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Ceph23 wrote:

tanteiRE wrote:

I just get the feeling the anime won't stay true to the manga.
Isn't that always the case?
Surprisingly, not really. Excluding minor details and fillers, there's a number of anime like that: Kobato, Mirai Nikki, One Piece, et cetera..

Sadly the number of anime that divert from the original plot or end abruptly grow and grow..
Yeah, Tokyo Ghoul was pretty intense right from the start, i guess it will be really good, i haven't watched the manga but it has alot of positivity.
this anime is on my PTW
gonna watch it when it's completed
It´s really good, i´ve been watching it and i´d say it is worth the watch. It is better than all the ecchi and idk what shit that´s been going around. Zankyou no terror is also very good IMO.
The Winner Man
It's great but it's progressing far too quickly. Like episode 4 is already at chapter 40ish which is pretty damn fast seeing as we still have 8 more episodes.
After watching Zhankyo No Terror and Tokyo Ghoul i am still not sure after the first episodes what i like the most so far. They are pretty diffrent but i think they will beacome top 2 this season. Aand if you haven't watched Zhankyo No Terror. WATCH IT. The opeings for both great, and i am sure that they would both get top 10 on my Anime openings. :D
i'm hooked with the anime's OP,and i like the anime. it's just that the censorship's pretty annoying.i read the manga when i have time and i realized that there are parts cut in the anime. not surprised by it tho.
i really hated what they did in the anime. the manga is much better

DenisMartins wrote:

i really hated what they did in the anime. the manga is much better
Quite a bit has been skipped and in the end it just feels like its being rushed
Only watched first episode. I dont know if I watch the anime...
more cringe in this post
i cant delete the post so i have to edit them

Revy- wrote:

does Tokyo Ghoul have boobs?
the booby girl is dead.

also, the first episode is a---- you know.
it's a good anime though, i've watched until 6th for now.
well, the story is good, atleast for me.. it's a little bit disgusting first but, ha.. It's good tho.
It finally showed Kaneki wearing his mask *___*
I foking love the manga <3
Brian OA
Manga's much better but it's not so bad.
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