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[ Pingu ] wrote:

Nice, this'll be really helpful!
thank you for sharing, this is really helpful :D
So many broken links :(

Aliz42 wrote:

Hi,someone had the nightcore skin's osk version? (i mean this: )

Elzapatoverde wrote:


EDIT: Is there a way to upload the screenshots (not the thumbnail)? or will that be supported in the future? Also There should be a search bar somewhere, for now theres a few skins, but later searching will be a pain.

Marcin wrote:

Hi fellow users of this subforum.

As some of you may know, long time ago skins tab in updater (osume.exe) was removed - that is because I started working on new database to get rid of this messy subforum. This project was created so that:

- Users could find the most popular skins easily and make releasing consistent (some skinners include osk, some not).
- Skinners have a lot easier way to update / upload their skin.

While it took me few months to get it to the state in which this can be used - I actually started preparing for beta release since ~1 week ago.

And so, here is the tool which is supposed to make your life easier:

Since its not having all the functionality planned - it has been released under beta, what does that mean?

- The tool might not work, or may have some bugs - that is to be expected from beta, all issues found should be submitted via github issue tracker. That is the only place where I will check for bugs.
- Some functionality may be missing - there is a lot planned to do - but I'd rather want to know what YOU want to see. If you have cool ideas, don't hesitate posting them in github issue tracker (again, I'll only read requests from there).

Tutorials - how to use this system?

Please refer ... first-skin.

For now to log in you can only use google auth (osu! accounts authentication is under way).

All questions can be posted here.

Important: Since google auth is used, skins MIGHT be deleted after switch to osu! accounts, releasing only for people's review.

This might be implemented into game client soon! not sure about specifics yet.

Marcin wrote:

A little bit of teaser on what i was working on lately.

still WiP (but making huge progress).
MioAkiyama Link dead for me ._.

[ Pingu ] wrote:

Nice, this'll be really helpful!
Hi !

Apparently the skin database doesn't work anymore. :cry:
I had found a skin inside that I can't find anymore, can someone tell me which is it ?

Here's a video:

Thanks in advance :D
The page itself isn't down. It's just the mainapge not working.

Go here for a listing by download count:
Found it! Thank you very much Haskorion. :)
The skin was shifted4.

Mofu kun wrote:

is the site down?

[ Pingu ] wrote:

Nice, this'll be really helpful!
Site is down

420Guy wrote:

Site is down
Yes but just the main page the page itself isn't down, please use this link to go to download list

-Chitose- wrote:

420Guy wrote:

Site is down
Yes but just the main page the page itself isn't down, please use this link to go to download list
I cant access neither the main page or the download list. Help?
when I used this it brought me to a pet shop thing......that supposed to happen?
Resteroni in peaceroni.
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