[Archived] Web multiplayer lobby glitch

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Problem Details:
I've gone and created a lobby, then I normally open the match info on the web.
And it shows someone else's lobby first, but clearly show's that they had disbanded their lobby about 5-6 hours before I created my lobby.

I was able to re-create the bug.
How to perform it (Not 100% occurring)
1. Create a lobby, any size, any song, any anything :3
2. Open up the match info on the web
3. It should show 2 lobbies.

Sorry if duplicate.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
This was after I found the bug, this was my attempt at re-creating it.

osu! version: 20140702.2test
Same thing here

11:27:46 imsobausmang has left the match.
11:27:46 This match was disbanded.
05:55:02 dukambe has created the match.
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