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wow once i used the same menu-back exactly in this colour
favorite skin so far
8/10 cursor trail too long
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New ranking panel and mode select (I strongly hope I could skin other modes aswell soon)
also some bugfix here and there
also damn newpag
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Another update (also thread drowning prevention)
not doublepost
11/10, despite the feeling of naked sliders and circles in std mode and the 420 Yuzu in CtB mode, the playability is pretty good B)
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Taiko and Catch the Beat mode is now supported!
Please refer to first post on details and technicals.

inverness wrote:

Inori for spinner inspiration.

Anyways, really nice skin, I'll test it once I'm home from school.
Wow, this is beautiful ! I especially love the design of the ranking panel. And of course the sliders are very creative.

My only complaint is that it looks naked without hit lighting due to the lack of hit300s, and with hit lighting, streams look very cluttered. Then again skin mixing can solve that :P
Cursor trail is way too long, hitbursts aren't noticeable enough or clean enough (particle hitbursts are kind of nasty anyway), and those hitsounds...

It's a good skin otherwise, both playable and pretty. 6/10
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NarrillNezzurh wrote:

those hitsounds...
You don't have any. That's the problem with the hitsounds.
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That is not a problem, really, more like preference. I prefer not to add any custom hitsounds to avoid conflicts with other maps that had custom hitsounds aswell, and because I love the default hitsound set.
ey skrub l0rd dis sken is bery.. BERY guD111!!!´)))
yu did a grate j0b on doin g dis skihn yez (dis is a rebiew so put in rebiew thred plx 8D)
lol ur a pr0 invernez, tho that menu-back i seen somejuwer. DID YU STEEL SKEEN ASSEITZ AGEIN
i tuld u not to u fkn scrublord *spanks ur face*
dol wit et 8)
Nice, but I was looking for the download link for latest version (13 Aug 2014) but it said "Updated 12 Aug 2014" so I'm not sure if I will download before you fix it :o
nice skin
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Sorry, my bad, the latest updated string was left unupdated, download links are already updated to latest version.
This is actually a very cool skin!
I loved the spinner :) Everything is very clear
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Updatedy with fixed issues on taiko mode
more details check changelogs!
Hi I just wanna ask something. I'm making my own skin similar to yours but when a hit circle number goes 10 or over, the hit circle doubles. Do you know how to fix this?
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finally a visitor!!!!!!!!!!111

On your skin.ini, use HitCircleOverlap: 256 and make sure that your default-(number).pngs are all 256x256.
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