stopped going there altogether. For two whole weeks. My parents didn't know, until the school realized something was off and called them on their phone. This was a mess and I've been transferred to another school since.

I've grown from this experience, I was terrified for a very long time yet I've learned to socialize again. Internet has been a great help for me, I've met many peoples that shared my interests and to which I could relate. I've also been taught self-defense by who has become my dearest friend. I've learned not to resent people, they are not all responsible of what happened to me. I came from being a very silent, shy and not talkative person to an outgoing one with tons of stories to tell and a distinct life philosophy. It may not look as bad as what you guys are going through, and I'm nearly turning 20 so it's a faraway story, but to me, that has changed forever who I am, and defined whether or not I am who I became today.
Holy u wrote so much
Void Scroll

Jinn wrote:

Holy u wrote so much
I had much to tell. :)
Studying new area of knowledge. It's the best way to come up with new ideas.

If you are planning to do something better for yourself, I recommend you guys to take a book to read.
I quit school since all it did was make me miserable and depressed.
The Teachers At Us Are Preety Makin' Me Leave School Sometimes, But My Friends Make Me, DONT Quit The School. Very Happy That It's Summer Break
deleted my tumblr blog because tumblr is utter cancer and updating it has been a huge chore lately.
I force myself to sleep at 10 pm every day except weekends.
Finally started taking my anti-depressants.
I started cutting back on drinking and eating hardcore. like I'll drink once in two months now. I'm doing this is because my drinking and eating habits was the reason why i was struggling to stay bellow 170 pounds. its tough but its working!
Finally got my degree in software development.
Studying my CSS more often and building an updatable portfolio.
u s a g i
Trying not to get in trouble as much in school and focus more on studies
taking a break from osu in general
starting to go outside and be more active by talking walks around my neighborhood

it's a start
make something that never doin before (such make animu come to real laifu)
worst fl player
buying more games to make myself less motivated to play osu!
I created my 3rd android application
It's related to osu! :p
I finished school.
What. an. accomplishment.
More diet.
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