osu!mania is so fun

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Agka wrote:

this has to be the best thing I've seen in a while
that Facebook sounds too :v ,
Vuelo Eluko
Paints a sad picture of mania. At least the players seem okay with the game as it is though.
Now do it with LN's >.<
what song is that? :D
I lol'd
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I'd like to point out that this feat has nothing to do with player skill. 7K pressing every 1/2 beat will pass and combo ANY map if it follows these 3 conditions.

1. The map is bellow 180BPM (This for OD7, you have to raise the OD until the missgate's time value is right bellow 1/2 beat, at OD10 you can use this technic for even FDFD)

2. ~80%-90% of the notes or more don't repeat within the next (or previous) 1/4 beat

3. Doesn't have many LNs (it will survive through a couple)

Indeed you can even pass a shit tone of overjoys this way. Look closely at the vid and realize this combos through stairs, triplets, brackets as well as chords. This is do to how the timegate is large enough to hit all the notes even beyond 1/4 beat ahead.

You can get a friend (with a good sense of beat) that never played any VSRGs before and he'll be able to clear overjoys using this technic on day 1.

The people who are serious about developing their VSRG skills, the true enthusiasts amoungst you, should really take a moment to think about this.
Holy crap I pissed myself
Best vsrg vid ever
I wonder how many ice cream have you eaten until you have got this recording :D

Funny to see ^^
mario paint music!!
I livestreamed the exact same thing a week after o!m was released and nobody cared.
i cry

BRBP wrote:

I livestreamed the exact same thing a week after o!m was released and nobody cared.
i cry
oh... rip , poor you xD
lolol, just memorized the rhythm D:

peppy wrote:

mario paint music!!
Peppy seems to take this matter very seriously... lolo
thats why there are such things as holds lol.
I am missing an ice cream that's why
ahah very funny man !
proof that LN are hard
I remember doing sorta the same to get a Perfect on some song in Project Diva, had to use palm to press all the keys down at once though. I guess this is on a whole different level from that.

forget i said anything

nice vid, RHYTHM games ftw
Any chance of this kind of thing being addressed? I'm new here so I might be totally out of line by asking, but I dunno.
The only real way to deal with this would be to make hitting a key when there's no note nearby punish the player, which is a big change in terms of game mechanics. This is very unlikely.

Honestly, Drace is just trying to make mania look bad.

Besides, any map that's easy enough to do this on shouldn't be worth any real PP anyway.
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